Bristol Bound

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Your Bristol White Sox

So it’s Monday.  Ibis and Ozzie Guillen and I are in Bristol Va./Tenn. (the town literally straddles the state line).  The Guillens are in town to check on their son, Oney, while I am there as part traveling secretary, part media rep and part interested observer of our Rookie Ball team.

We all flew down to Bristol Sunday night as Jerry Reinsdorf loaned his plane to the Guillens.  Ozzie talked to me a month or so ago about arranging the trip.  He really wanted to use the off day to see his middle son play.  Ibis was much more concerned with making sure her son’s living conditions were good, that he was eating well, that the house actually was stocked with food for the kids — several players are living together in a place near the ballpark.  Think of your mom on her first visit to you in college.

"Seeing Oney play is a real thrill for us and for my wife," Guillen said.  "We’re very proud of him."

So while Ibis cleaned and shopped for the kids, Ozzie headed over the ballpark, Boyce Cox Field, early in the afternoon.  I found him at the batting cage beyond the left field wall, working with the hitters, Jerry Hairston (our hitting coach at Bristol) and Nick Capra, our roving hitting instructor.

It was typical Ozzie, non-stop chatter, laughter and instruction for the kids.

Around 3:30 pm, Bobby Thigpen (our Bristol manager), the coaches and Ozzie pulled the team together, and Guillen provided a pep talk to the young professional players.

"I told them to appreciate the support they receive from the people in Bristol, respect this country, respect themselves and respect the game," Guillen said afterward.  "And I told them to remember that someone is always watching.  You always have a chance to impress someone."

Then the rains came.  Thunderstorms and heavy downpours filled the afternoon, washed out batting practice and threatened the evening game.  With the rain falling, Guillen sat in the home clubhouse entertaining everyone with story after story.

"Someday in my career," Ozzie said.  "I would love to take a year and coach these kids in the minor leagues.  It would be a lot of fun."

The weather holds off and the ballgame begins.  After starting the summer off slowly, Bristol has been playing well as of late and entered the game on a four-game winning streak.

Behind very solid starting pitcher Po-Yu Lin (2 ER/5.2 IP, 6 SO), hitting by Sergio Morales (3-4, 3 RBI) and relief pitching by closer Wilmer Rojas (2 IP, 3 SO), the Sox won, 6-4.  A key play in the game came in the eighth inning when Oney Guillen started an inning-ending 4-6-3 doubleplay with the tying runs on base.  The play came just pitches after his dad whistled for him to move two steps to his right, closer to second base.  Give an assist to Ozzie.

"Oney’s a smart player," his dad said.  "He grew up in the game and watched it for years at the major-league level.  He’s been able to help the Latin kids here in Bristol, he communicates well and he’s made them more comfortable in a new country.  He has great enthusiasm and hunger for baseball.  I’m proud of him because he has chosen to be here.  It’s hard work, a hard road.  It’s not easy, but it’s what he has chosen to pursue.  My kids know I’ll support them whatever they chose to do in life, and Oney chose this. He’s living minor league baseball."

Boyce Cox Field, newly renamed after the March death of the longtime Bristol Sox GM, sits just behind a high school football field in a slight hollow.  It’s a nice, quaint facility, and fans sit in the seats, on bleachers or even bring their lawn chairs to sit on the hillsides overlooking the field.  It is a perfect setting for Rookie Ball games.  In between innings, one promotion was brought to you by Hamburger Helper.  Signs for Chick-fil-A and Southern Biscuit Flour grace the outfield wall.  The evening reminded me of how great a night of minor league baseball can be.

The experience brought back memories of Ozzie Guillen’s time in the Padres minor league system as he worked his way to the major leagues.

"It’s a flashback for me," Ozzie said, after watching the game with his wife from the first row of seats over the Bristol dugout.  "Comparing now to when I was playing, the facilities are better and you have more support."

Guillen confessed that as he advanced in the San Diego organization, he was often the only Latino player on the team.

"I remember my first year in pro ball.  I was homesick.  I missed my parents.  I missed my country.  Back then, you didn’t have cell phones or the internet.  I didn’t see my mom for seven months.  I remember when the season ended, I was counting days to get back to Venezuela."

Times have changed.  After the game, we hopped onto the plane and flew to New York, catching up with the rest of the major league White Sox at around 2 am.

I can’t say enough about the hospitality of Bristol GM Mahlon Luttrell and the rest of the staff in Bristol.  Mahlon bragged that the hot dogs were the best around, and he was absolutely correct.  Best in the Appalachian League.

Trade Deadline

Is 3 pm CT today.  Stay tuned if we are involved in any moves.

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Great post Scott. If Dye is going to Boston he will be missed and not soon forgotten. It is too bad that no team wants an old washed up pitcher because we have one in JC.

Boy did it feel good to see the Gooch and Aaron homer against the northsiders yesterday. Now I don’t have to listen to my friends brag about how the flubs are in 1st. Way to go (ex)White Sox!

Thanks for the trip report, Scott! That was great. Sounds like an exciting time for the Guillens.

