Sunday Pregame

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Cintron, 3B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Mackowiak, 1B; Uribe, SS; Pods, LF; Hall, C; Richar, 2B.  Vazquez pitching.

Picnic In The Park

Our annual Picnic In The Park, brought to you by LaSalle Bank, takes place tonight after the game.  The event sold out once again this summer.  If you have not had a chance to experience the evening on the outfield grass, fireworks, etc., I highly recommend it.  Proceeds from the event go to support Chicago White Sox Charities.

After the event, I am joining Ozzie and Ibis Guillen in a flight to Bristol, VA to watch Oney Guillen play for the Bristol White Sox on Monday night.  Following that game, we fly to New York and arrive at about the same time as the team does.

I’ll try to catch up and post on Tuesday about our day in Bristol on Monday.

Proud Papa

I happened to walk into the clubhouse with Mark Buehrle yesterday.  The new dad had driven up from St. Louis during the day and then of course, pitched his usual 2 hour, eight-minute game.  MB was showing off photos of his son to Ozzie and the coaching staff before the game.

"Good luck on the sleep," someone offered.

"So far, so good," Mark replied.


Best of luck to Tad over in Philadelphia.  Honestly, I have struggled a little understanding the response of some to the trade.  I will forever appreciate Tad for what he meant to our 2005 team, his willingness to change his role as a hitter when he arrived here, and the steady defense he played during his time here.  But he was going to be a free agent after this season, with no compensation to the club, and this deal gives him an opportunity to reach postseason again.  Rather than ripping the club, my guess is that he is happy and looking forward to his next two months.  For us, this trade was as much about opening playing time for Danny Richar so that we can see if he can compete at the major league level.  If he can, which we certainly hope, then that’s one less need going into 2008.  One thing I have learned, is that you should be very skeptical about players who come up in September, shine and are given major league jobs entering the next spring.  September baseball — often played against teams out of the race and featuring many new additions to the roster — just doesn’t give you the same read on a player as July and August.  Now, we will know.

Had we hung onto Tad through the end of the year, the end result likely would have been that … we would have paid him an additional $1 million, after September 1 he would have not played as much as Danny Richar played more and more, and then he would have left after the season to try free agency.  I understand the disappointment in seeing a favorite player leave, but I would argue he is in a better situation for August and September, and the White Sox are in a better situation vis-a-vis Richar.

The only other criticism is that we did not get enough for Tad.  To this, my response is that the market truly does set itself.  All 30 GMs are constantly on the phone this time of year, gauging the market for all of their players, looking at a myriad of possibilities.  According to KW, there wasn’t a market for Tad prior to Chase Utley’s getting hurt.  When he did, it gave us the opportunity to move Tad and clear the spot for Danny. 

The only other option I see for teams (and I certainly am no expert) is to wait until the very last minute on Tuesday in the hopes that some other team becomes deparate, through injury or a move by its competition, and is willing to overpay dramatically for a player.  Of course, the risk there is that the deadline passes with no deal.

Blog Night

Is set for September 27.  If you want to be a part of the evening (or maybe just want to come and yell at me to relieve frustration), contact Dustin Milliken at 312-674-5186.



I understand the trade, there wasn’t a market and then one came. I want to see how this kid does, but I will also remember Tad for a while. Who knows, maybe one day he will be in a Sox uniform again. Cant make it to blog night this time, its during school….but looking forward to pics🙂


This Marcum kid is real good, I think I may add him to my fantasy team. But this kid is good, my buddy who is a huge Jays fan said this kid is good and he wasn’t lying

My guess is that Iguchi is unhappy about the trade considering his family lives here. And I doubt he’s looking forward to the next two months given that he’s Japanese and will have to adjust to a new American city, especially because it’s extremely doubtful that he will be with Philadelphia next year.

I don’t mind that we traded Iguchi. I just don’t need the spin that comes with it.

Just got home from Picnic in the Park and the Game, a little disappointed about Picnic in the Park, the players could have stayed a little longer. Couldn’t get Thome, Konerko, Dye, AJ, Pods, not even Ozzy’s autograph. We did have the opportunity, just thought they would be around a little longer. They told everyone to kind of back off, so the players could eat, and they (players) never came back. If I knew we had a minimal amount time, we would of been a little more aggressive (on getting autograghs). Is that how it is when you make millions? You have more important things to do, that you can’t even hang out with some of your fans for a couple hours. The coolest of the bunch were Toby Hall, Matt Thorton, Boone Logan and Gavin Floyd. They actually looked like they were having a good time and it wasn’t just a job. Talking to them was like talking to your neighbor, very easy going. (Not uptight like some of them, but I guess that’s what happens when you make millions) I have never been a big fan of famous people, they forgot who made them famous. Baseball players, I thought, would be different. They’re really only ‘famous’ in the city where they play in. I really thought they would be more socialable. I guess I have to mark it down in My ‘When I was Wrong’ Book.
To all the Rookies out there. Don’t ever forget where you came from, and who looks up to you – the kids. And if a little kid comes up to you and asks for an autogragh – just give it to him. Don’t tell him to come back in 10 min, then never show up.(cough, Ozzy)

Besides that, it was fun, kids had fun, nice fireworks. But, to pay $750, I thought we could get a lot more autograghs.

