Thursday In the Park

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Pods, LF; Fields, 3B; Cintron, SS; Danks LHP. 


I assume most of you in Chicago were awakened by last night’s storm, that according to Roger Bossard, dropped two inches of rain on the ballpark.  Roger, who was in here by 6 am yesterday, headed to the ballpark at 4 am today to make sure the field was OK.

According to Roger, we face a 35 percent chance of thunderstorms today after 1 pm, so if it rains on us, it should at least be quick.

Yesterday’s newsletter, White Sox Wire, included a great video story on Roger.  Check it out.  One of our goals this season has been to get more and more video onto the site and these newsletter stories are good examples.

Blog Night

Is September 27 (I talked to Joe Cowley about it again today) so call now to reserve your tickets.  Contact Dustin Millikin at 312-674-5186.



Just saw the item on Roland Hemond. I’ll be calling him to offer congratulations but I’m wondering, how can he work for both organizations as suggested by Mark Gonzales in his ‘Hardball’ update?

Is that against baseball regulations? or has Roland ‘officially’ cut ties with the Sox and will now get a paycheck from Arizona?

If this is the case, the Sox just lost a tremendous person with decades of sage advice. Advice that Kenny may badly need come this off season as he tries to rebuild this mess.

Mark Liptak

Apparently the PFP the Tigers did in spring training did not help! Nice to catch a break to get a win. Those kind of things have been rare this year!!!

gotta say, that was a sweet win.. in 05 fashion! I see some spark in the boys.. remember, the Astros were 15 games back in 05 and went on to the WS.. I know I know.. pretty optimistic stil aren’t I but it’s more pleasant than drowning sorrows in a Lite way! 🙂

Speed….see what it can do? Perfect example today wasn’t it?

THAT’s one of the things Kenny MUST solve this off season…the Sox need another two or three guys who can run and force the opponent into making some mistakes.

We don’t need any more of the slow footed, station to station, sluggers completely up and down the lineup.

Mark Liptak

WOW..was Scotty flying around those bases!!!! What a great win. Everyone doing their job and just getting it done!

Great win today! I was at work and listened on the radio. I thought Farmer and Singleton did a great job today. I had to laugh when Bobby Jenks struck out that 3rd out and Farmio said “folks, he buckled him with a yellow hammer.” What the heck is a yellow hammer. And then Singleton in the background urging Pods on from first base to score the winning run. Great.

Way to go SOX! Let’s keep it up with the Jays this weekend. I will be there Saturday and Sunday and would love to see Wins!

sox1966 i’m with you on that one… don’t be afraid to say it because with every win and every show of spark from the team we are all thinking the same thing. Now do we expect or rationally think it is going to happen, well that depends. The White Sox would have to play perfect ball here on out and get a little bit of help. This squad has been there before though. Let’s dream small though, let’s hope for series wins here on out!

definitely a fun win, especially against detroit
my number 2 behind cubs hate team. Garland coming up quite a bit in trade talks, mariners, but only one prospect mentioned while s.d. got three mid to top prospects for their set up free agent to be, so much more would be needed for garland one of the top pitchers in baseball, will not get a home town discount with him so, they may trade him.

Just called and left Dustin a message…Blog nite here we come!!

What a great win that was! Hey Scott, have the Buehrle’s had a baby yet? Didn’t know if that happened while I was out of town. Should be an interesting couple days till the trade deadline, lots of rumors out there!!

good win looking forward to this series with the blue jays. ive got all my big frank jerseys out…hopefully he hits 5 homers this series and the sox sweep. that would be ideal. hopefully the team does something to recognize his 500th earlier in the season.

I just RSVP’d for Blog night… looking forward to meeting everyone

I just got my tickets also for blog night. I am looking forward to it too!

Nice couple of series against the AL Central these past two weeks. Scotty’s playing like he wants a win too! Better off with speed on the basepaths and a good contact hitter or two than slugging it out like Boston and Cleveland did last night.