Mmm…Chick-fil-A – the best food not available in Chicago! What do you say to a partnership with a Chick-fil-A stand at the Cell? Of course it would stink to have tickets to a Sunday game and not be able to get it…

The Padres have agreed to acquire Rob Mackowiak from the White Sox for a minor leaguer, according to ESPN’s Jayson Stark

If the Red Sox are willing send Kason Gabbard to the Rangers for Eric Gagne and The White Sox end up with Wily Mo Pena & some clown with a 6.5 ERA for Jermaine Dye Kenny Williams needs to immediately step down as GM of this team. Sometimes standing pat is better than making deals – even if the Sox get nothing in return for Dye in the offseason at least I don’t have to say I went and saw Wily Mo Pena play right field.

Does kenny think that we are tring to win the single A world series?!?!?!?! These trades are so stupid!!!!!!!!

For the guy who is known for his shrewd moves, he sure looks baseball inept.

I don’t expect 99% of fans to understand the moves/lack of moves the Sox made, but here’s my best shot at explaining it:

Yes, Iguchi and Mackowiak were traded for little more than nothing. However, these guys were going to leave at the end of the season for nothing anyway, so getting a little bit more than nothing out of them is worthwhile. On top of that, a couple million bucks are saved and two roster spots are opened up so we can find out if Richar and Owens are answers or if those positions have to be addressed in the off-season. I’m disappointed that Cintron didn’t follow them out the door, because Ozuna and Gonzalez are equally capable utility infielders and will both be less expensive than Cintron.

On the other hand, I’m glad to see that Dye wasn’t given away for the **** that Boston was offering. I’d rather get the two juicy draft picks when Dye leaves and also there’s still a chance that he could be signed to a reasonable extension, though under no circumstances would I guarantee him more than 2 years.

As for Contreras, well he will easily clear waivers, so there’s another month to hope that he can put a few good starts together to the point that someone will take him and pay at least half his salary.

Lastly, I’d DFA Erstad already and let Podsednik and Owens fight it out the rest of the season to see who gets to be the leadoff hitter next year.

A clearly worded and intelligent post, Cabiness. I agree with just about everything. I will miss Mack..he’s a great situational hitter who can play lots of positions, and always seems to give it his all. I’m with you on both Erstad and Contreras as well!

I dont know what you people see in Mackowiak…all i see is sunshine and rainbows now that he is gone….DING DONG MACKOWIAKS GONE RING THE BELL ROB GO TO **** DING DONG HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN HERE ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…COULDNT CATCH A FLY IN CENTER, SHOULDNT BE ON A CONTENDER DING DONG ROB MACKOWIAK IS GONEEEEEEEEEEEEE. bout time. that guy was terrible. that was an awful trade to get mackowiak for Marte to begin with. the only time i want to see him in chicago is when he is visiting his relatives for christmas. i agree that cintron shoulda followed him out the door but finally he is gone. now ozzie wont be tempted to put him into the line up woohoooooooooooooooo.

as for dye he should be resigned ….no if’s and’s or but’s and thank goodness we didnt get willy mo pena. he is a poor mans glennallen hill.

everyone is so anxious to get rid of contreras, just like everyone was anxious to let mccarthy start in front of el duque- here we are 2 years later and el duque is still clearly the better pitcher of the two.


Nice to see the real kenwo is alive and well. Thought a pod person had stolen him earlier this year.

Ok…still can not understand how Ozzie can put Contreras on the mound again…There’s SOMETHING wrong there. An injury he’s hiding? Some mental block? The team just is not given a chance to win when he gives us the runs he does. I don’t care how well the bats are flying, you can’t expect the offense to pick you up with 7 runs a game…

I don’t know who is worse…

Contreras who looks all of 104 (but at least he gave the Sox a lot from July 05 through July 06)or Gavin Floyd who is another failed first round draft choice that apparently the organization thinks Don Cooper can perform a miracle on.

(Hint…Don is a great pitching coach but even Johhny Sain and Ray Berries combined couldn’t help this stiff.)

Floyd looks scared sheetless out there and from his first interview this February with Dan Roan of WGN-TV came across to me as completely lacking the arrogance and self confidence needed to perform at the MLB level.

Maybe Gio will eventually justify the Gargia deal because Floyd sure as **** isn’t or won’t.

Mark Liptak

kenny williams got rid of rob and even acquired another player in the process??? thats probably the only good deal he’s made since winning the world series(i guess the trade for freddy was alright seeing how he turned out, but seeing how gavin’s worked out, it’s about even).
i can kind of forgive the rowand trade, who knew the cf spot would be so difficult to fill and thome would turn out to be about the worst clutch hitter ive ever seen in the 3-hole for a whole season… and he’s absolutely pitiful at getting the runner in from 3rd with less than 2 outs.

but following that he corrupted the team by trading away a consistently solid lefty arm out of our pen(but for about 40 days in late 05) for that awful mackowiak. i cant believe kenny actually found someone willing to take that chump.

unfortunately, i had to turn off the game tonight after hawk and dj wouldnt shut up about how great rob had been for us… what the **** have they been watching the past year and a half??? if youre platooning in cf with brian anderson, you must be just about as terrible as he was.

listening to garbage like that just makes me wonder if the company guys feel some kind of obligation to keep in line or if they just delude themselves. like this nugget we got from scott early this year, “My thought is that Darin Erstad was the best off-season free agent sign in this city through May 29.” sorry to call you out, scott, but i just hate seeing stuff like that. like all those stupid grinder ball commercials. it’s just not honest.