PS – AJ, your daughter is so cute! She had the cutest little outfit on!

Does anyone know if Cintron speaks english?

Scott, didn’t see you there, was the Hawk there? Did not see him either.

About today’s game, it was my fault they lost, every game that I have been to this year, about 5 so far,they have lost. I have about 5 more to go, and I don’t think I should go.

Scott, Thanks for the seats, I will get my story to you (I hope) by Monday afternoon!


I mind the trade. I understand that everyone wants to see what Richar has because Iguchi is a free agent with no compensation blahblahbalhblah company line B.S….the guy is a solid second baseman. RESIGN HIM. is it that out of the question? if there is no market for him then the price couldnt have been too expensive. its a bunch of garbage to not even offer that as a possible response. the same goes for Dye. I’m sick of this penny pinching/disrespecting players that have been good for you and loyal to the organization. it seems to happen a lot here in chicago. everyone will say “but we won the world series”…great. what about the other years that williams has been GM that have turned out to be some of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history? the sox treat their players well until they open up the back door and kick them out. Dye was only not going to be resigned because the andersons, owens and sweeneys were supposed to be good. well they are awful. they cant fill Dyes shoes and the sox arent going to sign anyone that will. its a disgrace to the city of chicago and its fans how some of the top players (not only fan favorites but the teams best players) are treated. in 5 years we will hear about them trading Richar (assuming he is good and lasts that long, which i highly doubt…anyone remember the willie harris bandwagon when ray durham was traded???) why dont we get rid of erstad and podsednik and hall and cintron and mackowiak instead of people that play well like iguchi. or dye, garland , vazquez, and prior to his deal buehrle. it should have never gone that far with buehrle and the same garbage is going to happen with garland. what happens when jenks comes close to being a free agent- he’s out the door too. then we will hear about some kid in AAA that will come up and most likely stink up the joint.

thats why fans arent happy about iguchi scott, you company man.

Yes..WE ALL UNDERSTAND…condescending tone aside…Danny Richar was Going to Be Called Up, He was More Than Likely Going to Be Receiving the Majority of Playing Time at 2nd Base Because the White Flag Has Been Raised, a Million Dollars Spend on a Part Time Guy SAVED ( Maybe That Can Be Given to Jose Contreras as a Bonus for stinkin up the Joint every 5 days )…sooo Cudo’s!! Apparently You Dont Get It…We As Fans, Consumers of This Product are a TAD upset Because a Solid Product was GIVEN AWAY..Seems Like we Had to BEG the Phillies to Take Him…saved $$$, moved a prospect up and received..nothing..TRY Next Time…Thats All..I Hear the Angels Have a Box of Cuban Cigars and Original Atari (Still in the Box)..So Long Paulie…

I agree with Jennifer that I thought they could have stayed around longer. Did any of them actually eat there? It’s hard though when so many people are bugging you. Thome’s and Konerko’s lines were huge so I just skipped them and got everyone else. Cora basically gave me a death stare when I got his auto. Most of the players were nice though and took pictures with those who asked. I think the Sox should just go ahead and do an autograph party like the Twins do.

A-pitcher? Terrible. The Phillies are in the playoff race. They just lost one of their best players and they need a replacement. There aren’t any 2B currently available that can do what Iguchi can offensively. The Phillies have no real leverage in this situation and all we got was a Single A pitcher????? Wow! I’m all for getting rid of Gooch and bringing up Richar. Gooch made every double play attempt look like an impossible mission. But getting nothing in return from a team with no leverage is unbelievable. If you are going to give them something for nothing, why not make them take Uribe and/or Contreras along with Iguchi. Just having those two on the team hinders the White Sox performance.

Positive thoughts first…Congratulations to Mark Buerhle and his wonderful wife on the birth of their baby boy!

Now… I went camping with my family this weekend and had to hear it on a static filled radio as I was trying to listen to Saturday’s game that Gooch was traded. I cried. He was amongst my favorites on this team. When I got to the homepage this morning and read about how shocked and saddened he was to leave this town and how he will miss hearing us yell Goooooch!!! every time he came up to bat I cried even harder!!! It almost feels like having your child tell you they are moving thousands of miles away from home. And to add insult to injury you get **** near NOTHING in return for him. SICK!! SICK!! SICK!! yeah business is business but you just don’t treat family the way this organization has been treating it’s former family members. Kenny talks about how much of an arrogant a**hole Frank Thomas is and becomes upset anytime he’s ripped by the fans or the media. Well, all I can say is, I guess it takes one to know one.

Tadahito Iguchi, thank you so much for all the wonderful memories, you will truly be missed and I will pray extra hard that you will again be reunited with your first American family next season. The best of luck to you!!!!


