Tribe Arrives

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, 3B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Pods, LF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B.  Danks pitching.

Quick Visit

Today’s media session with manager Ozzie Guillen went very quickly.

"That’s what happens when you win," someone told Ozzie.

"Ha," he laughed.  "I’ve been through all three … Good, OK and bad."


Today was maybe the hottest day of the year at U.S. Cellular Field.  Drink fluids.


Yesterday was our annual Field of Greens golf outing at beautiful Harborside Golf Course.  Players, coaches, staff and Chicago celebrties played a scramble along with 50-some foursomes of White Sox fans and Chicago White Sox Charities supporters.  A good time was had by all and over $100,000 was raised to support pediatric cancer research at Comer Children’s Hospital and Children’s Memorial.

I won’t say what my team shot, but the winners came in at an impressive 20-under par.

It was great to run into former Sox like Al Weis, Donn Pall and James Baldwin, who flew in from North Carolina.  Darryl Boston, Nick Capra and other roving instructors also were in town to join us.

A good friend was kind enough to take the photo of me here just before a tee shot on a par 3.  No truth to the rumor that the shot landed wet.


hey Scott, that photo looks like you’re hitting from the fairway, anyway i hope you had fun, and despite what i just read from tom Quaid, you must not still be in the rough…( unless you brought your laptop along with you as one of your “clubs”). go Sox ’07, and a very happy birthday to you, Ms. Wagener….. i think you told me your age when i saw you at spring training so this BD will be #30. over the hill….. sorry about that. j.k…….

Does anyone know what the JMG was for that was embroidered on Ozzie’s right sleeve?

In case you missed it, Jake Westbrook had a 2-6 record with an ERA of FIVE coming into tonight’s game.

He gives up two hits in eight innings.


This is why the Sox probably won’t break the .500 mark this year…just when you think, ‘well, maybe…’ they fall flat on their faces.

When you’re seven games under you can’t afford any ‘flat nights…’

Oh well.

Mark Liptak

Congrats to DJ and his wife on new baby Tatum.. 7’7oz, 19 inches, exact same as my baby, 17 years ago!

Well two observations from tonight. When a team gives you 5 outs in the 9th inning in a 1 run game and you don’t win, then it is just not meant to be. If by some miracle the Sox were to make a run at the playoffs tonight was a key game. A sweep of this series and it could have been realistic. It seems all year situations like this we have not been able to come through. When a team tries to hand you a game you have to take it.

Secondly, as a person I think Darrin Jackson is a great guy, but tonight was a true eye opener for Sox fans. The guy sitting next to Hawk actually provided some insight into the game. I would love to see Steve Stone in the Sox booth next year. He adds so much more to the broadcast than DJ. It almost seemed like Stone and Hawk had been working together for years. The chemistry that he and DJ lacks was there tonight. I know it is unrealistic, but Steve Stone sure would make watching the game on TV much better.

I’d prefer both DJ & Hawk gone next season. Get Stone and find him a partner.

Too bad they couldn’t take the game when the Tribe tried to hand it over. Borowski, their closer, has an ERA of about 5. Awful.

Happy Birthday Maria!!!
And Congratulations to DJ and his wife on the birth of their new baby girl!!!

p.s. Come on guys…lay off Rob Mac already…he’s gone…we get ur point…enough said…except none of you were talkin all this sh** when he hit a badly needed homerun or base hit for an RBI…you just choose to dredge up his mistakes (which, most of the time were made because he was generally thrown into a position)and place them under a microscope for your personal entertainment. ANYHOO…we shouldn’t have to read ur ranting and raving about him anymore. He’s gone. End of story.

I knew we were in trouble when they walked Paulie, and it was left up to Thome and A.J., who didn’t get a hit all night, and Thome just hasn’t seemed to be clutch at all. Happy D-Day, Maria. Ooops, I mean B-day!

Wow.. so now let’s complain about Hawk and DJ… you folks never quit..

I wasn’t complaining. I just said “I Prefer DJ & Hawk to be gone next year.” Where is “complaining?”

Does anyone else think that we wasted an out by bunting Owens to second? He’d already stolen on Martinez earlier, why not steal again and then bunt him to third? Then a fly ball sends him home, rather than to third…I was just frustrated by that wasted opportunity.

Like the Colt’s Jim Mora once said, “Playoffs, Playoffs, don’t talk to me about Playoffs. I just hope we can win a game.” If the Sox had any chance at the playoffs it went out the window last night.

you echoed my exact thoughts on that particular play. I really thought Fields should’ve been given the go ahead to try for a solid base hit or at least a walk, then Thome’s fly ball wouldn’t have been as nerve wracking. Does anybody think he’s (Thome)gonna reach 500 this season?

BTW, nobody has even mentioned Barry Bonds on this site. Is that a taboo topic or what? Any thoughts or concerns on the subject?

Thoughts on Bonds. I’ll keep it brief..Disgusted!
Happy Belated B-day, Maria. See you on blog night!! I am disappointed in last night’s game…Danks pitched well..2 runs..and we can’t get a few runs to help our own cause. Let’s get back at ’em tonight!!

The way Thome has been going this season, he probably won’t get 500 until next season.