anyway, glad to see gooch already having some success with philly. ill always remember him and how key he was in 05, but since then he hasnt been all that much of a help… not too sad to see him go. wish him all the best, though.

i say stick with jose. maybe rest him a start or two, but see if he can pull through it. i have a small suspicion that his problem may be that he’s off the juice. he did seem to look a bit smaller coming into this season. not accusing, but the thought struck me as a possibility. if it’s the case, then he’s likely just done. but mostly now he reminds me of the first half jose in 05. my brother and i took his wife to a game kind of spur of the moment that year for her birthday. it was on a wednesday… and against tampa bay. we usually liked to go on monday or tuesday because they were half-price days. which ill take every time over a 1/1500 shot at winning a jersey, but we had no choice, and to pay full price to see jose vs the drays. i thought they should have special promotions on days jose pitched because he was often so brutal. ‘half-price jose days’ and since then he’s been ‘half-price jose’ to us. well, now he’s back, but hes worked through it and come out STRONG before, maybe he can again… why not wait and see? this season’s done anyway.

wow, that was long. and all i really wanted to say was good riddance to that awful mackowiak.

I will definitely miss Rob. Good luck to him and Iguchi in the playoffs. My list of teams to pay attention to on Baseball Tonight is growing.🙂

good luck to Rob Mac. in case you didn’t notice, he was our most consistant hitter the past six weeks. i have to admit that he was brutal at times in the outfield, but he can definately hit. so, keep on hitting….. will Jose ever win another game this year? it’s hard to score 17 runs every fifth day…. j.k. maybe tomorrow….

I very rarely get on the umpires but that guy today was CLEARLY giving the yankees some calls this evening. he was just terrible. i wonder if he’s like the nba ref with some $$ on that game. not that he needed the help. as bad as contreras was i think he was better than floyd.

A frustrating night in a frustrating season. Picking up on what mvp00 was talking about, I’m glad to see Rob-Mac go. To me he symbolizes what went wrong with this team. He was brought in to be a utiltiy player but due to injuries and inconsistent play quickly became our CF. Seeing him play the outfield was nightmarish. Nothing against Rob, he was overextended, but I’m not sad to see him go. Sad to see Tadahito leave but he had to plus the Chicago Phillies are quickly becoming my second favorite team.

Disheartened by the lack of movement at the trade deadline but I can’t heap all the blame on Kenny. Have-nots don’t really dictate the market. And you can’t expect to get **** in return for players like Juan and Jose. I’m just thankful we didn’t ship Jermaine out for ******* Wily Mo Pena. I **** near leaped out a window when I heard that one circulating. So in essence the best trade made was the one that wasn’t.

Looking at what’s transpired the last couple of seasons you wonder if we sold our collective soul to the devil for the bliss that was 2005. We are the Robert Johnson of baseball. Which makes Kenny the George W. Bush of GM’s. “Stay the course. Don’t believe your lying eyes fans this season is going well. We’re making progress. September 11th. Just give it six more months.”

I don’t know what to make of this organization anymore. And this isn’t a slam on Scott, he’s got a job to do and he does it well, but for the White Sox to keep acting like this isn’t a franchise in crisis mode is just beyond comprehension. I don’t know how else you can describe a franchise that just two years removed from a ticker-tape parade is battling with the Royals for fourth. You would think a proud franchise would combat this never-ending wave of embarassment but no. Apparently Kenny and Hahn still think this is a good product. Well keep on keeping on gentlemen…

On a side note, to further illustrate the vision that is the present-day White Sox, Chris Young has the same amount of HR, runs and stolen bases as Carlos freaking Beltran (19, 55, 15).

attendance will starte to drop and the spin on avid sox fans will not work, if the product is not there on the field, KW missed the boat 6 or 8 weeks ago on making trades that could have helped, they say that he is an aggressive gm but all I see is a ***** cat.

I think that the Sox will be competative next season. the starting pitching is good and with a resign of dye and one more GOOD OUTFIELDER not an injury risk like erstad/podsednik and they could be in it in 08….in my opinion bullpen’s are crapshoots. very rare do you get a situation like the Angels where they are strong for 5 years. Usually a guy will have a good season followed by a terrible one then will resurface and have a decent season again. if the sox can sign 2 guys with some sort of history of being OK instead of guys that just throw hard we should be fine. Macdougal is very inconsistant. i am not talking closer here, but a guy like luis vizcaino who wasnt spectacular but more often then not did his job, would be the way to go.

as far as contreras you cant cut a 20 million dollar player. i do believe that he will at some point turn it around and i think that he will still be better than gavin floyd, haeger, massett or any of these goofs we currently have. just going through a real real real rough stretch. it happens.

as far as attendance dropping off- thats fine with me. il be there and i wont have to wait long to take a leak. i sat through the years where Jerry Reuss was the only mediocre pitcher on the staff i can sit through this. to me i wish they did move Thome though. He really doesn’t help the team out. i know he is left handed but the guy doesnt hit lefty pitchers, doesnt come through in the clutch and still probably has some value somewhere. we shall see.