Joey Cora gave us the same stare!


I didn’t do the picnic in the park. But I doubt that Thome would be arrogant. I have talked to people that live in Peoria and they say he is one of the nicest people they have seen and he doesn’t forget where he comes from. Didn’t he and Sean Casey of the Tigers win the nicest guys in the MLB award that was voted on by fans and by players? Also can you guys stop always saying that Scott is a company guy. Scott is a good guy, and just giving us his opinions. Scott, don’t let people on this blog discourage you. Your doing a great job🙂


Well call me a “company man” too. Other than the lack of significant compensation, I understand the trade. It’s not pleasant, but it fits the needs of the business. Working for a large company, myself, I understand that emotion has to be put aside at times. Congratulations to the Buerhle’s. I like what I’ve seen of Richar =)

I’m anxious to see what the next 24hrs bring (and take) from us! Congrats to the Buehrle Family! Couldn’t be more happy for two very down to earth people. I’m in for blog night, can’t wait to see everyone!!

I never said Thome was arrogant, actually I never even used that word, I used ‘uptight’. And, I never named a specific player who was ‘uptight’, and who knows maybe it was because they lost the game. Either way, I thought they would hang around a little longer then they did.


So the Phillies also acquired Kyle Lohse today. They sent back a Double-A minor league pitcher who was the South Atlantic League pitcher of the year in 2006. Kyle Lohse is 6-12 with a 4.58 ERA (60-74, 4.83 Career)!! Now I’m sure the Sox sent out their best scouts to evaluate the Phillies talent but based on stats alone this guy sounds better than the scrub we got for a somewhat solid everyday second basement in a salary dump move. Kyle Lohse’s salary is also about $1 million more this year than Iguchi’s.

wow is all I can say for what the rangers got for a rental, wow wow. what do we get, what?
what did SD get from Mil. single wow. I am in a wait and see mode until wed on the rest.

first of all dleeun you jabronie, tiexiera is a proven stud hitter that is signed through 2008. that is not a rental player. the guys they got in return will probably be busts….and even if they arent they wont equal tiexeras production for years.

HA HA! It’s the 5th inning in the Cubs/Phillies game and the Phillies are up 4-0. Two home runs hit by guess who? Rowand and Iguchi!! Go guys!

Too bad they still aren’t on the Sox. Yeah, I know we got Thome for Rowand but I still miss him and now miss Tad too. At least they can hit them out against the Cubs.


Hey! I’m watching the White Sox vs. the Cubs today- Rowand 3 run homer- Iguchi *************** the sox im pissed off. these guys should be on our team not the F’ing phillies. what a bunch of BS. In the meantime we have a single A bum pitcher and a DH that can’t do the H part vs lefties and really doesnt provide anything unless its a bum right hander. why dont we talk about trading thome. he doesnt do us any good anyway. another hit for rowand- gee what a suprise. FIRE WILLIAMS HE’S BRUTAL

Hey, was anyone thinking the same thing I was thinking when Phillies right fielder hurt his ankle? Kenny Williams probably couldn’t dial fast enough. I am thinking maybe the Phillies have another Little League player that we can get for JD!


good job gooch and roland , keno you idiot, the rangers got a steal, dumbo, atlanta will never resign texiera and got a knock out catcher, and three good propects you think line kenny willims , keno , you are a true idiot.

dleeun, before you go and put people down, you might want to be sure you are spelling their names correctly. That only makes you look like one.

Mcdowell, if you read the blogs other than your own post you will see that he started the name calling as he usually does, and I am not one to let that slide even from a hibitual name caller that must post drunk most of the time.

dleeun, hopefully you will be at blog night. It’ll be a pleasure to meet someone as pleasant as you.

thanks mmcdowell, I am old school, tell it like it is, and go for the win, play each game like it was the world series, not like exhibition games.

youre a fool dleeun. TIEXERA IS SIGNED THROUGH 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are getting a proven stud for prospects!! The braves are going to make a run this year and the rangers will finish close to the bottom for the next 5 years. then when/if their “prospects” are any good they will trade them. You remind me of someone who would be the GM of the Pirates or the Expos. get as many prospects as you want…i want proven ballplayers.

haha and another thing- this dude is funny he says that i post drunk? first of all its Kenwo not Keno second of all its ROWAND not ROLAND. who’s the idiot now? maybe you should stop posting on the white sox blog and go back to your 4th grade English class.

dleun and ken-o, your bot rite! so split the baby in haff and get on with the important tings in lifee. (whoops, i guess my bud lite is showing). come on guys, play nice now, we get both your points. let’s go White Sox and beat the yankees. it would be nice to get to 500 before the end of the season and prove the media wrong when predicting us to win only 76 games this year…..j.k.

Ahhh the voice of wisdom speaks =) Really, can’t we all just get along LOL Baseball is very important to all of us..why else would we be here. However, the start the name calling and petty junk AGAIN is just too junior high.

Oh, JK. That’s one for the ages!

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