Then the Ozzie factory comments, kinda fifty fifty on that. No profanity this time, but in 05 Ozzie could do no wrong. The things he’d say, just being light, not mean, and defending his club. Now you got a track record of slurring ex players, the North radio show thing, the Mariotti feud and a slight slam on fans with opinions. I’d like a little less controversy from Ozzie, not cause I want him gone (like Mariotti), but cause he’d be a good face to this ballclub for years to come. He is here for a reason, made his way from Venezuela to the big leagues here in the states. Paid his dues, coached, and when things fell apart this season, he tried to answer the fans and the press. Tried to placate, BUT you don’t have to respond to everything, The difference between now and 05 is its less of defending the club and more of defending his pride (having his decisions questioned). Take Joe Torre, the skipper for the Yanks, what 12 years or so now, called a racist by Gary Sheffield and Kenny Lofton. Torre just didn’t feel the need to comment… could you imagine Ozzie’s response? I’d likd to see Ozzie be the skipper of this team the way Torre has been in New York. Ups and downs be damned, but Ozzie is still a young manager and needs to chill on the non baseball related stuff like opinions and just worry about his job. Everyone, you, me, the papers, the blogs, the sports networks, its all opinions, always has been and always will be there, Ozzie needs to learn to let some stuff go and just accept it. Anyway, I do hope Ozzie sticks around and gives us a reason to cheer the Sox year after year.

Oh and whether we put a run together or not, if we play the rest of the season like we played Cleveland and Detroit, loses notwithstanding, we should generate some buzz for next year even if we finish a distant fourth or third place. If you’re way out of the race, but play like a team of hellions in pursuit of a pennant up to the last game of the season and with no regard to the wins and loss column, people will notice. Well, I hope…

mmcdowell…Sweet Marie, what you heard yesterday from “Number 22 in your program, Number 1 in(HIS)heart”,a.k.a. Farmio, was an example of the old speak of baseball…”buckling him with a yellow hammer” is simply another way of saying “he struck him out with a curve ball”… Other terminology for a curve ball, besides “yellow hammer” include “yakker”,”Uncle Charlie”,”Sir Charles”(if you wish to be more formal)and “do drop in”…Hope that helps you…
As to yesterday’s finish…it was a **** good thing it was Podsednik trying to score instead of Konerko or Pierzynski…two guys who run like they have a piano on their backs…and Billy Joel playing…

From the “woulda/coulda/shoulda” file…Brother Liptak’s favorite, by the way…

Since returning from the AS break, the WS SHOULDA BEEN 9 and 2 on the road trip, and 4 and 1 on this home stand…instead of 4 and 7,and

3 and 2…If that had been the case,they COULDA BEEN back in somewhat of contention for, at least, 3rd place, with less than 60 games to go…

Which leads me to my next point…Money be damned…CUT CONTRERAS LOOSE !!! HE DOESN’T HAVE IT ANYMORE,OZZIE!!!WHY DO YOU INSIST ON KEEPING HIM???

If you do keep him, you’re assured that, every time his turn in the rotation comes up…

YOU’RE GOING TO GET YOUR FREAKING CLOCK CLEANED !!!(which is a lot cleaner than the thought I wanted to write…)

Cut the big Cuban horse loose,whatever the cost financially or emotionally…Then put Haeger in the rotation…Knuckleball pitchers have a long shelf life… Look at Wakefield in Boston,he’s rolling right along, as he showed last Sunday…

But,then again, what the h*ll do I know ?

Let’s see… maybe I could sell my blood to get a ticket for “Son of a Blog” on the 27th of Sept…Hopefully,Dustin MAY have one left before then…
On a sidebar note, I do wish Roland Hemond well with the D-Backs… I don’t think, Brother Lip, that he ever really was a PAID adviser to Kenny… I think it may have been a pro-bono situation there…Whatever, Roland has always been one of the absolute class acts in the sport… So my best goes out to he and Margo, his wife, as they embark back to jklein land…

This HAS to be a joke. Iguchi for a SINGLE A pitcher???????? Has everyone lost their mind? The Phillies are desperate for a second baseman. As if this season could have gotten worse. WHAT THE &*^&^%$%#%^&$##???

Just heard on the SCORE that the Sox traded Tadahito to the Phillies. I guess to replace the injured Utley. Jason Paruck said the Sox got some Minor league A pitcher for him can’t recall the name.

I thought Tadahito would be worth more than that. Maybe the SCORE did not have all the info. We’ll have to wait and see the news story on the SOX HOME PAGE.

Nope, it’s up on the website now…..Even though the Phillies are desperate they will be renting Iguchi for the rest of the year. I am sure he will not be resigning with them. At the same time I would have thought they would have gotten a little more, but this does clear some salary

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