Random thoughts on a mid-week Wednesday…
1)to the now departed Rob Mackowiak…”…it hurts to go from a team you grew up watching and to be with a group of guys you idolized as a kid…”… First of all, this is Major League Baseball, NOT the Oak Lawn Little League…and, I believe that you are older than 9 years old, aren’t you?…At least physically…

As I have stated 150 times before, baseball is a sport, but it is more a business…

and besides, as it stands right now, you’ve got a helluva better chance to reach the post season with your new club than with the club you just left…

2)Are the rest of you p-o’d that Kenny didn’t trade the ENTIRE F-ING ORGANIZATION,LIKE SOME OF YOU WANTED???…You are?…

GOOD!!!I would hate to see anyone of you become a baseball GM… you would get taken for everything you own by some of these b***ards who want to give their **** away for nothing…and are looking for a ****** to fleece…

3)As to the Bronx Bummer last night…

Ozzie must have had some sort of vision that things were gonna be lousy last night…as he lasted only until the 6th pitch thrown by the old Cuban horse in the bottom of the 1st before getting the heave-ho from the absolutely INCOMPETENT Phil Cuzzi… who, like some of these other a-holes masquerading as chumpires feeel that everyone who paid their money for that that night came to see them gesticulate and miss a 17 inch strike zone REPEATEDLY…

And their f-ing rabbit ears, too…If I made a comment to one of these pussywillows, and he threw me out of the park, could I sue him for violation of freedom of speech?…Just curious…

Now, to the GAME?????

Years ago, there was a former pitcher who was employed by the Yank-mes to throw batting practice to them…His name was Spud Chandler…As I listened to the first 4 1/2 innings last night,I thought that Spud was still with us, and masquerading in a WS uniform… because that’s all that Contreras and company did last night–throw f-ing BATTING PRACTICE…8 DAMNED HOME RUNS, BY 7 DIFFERENT PLAYERS?…AND NO ONE IN A YANK-ME UNIFORM HIT THE DIRT???Sounded like the scene from that movie set in the Turkish prison….”thank you, sir…may I have another, please?”….

Yeh, that was the “Midnight Express”, alrighty…

Now I read in the tabloid this a.m. that Contreras has his head up his a** becuase he’s going thru a divorce?…


Finaaly, did you folks see the statement in the mini-Trib (aka Red Eye)today from the widow of the late Rod Beck, who had police find evidence of cocaine and drug paraphernalia in his home…

And I quote:”… While we were all saddened by the death of Rodney, he suffred from a debilitating,degenerative brain disease called addiction. The last three years we have seen this disease progress and destroy the person we knew. Unfortunately the details of his death are not pretty or palatable, but those details are merely symptoms of this devastating brain disease. …

Rodney overcame other illnesses and injuries but sadly this brain disease got he best of him.”…

Come on, people…Who else besides a lawyer talks like that in real life ?

Addiction = brain disease?? Calling addiction to drugs and alcohol a disease makes a person think there is no cure and no hope. Call it a choice, tell them there is hope, and help them out. Forget the disease GARBAGE! I’ll give you a disease, the disease of a losing mentality, and it’s spreading all over the South Side of Chicago.

Well it has been a little while since my last post. With all this action going on in the last week I was on vacation exploring Del Castillo San Felipe Del Morro (a place the Sox bullpen pitchers may want to consider hiding) and hiking through the rain forest known as El Yunque. No that is not the former Sox pitcher/Jose Conteras psychiastrist.

As for Iguchi, I will definitely miss him. He is a rent-a-player for Philly because Utley will be back. Who knows, maybe Iguchi will be signed back. It would be nice, but let’s see what this Richar kid has got. I did not expect much in return for Tadahito becuase of the contract situation, unlike a guy like Texiaira who is under contract through next year also.

As for Mackowiak, it is tough to judge him. Personally I liked him because I thought he was a gamer and would do anything asked of him. In 2006 he was put in a very unfamiliar and unfair situation having to platoon in a position he has never played before. As a corner outfielder he was fine. Not saying that he will be missed, but I don’t think he hurt this team as much as some think. It was managements misuse of him that hurt the team.

Reports today are that Ozzie is probably going to take Contreras out of the rotation. About time!!! 1-10 in his last 12 starts with a 10.00 ERA!!! I don’t care if he uses Floyd, Haeger, Gonzalez or picks a guy out of the stands because it can’t get much worse than Contreras. Jose has proved to be very soft mentally over his MLB career, and the way he is mentally it does not surprise me that his impending divorce would be part of his struggles. The Sox best option may be to shut him down for the year and get his personal stuff straight and get strong for next year because he is obviously untradeable.

Well I will still be watching the rest of the year, but I will be scoreboard watching too, hoping that maybe the Phillies can make a little run with all our former players.

I LOVE this blog!!!! You guys are Hilarious!!! I had a good chuckle after reading the last two days’ worth of posts. I wish I could make it to blog night…but once again, I was shut out and penalized because I am a college student. (just kidding, Scott) But still, can’t it be held in July or August instead?

This all makes so much since.. Lets get rid of some of our consistent batters for prospect pitchers.. Heres and idea for Kenny Williams.. Get rid of some of the current bullpen pitchers that equal out to one of these prospects.. Then maybe a better year would be to come. But the GM knows all.. Makes the necessary trades after 2005 to go from champions to bottom of the division.. Good job Kenny..

