Tad Traded

Friday, July 27, 2007

This was announced at 3:45 pm today …



            CHICAGO – The Chicago White Sox have acquired right-handed pitcher Michael Dubee from the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for second baseman Tadahito Iguchi.

            Dubee, 21, is 4-4 with a 3.88 ERA (24 ER/55.2 IP), one save and 54 strikeouts in 30 relief appearances this season with Class A Lakewood of the South Atlantic League.  The 6-foot-2, 175-pounder has averaged 8.7 strikeouts per 9.0 IP and has allowed just two home runs.

            Dubee was selected by the Phillies in the 18th round of the June 2006 First-Year Player Draft.  He has gone 5-7 with a 4.05 ERA (45 ER/100.0 IP) and 82 strikeouts in 42 games (10 starts) over two minor-league seasons.

            Dubee is the son of Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee.

            Iguchi, 32, is batting .251 (82-327) with 17 doubles, four triples, six home runs and 31 RBI in 90 games with the White Sox this season.  He is a career .273 (380-1,393) hitter with 39 home runs, 169 RBI and 216 runs scored in three seasons with the White Sox.

Iguchi originally was signed by the White Sox as a free agent on January 27, 2005 after spending eight seasons with the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks in the Japanese Pacific League.


Nice move Kenny … if the Phils are willing to ditch the pitching coaches son, that’s always a good sign. Why didn’t we ask for the bat boy instead?

The Phil’s are looking like the 2005 White Sox. What is up with ditching Iguchi? Lame. Very Very Lame.

Iguchi for an A league pitcher? Hmmm, he only needs to make his way through 2 more minor league systems till he hits the big leagues. I’m sure KW knows WAY more than me but it doesn’t seem like we got much in that trade. Has the sell-off begun?

is williams going to be the gm of the phillies in 2008? he keeps making terrible move after terrible move with them. first rowand then freddy for gavin floyd, who is god awful by the way, and now iguchi for some piece of trash. way to go kenny! if this is what we were going to get for him i would have rather seen him leave a free agent.

Iguchi, knows how to play the game, and is a pretty good clutch hitter, solid defense, is durable compared to most of the team, just a sound ball player, for what, nothing what have expected more , what do we owe philly, seem the one team we keep making trades with, it has been noted that their farm system was totally depleted,
yet we managed a trade for a prospect.

Get ready for the Danny Richar love train within the next week.

Well, while I am skeptical at first…I’ve questioned Kenny’s decisions before, and USUALLY he’s right. We’ll certainly miss Iguchi..and his smile. I still have a pic on my desktop of him nearly horizontal while throwing someone out at 1st. One of the most remarkable plays I’ve ever seen. Best of luck to him, and let’s hope that this kid is ready for the bigs ASAP..and pans out for us.

Thanks for trading my favorite player and getting nothing in return. I only have foul language coming out of my mouth right now towards Kenny Williams. I hope Iguchi finds success and happiness in Philly. As one Sox fan the only way I can forgive kenny for this lousy move is if the White Sox re-sign the Gooch next year.

I appreciate what Tad did for the Sox in his 2 1/2 years here and wish him well.

Regarding what the Sox got for him, let’s be realistic.

The Phillies are RENTING Tad. They have no intention of trying to sign him this off season, so they certainly weren’t going to give up a lot for him.

That being said it looks like another one of those “hard throwing” types.

I certainly hope he works out better then the other “hard throwing” stiffs acquired this past off season.

Mark Liptak

At first I felt like we were screwing ourselves because we could at least have gotten a compensation draft pick for Guch that’d be better, but Jesse Rogers just confirmed that Iguchi would not have brought in any compensation picks due to the clause in his contract.

So I guess this is better than nothing.

AND..you have to strike a deal where you can. Phillies had an urgent need, and the deal needed to be worked quickly. As always, I have mixed feelings and will have to withhold judgement for now..

Gooch for a Single A Relief Pitcher…???????
Was This Trade Made witha Gun Pointed to Someone’s Head…?????

The BullPen Stinks NOW…Not in 3 to 4 Years when We MIGHT See this Kid…and Please Dont Justify This By Saying It is Now Our Opportunity to See Danny Richar Play Out the Season To Evaluate Him or That were Saving a Million or so Dollars…as the Jose Contreras Dog and Pony Show Cost $300,000 and a Four Inning Shalacking Every 5 Days…Our Shortstop Stoped Playing Baseball after That Head First Dive Into the Stands During the Postseason of 2005…Concentrate ..Focus On What Needs To Be Fixed NOW…Not On What Issues That Need To Be Taken Care of at the Beginning of 2008…I Have’nt Given Up On the Season…Why Have You…???

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