Andrew, I was shocked too that they did not let Owens steal and then bunt him to 3rd. I’m sure the hope in the dugout was that Thome or Konerko get a hit to knock him in and not risk him getting thrown out on pitchout bu Cleveland. I could go either way.

As for Bonds, who cares! ARod is going to crush that record as long as he stays healthy. Then we can see how MLB celebrates it. That will be interesting. It will really show what the current regime at MLB thinks of Bonds and dark shadow that follows him.

Happy Birthday Maria. Hope you had a good one.

Missed last nights game but was following on Gameday. Danks seemed to have a solid outing with 8 strikeouts and only one walk. I’ve been pleased with his development this season.

As far as Bonds goes lmunoz I’m kinda ambivalent. On one hand he’s an undeniable talent. On that same hand he comes across as an ******* But for him to be singled out and villified like he was the only one juicing is hypocritical. A lot of players were using steroids. I’d imagine a couple of em were wearing White Sox uniforms. **** Giambi admitted as much and nobody wants to put an asterisk on the MVP award he stole from Frank. Bud Selig’s whole ‘stand and recognize but don’t clap stance’ was foolish. This whole era will be looked at with a skeptical eye, as it should be.

Let Bonds have his time in the sun. The fact he got it dirty already tarnishes his legacy and cheapens the meaning of the accomplishment. When it’s all said and done he’ll be remembered as an exceptional ballplayer whose arrogance destroyed him.

Well,gang, last night a former SF Giant and a current SF Giant succeeded in ruining my evening… The former Giant?…The Lightning Rod, AJ, of course… As konerko walked in the last of the ninth, I yelled at my TV set…”YOU DUMB(EXPLETIVE DELETED,DEROGATORY ETHNIC SLUR DELETED),IF YOU GO AFTER THAT FIRST PITCH…I’M GOING DOWN TO THAT PARK AND CHOKE THE LIFE OUT OF YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!!!
The rest is history…

I let out a four letter synonym for excrement, totalled up my scorebook and watched the news…Less than an hour later, the current Giant made my miserable night complete by breaking the HR record…

I think that a lot of you here know my feelings towards “Barely” Bonds…If you don’t, let me pass them along…

He was an obnoxious punk LONG BEFORE his head blew up due to the clear, the cream, whatever… You don’t believe me, ask Jim Leyland, who was his manager at Pittsburgh…and who had an altercation with Bonds which was captured on videotape…DURING SPRING TRAINING…Bonds’s father, Bobby, was one of the most agreeable,pleasant, finest people to ever put on a major league uniform…his godfather, Willie Mays, briefly had his head up his rear aperture(hi, Dawn)after he got to SF and wasn’t adored as he was in New York…but the Say Hey Kid eventually, I think, got over it…

Anyway, getting back to the object of this diatribe(don’t worry, I’ll get back to the WS shortly),back in 1998 when Sosa and Mc Gwire were in their substance assisted HR battle, little “Barely” was all pouty… because NO ONE was paying him any attention…So he decided that he was going to become the center of the baseball universe, by becoming a freak of nature, with a blown-up head and a blown-up body at the same time… Add on to that a bandbox ballpark in the China Basin in downtown SF, plus the rag-armed pitchers currently masquerading as major leaguers, serving up batting practice… and you have yourself a new HR king… for a brief while, anyway…Brother Devereux is exactly correct when he says that A-Rod is going to eclipse the new total within the next six seasons…in my opinion…and then when that time comes, and “Barely” huffs and puffs and says he won’t be there… I won’t be the least bit surprised…

BTW,as far as the sheep in SF masquerading as fans go…They think that “Barely” is the greatest thing since the Golden Gate Bridge and the development of sourdough bread… Of course, if they felt that he could help the Giants, those jerks would have been tolerant and forgiving of Adolf Hitler…

“… he was just misunderstood…”

So much for the new King of Swing… back to the boys…

It’s absolutely amazing how the momentum of the road trip can be neutralized with just ONE GAME… They couldn’t hit Westbrook with a canoe paddle last night…Tonight, they face their second biggest mental obstacle(first being Santana of the Twins)in Sabathia… then tomorrow night, a pitcher they’ve never faced before…and a left-hander, to boot…

Hoo, boy …

For all you youngsters out there… as well as fans of Darrin Jackson… Last night might just make you a wee bit nervous… I, too, feel that Hawk and Stone Pony worked very well together in their commentary… the only fly in the ointment being the constant (sorry,Mr Boyer)drop-ins for everything WS under the sun…
DJ better get back from Arizona soon if he wants to keep his job… next season…

I heard that Stone was doing a 6 game stretch.

Hey, everybody!

Been kinda busy, and not following the blog as well as I should. Belated Happy Birthday to Maria! I got my tix for blog night, so it will be fun to see everyone.

Hurt to lose last night, would have been good to sweep the Tribe. Well, if we can win the series, that will help.

JK, you’re not crazy – I’ve been calculating, and hoping right along with you! On all counts. Hoping for a .500 season, and even daring to hope for more. What’s the fun if you throw in the towel in August?

My most favorite hope is that when we meet on blog night, the game is really crucial, and the Sox win!! I know you all will pile on me for that, and tell me why I should abondon hope, but that scenario looks great in my imagination🙂

Bonds…big head, big ego, big jerk, big cheat. What a legacy.

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