I just watched the sequel to Ozzie does spring training in new york, it has been playing in cities throughout the U.S.
the Phillies who own the rights to white sox players, called up Iguchi a few days ago and he has been hot for them, see ya.

by the way home run derby three opens in new york , thurs aug 3 rd to a sell out crowd, this musical chairs play is without chin music , although some critics were calling for some as the stars, the yankees were having a grand old time in the dugout between home runs and near home runs.

the sox have stunk the last two days- unbelievable stink- morning bathroom stink after a night of beer and buritos- but come on these umpires are just as bad. first that fool throws out guillen and konerko and was looking for more on tuesday- then the absolute king of the mountain fool who threw out haeger for hitting cano with a knuckleball? are you serious? this is like little league when the mothers became too involved with it sometime in the mid 90s. i was hoping jenks came in and threw 95 at someones head. its about time one of the yankees go down for the count. the bush league way they have been playing ball the last couple of days-laughing joking smiling after every ball they hit out of the infield…someone needs to go down. i suggest it be the good ol captain himself, Jeter. stand up for goodness sakes! youre being embarrassed by your performance and being laughed at by the opposition! plunk jeter in the dome and then have the sox laugh at him when he’s getting carried off. thats how the old schoolers would have done it. the sox have no testicular fortitude.

but thats not just with the sox thats with society as a whole…but thats a subject for a different day

So now that Jose has not lived up to his contract and the team is ultimately going to have to pay the $20 million for him to go away, is it going to be team policy not to sign any pitcher to a contract greater than 1 year?

Have some pride this afternoon and attempt to look like a major league squad.

Cano walked into that knuckleball from Haeger…he had all of three days to get out of the way, and he chose to walk into it. The call should have been a strike, but instead the jackhole umpire throws out the pitcher. ***??? I’ve seen little leaguers get out of the way of faster pitches than that knuckleball. And yes, I too was hoping Jenks would throw some heat and knock someone down…is it me, or have the sox gotten the shaft the last couple years in terms of beanballs? I still hate that Padilla from Texas and I wish this were a national league team so that we could hit him back…

Looks like the Boss should ask Clemens for a refund for today’s performance. Seems that the Sox have faired very well against him the last few years. Of course Clemens will tell people he was hurt or some BS like that. God forbid should he just pitch bad and admit it.

This comment from a friend of mine is so perfect, no changes are needed… submitted for your examination and comment:

“In the last few weeks, we’ve seen the Sox **** near blow an 11-2 lead and end up winning 11-10.

We’ve seen them walk five consecutive batters and give up seven runs after two outs.

We’ve seen them give up eight home runs in one game and 13 home runs in two days.

We’ve seen them score eight in an inning and give up eight the very next half-inning.

I’m ashamed and embarrassed to be a White Sox fan. This team is bag-on-your-head bad. Awful. The 1989 team was better than this. At least they had a winning record the second half of the season.”

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

These guys are dare I say, “Cub-like” bad.

Mark Liptak

He’s no Wily Mo Pena, but Jermaine will suffice. 4 hits, 2 doubles, 2 HRs, not too shabby.

Something that was really shabby was the pitching by Garland and the Rocket. Guess misery loves company.

Good Lord! Exactly how much money is George paying Roger to get lit up like that? Makes Jose’s contract look like the steal of the century. Poor wealthy Roger. But a Rocket that lacks fuel (or in his case juice) will tend to stay grounded.

As far as your friends sentiments, I wholeheartedly agree with most of it Mark. The exception being that I’m not ashamed to be a White Sox fan.

Embarrassed, yes.

Mortified, occasionally.

Rendered speechless, often.

But ashamed, no.

At the end of the day, this is a good organization to be a fan of. It’d be one thing if they didn’t give a ****, but despite all the evidence to the contrary, I believe they do. They just got a funny and unique way of going about showing that.

theyve been getting bashed for much of the year but i have to give a shout out to the bullpen today. 7 2/3 innings- 1 run. i thought for sure the yankees would win this game 15-8 when the second was over. logan, bukvich, thornton, jenks and even my arch nemisis macdougal came through today. way to go guys!

JD was also outstanding today. hopefully they dont let him leave new york without a 2 year contract in hand.

Palehoses – approximately $500k per start for the Rocket Man.

The last time the Sox gave Garland a bunch of runs after a half hour at bat Garland came out and did the same thing. Sitting that long will mess with a pitcher, but that was just awful!

Great work by the pen today. You can’t say much more than that!

Kenwo – The Sox are looking to offer Dye 2 years, but he wants a third. They will get it done before the season is over. Eventually Dye will either be moved to DH or moved to first base with Konerko going to DH when Thome is gone. I believe next year is the last year on Thome’s contract.


Can you please inform Jose Contreras that IF he stops pitching like a dog, then he can come out of the doghouse. Shut your mouth and pitch. It’s as simple as that.

I’d actually prefer the White Sox put him on waivers, some team claims him with the intent of blocking another team, and then the Sox just let that team have him for nothing. Getting rid of him for nothing would be better than keeping him on the team. Addition by subtraction in this case.

it will be another happy day when JD is signed and put into his roll as a DH. that means thome has gone! rid ourselves of these injury plauged players. everytime thome swings you think hes going to pull a muscle. erstad is completely useless too- he should be designated for assignment. he will most likely not be on the team next year and if he is it better be as a 4th outfielder because you cant count on him. he gives good effort but after that swing it looked like someone shot him in the back the way he went down. JD has for the most part proved himself to be pretty healthy the last 3 years besides getting banged up in the outfield.

i truely believe he was affected by his contract/trade status and that is why he didn’t perform up to par this year.

as for contreras, he has struggled, badly. i do believe he can turn it around though. gavin floyd, however, will always be garbage. give floyd a start or two and everyone will be hoping contreras is back in the rotation.

I didn’t mind Contreras until he said, “start me or trade me next year.” He has been dreadful since the 2nd half of last season. If he pitches well, he won’t have to worry about being in the pen.

Contreras must have his head up his rear. Does he not realize that the Sox were desperately trying to get rid of him and the $20 mil we owe him. Unfortunately no team was willing to part with the used bag of batting practice balls and the $20 mil to pay him😦 He’d clear waivers because nobody want to touch him right now. I’d expect to see him sidelined soon for the rest of the year.

Jose Contreras is un pequeno loco. I hope something got lost in translation because he of all players is in no position to be making demands. Beggars can’t be choosers and losers can’t be trusted. Play your role out Jose, afterall, you’re the one who created it for yourself. And I’m a fan of Jose’s, it’s just a matter of thinking about the team before you think about yourself.

Besides, I’m pretty sure we tried trading his tired *** but unfortunately there isn’t a huge market for geriatric, washed-up Cuban horses with a 1-10 record, 8.something ERA, and a $20 million price tag.

As far as JD goes I’m with kenwo. It’d be nice to have one certainty in the outfield and if it means transitioning Dye in the future to the DH and ushering out Thome, all the much better.

Erstad should be an afterthought at this point. I was against the pickup initially but started to warm up to him when I saw him playing. Unfortunately that wasn’t too often. Like Pod’nik and Thome before him, the man is a poster child for the DL. Throw Toby Hall in the mix and you got yourself a Barbershop Quartet of Disability.

The Sox should implement some kind of durability test before we pick up players. Some kind of miniature Strong Man Competition where they have to flip over tires and ****. It’s gotta get frustrating for these players but like Grant Hill some athletes are just injury prone. And Scott P. and Erstad seem the type to get injured in a pillow fight while Rowand’s the type to reconfigure his face on a metal gate and not think twice about it.

Ashamed and embarrassed? Never. Clueless, yes. Just when things can’t get worse and aren’t seeming to get better, you see a game like yesterday’s. What the ****. Was that a win? I almost couldn’t tell. The offense exploded like they normally don’t all year, and Garland falters…. Go Southside! I think?!?!????????

Keep the pants short JD!

seems so few people pay attention.

in 05 el duque was having a rough go through the second half and earned himself some time in the pen in the second half and a ticket out of here come season’s end.

but these cuban pitchers are true horses. they dont tire easilly and age is almost a non-factor. this afternoon el duque threw a gem out against zambrano and the cubs. he’s been pretty solid for the mets for a while now.

let’s not usher jose out the door in a similar manner quite yet. especially not when we’re out of contention and dont have anyone that has a serious shot at being a solid replacement for him next year. unless you all just are dying to see more from gavin and haeger…

by the way, klein, nothing personal, but rob CANNOT hit. he’s a career .260 hitter who strikes out too much for a guy without much power. his .290 avg last year was a fluke, and still wasnt enough to propel him to starting spot over brian mendoza, because he cant catch.
he’s a cancer. any chump that’s sad to see him go is either delusional or just plain foolish… and people in that group are probably the same bunch of ****** who booed marte and were glad to to see him leave.

by the way, marte’s having ANOTHER STELLAR year with a 1.30 era and a .95 whip. true shame he had such a rough go late in 05, posting that god-awful 3.77 era(his worst since coming to chicago!!!”BOOOOOOOOOOOO”) for the year.

im glad to be part of a fanbase that was so warm and gracious to frank last season(as opposed to cleveland’s reaction to thome), and one that still holds maggs in fairly high regard(though, it’d be much easier if he were in another division as well). and one that doesnt usually get down on slumping star players too easilly, which i think just adds more pressure and makes it harder for them to pull out of it, and less likely to stick around after they do and their contract runs out.

except we did see that in the case of marte, which broke my heart then and still does… all the more so after seeing the pathetic loser they replaced him with. and our fanbase might be the only one that needs the scoreboard to remind them when to cheer… and heaven forbid a sellout crowd get off their ***** and on their feet when we need a big out/hit.

wow, that was pretty long, too… and again, all i really wanted to say was good riddance to that awful mackowiak.

dah, forgot… saying he was our most consistent hitter for 6 weeks(really, 6??? even with everyone else being terrible all year i doubt that) is like saying bukvich was our most consistent reliever. joke. his little hot streak did thrust his avg all the way up to .270, though… what does that say about the other 10 weeks?

p.s. really? mor ons is ****-worthy? c’mon, seriously, that’s pg at worst.

p.p.s good riddance to that awful, awful mackowiak… reall, just awful.

good win tonight…other than that MVP covered. spoken perfectly, i couldnt have said it better myself. go get em sat night boys!!!

So, JD hikes up the socks Thursday and gets 2 HR and 2 doubles. Does it again Friday with another HR. Josh Fields and Uribe follow suit and THEY hit HRs. Coincidence? I think not! Hike up the socks boys. This gives all new meaning to “socks pride!”

obrnmac… “socks pride?”…
Donna, my pretty friend, you have obviously been exposed to klein and myself WAY TOO LONG… You keep this up… and we’ll have the pun police take away your license…

Ah, Tom…I learned from the best. I’ll leave the puns to the professionals from now on! I just couldn’t resist this one!

Mackowiak a CANCER??? Why, because he hits .260 or something off the bench??? You folks need to choose your words better and lighten up. Calling the young kid acquired for Iguchi “Garbage” before the young man has even thrown a pitch for the organization? If writing comments like these make you a fan, then we need to re-define that word.

myp –
After stating that El Duque and Contreras are Cuban that is where the similarities stop.

El Duque is a pressure pitcher, he has been at his best when the lights were the brightest. Look how well he did for the Yankees in big playoff situations, not to forget the 2005 ALDS for us. Contreras pitched very good for us for a litle over a year. Other than that the guy is a head case.

In NY where El Duque excelled Contreras could not handle the pressure, and was traded to the Sox in “our garbage for your garbage trade.” Now that he is having personal problems he is apparently taking it to the mound with him. He claimed his failures in NY were because he was distracted because his family was still in Cuba. So I suppose his pending divorce is the reason his fastball has dropped 7 mph this year. Besides being a head case he is probably much older than his documents state he is.

The was he has pitched this year I would rather go back to the pre-2005 Sox who could not buy a win with their fifth starter than run this guy out there every five days for a guaranteed embarrassing loss.

mackowiak is a cancer because he’s god-awful… but apparently in such a way that some people, like many here, cannot see it. maybe it’s because they don’t give errors for bad routes and misreads, and so it’s hard for some to understand just how big of a liability he is. you can look at it in two ways.
first, rob platooned through most of last year in cf with brian anderson. brian anderson is god-awful. therefore, the guy that cannot take the starting spot wholly away from him must be near equally pathetic, albeit a different kind of pathetic in this case.

second, jerry owens is a rookie hitting .250. that’s worse than rob, and jerry has less power, but his upside is some potential for improvement, and not only is he not a liability on defense, but he’s actually pretty good. there are a few defensive liabilities that regularly play in the outfield. manny, soriano and el caballo most notably. the reason they’re allowed to play every day is their offensive upside. but rob is mediocre-average offensively and at the bottom of the barrel defensively. how do some people not see this? that he somehow manages to be so dreadful and still get significant playing time makes him a cancer.

by the way, “off the bench” this season he was 0 for 11. plus, i heard he eats babies.


and jim, as i stated earlier i have a small suspicion jose’s problem’s may stem from him being off the juice. and if that’s the case, he’s likely just done. if the organization knows or strongly suspects this they should be ready to give up on him.

but that suspicion aside, jose, like el duque, goes through hot and cold periods. im sure you remember jose in early 05. and duque in late 05. theyll have rough patches which can be exceedingly rough and last quite a while. if that’s the case with jose, this is an excellent time for it. maybe give him start or two off, but keep throwing him out there for the rest of the year and hope he gets it back. not like we currently have anyone else with a better chance of being a solid starter for us next year, unlike in 05 when we had brandon. i doubt jose ever be quite as dominating as he was late in 05 again, but i could see him winning 15 games and posting an era near 4 next year. i could also see him never pulling out of it and being done in baseball after 08.

so it comes down to this. who’s got the best shot at being a solid starter in this league next year, half-price jose, or gavin/haeger/danny wright/munoz/any other two-bit loser?

the answer is the one you should be throwing out there till they bcome that solid starter or you find one to replace them. and please keep in mind this stint with jose has only latsed a couple months. our fifth starter woes lasted years. let’s not go back to that EVER AGAIN.

by the way, where was el duque’s “pressure pitching” in september in 05 when we were trying to fend off the red hot tribe??? in the bullpen. but he did step up in playoffs for us in his… 2+ innings of work. im gonna say jose help his own through that postseason, too, though. and through many more innings.

im not saying jose will be fine, dismiss all your concerns. kenny should be looking for possible replacements, but until we get a solid one, give jose the ball and hope he gets it sorted out.

myp: Perhaps we’re arguing over semantics, but I don’t believe that “cancer” is the best word to describe your feelings towards Mack. Isn’t the word “cancer” most notably used to describe a player whose attitude becomes destructive to the rest of his team? Based on what I’ve heard and seen, Rob is a far cry from that type of player.

I’m fine with your being exuberant about his departure, but I think your label is way off the mark.

Mr. Gavin Floyd,,, where have you been all season? that was some real nifty pitching today, and a sweep no less of the tigers. wow. good road trip after losing two straight to the yankees then four in a row. now all we have to do is start winning at home. how about 7 more in a row and get back to 500? thats all for now. enjoy the day off everybody, i will. j.k.

This and That:

1. Nice to see a sweep for a change. Maybe, I don’t know, 82 wins is still possible?

2. Mike MacDougal says he’s recovered from his arm issues…funny, the results look the same to me.

3. Regarding Mack. From everything I’ve seen and heard he was a good teammate and busted his rear end every time out.

Before crucifying him, think about the comments from both Kenny and Ozzie when he was acquired. ‘He’ll be playing the corner outfield spots and a back up 3rd baseman.’

I don’t know about you but corner outfield spots doesn’t include center (where he played a lot in 06) and he didn’t back up much at 3rd base did he?

My point being he took one for the team and played out of position (without complaint I might add…) because the organization got caught with their pants down in the outfielde when Anderson imploded.

That’s not Mack’s fault people.

Mark Liptak

Thanks Mark, I said the same thing about Mackowiak playing out of position all of 2006 a few days ago, but nobody seems to listen. They all just want to blame the guy who sacrificed himself. At least there is one other person here that knows something!

myp – Jose’s problems have not just been a couple months, this goes back through the whole second half of last year. After his winning streak was broken he was awful the remainder of the year. If he’s hurt, off the juice or has just plain lost it he has been awful, and you can see his lack of confidence on the mound.

And what do you mean by “half price Jose?” The Sox are not getting a discount for his pitiful performances. The way he has been since mid-06 we are better off forfeting every 5th game. (Of course Floyd’s performance today does give some optimsim for that 5th spot).

DAYDREAMING IN TUCSON…..after a Sox sweep…..

do you think the Sox can win 70 before they lose 70? that’s 29 games from right now, and as i said, i’m hoping here, but here goes. if we can accomplish that feat, we will be in the race!!!! hold on kenwo, hold on myp00, hold on mliptak, and anyone else who wants to shoot me down, but IF we can do that, then the last 22 games will mean something after all. after all the hyperbole of spring training, about how bad we were,(and we were), after all the negative press, (again well deserved)after all the complaining and keeping track of just how lousy this team has been,,,,, we will be playing meaningful baseball in september!

ok. i’m crazy, i know you guys and i know you won’t give me a pass on this post, BUT, BUT , But, i also know all of you would love to see the scenario i painted come to fruition. so keep the faith, and hold onto that lucky charm of yours, and who knows?…….

hey, i can dream, can’t i???????

and so can you!!!!!!


I hear the Yankees are designating Mike Myers for assignment. (For those that don’t know he is basically released for other teams to grab him, or he can report to the minor league team in the NYY organization he was assigned to). I don’t care that he is 38, this is a guy that could help our bullpen. He has a 2.66 ERA and 1.33 WHIP this year. A veteran specialty guy like him can be useful for another 3-4 years.

klein i like your theory, but it all depends on this weeks series with cleveland. if somehow we can sweep the tribe we can drop the games back to 7..then we are in the race. 7 games can be made up pretty quick (sox just made up 6, cubs took 7 off the brewers in like 2 weeks). to be realistic though they would have to go about 39-12 (something like that i worked the numbers yesterday)…i’m not sure this team is ready to go 39-12 and make a huge push when the pressure starts heating up, but id like to see them try.

we could get a swift kick in the rear this week though, and be back to 13 back in which case id have more of a chance to bang Tiffany Thiessen than the sox would at contending. we’ll see. go sox!

The Sox win four in a row and everyone is talking about the playoffs. I will be happy if they finish above .500. At seven games under they will need to win 2 of 3 during the next seven series. I hope it happens but it is not likely.

Well, I can dream..and I will, but I’m a realist, at heart. I’ve been saying for a while that I just want them to play better ball, and finish at .500. That’s still my goal. This is fun..when things are clicking and there’s life in the team. I’ll take that for what it’s worth =) -Dawn

anything’s possible now that rob’s off the team.

myp00, you’re hilarious!! addition by subtraction… see you all later this evening, go Sox ’07. j.k.

Don’t look now, WS Universe…

That was a term given to the 1951 NY Giants when they started their comeback of 13 1/2 games down to the Brooklyn Dodgers(sorry,Mr Reinsdorf, for dredging up past bad memories)by winning 16 in a row…

Can this team perofrm the same miracle ?… I know we’d like to see it happen…but we are powerless to do anything but view…

Hey, jk… You’re singing that song about Canada, aren’t you ?

You remember… “I’m a Dreamer, MONTREAL ?”

(That pun was for klein and Mama Mack…)

BTW, everybody in WS Universe, wish a Happy B-Day today to the lovely Maria Wagener…and, just a reminder, fans(as Chris Singleton would say), that six weeks from yesterday, the fat head writing this epic officially becomes a speed limit… double nickels…Oh, all right… 55…

which makes me ALMOST as old as Hawk…

BTW, glad to see the golf tournament got in without any weather problems…It was all for a good cause…
The problem is, they’re still looking for Reifert in the roughs at Harborside…

Happy Birthday Maria! I hope our boys give you a great present – the first of three wins against the Indians this week.

Hey I never jumped off the “I think we could turn it around” train of thought. Everyone in my family thinks I have lost it. But, boy, I sure would love to have the Sox prove them wrong.


lol mvp…i agree. now that mackowiak is gone the sky is the limit.

Happy Birthday Maria!!!
And Congratulations to DJ and his wife on the birth of their new baby girl!!!

p.s. Come on guys…lay off Rob Mac already…he’s gone…we get ur point…enough said…except none of you were talkin all this sh** when he hit a badly needed homerun or base hit for an RBI…you just choose to dredge up his mistakes (which, most of the time were made because he was generally thrown into a position)and place them under a microscope for your personal entertainment. ANYHOO…we shouldn’t have to read ur ranting and raving about him anymore. He’s gone. End of story.

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