Sabathia Hunting

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, 3B; Konerko, DH; Dye, RF; Erstad, 1B; Gonzalez, 2B; Pods, LF; Uribe, SS; Hall, C.  Garland pitching.

By Th Numbers

CC is 14-3 with a 3.53 ERA lifetime against the White Sox.  We’re due.

Our bullpen is 3-0 with a 3.86 ERA over its last 14 games.

Bobby Jenks has retired a White Sox record 32 consecutive batters (33 outs), which according to Elias Sports Bureau is the longest streak in the majors since Greg Maddux (then of the Dodgers) retired 32 straight in August 2006.  The AL record of 38 straight was set by David Wells in 1998.  The streak included his perfect game.  SF’s Jim Barr holds the ML record at 41 set in 1972.

The White Sox are 4-0-1 in their last five series against AL Central foes.

JD leads the AL after the break with 19 XBH, ranks second with 10 HR and a .747 slugging percentage and is tied for fourth with nine doubles.  Dye is hitting .371 (13-35) with four doubles, five home runs, nine RBI and 10 runs scored in his last nine games.

Belated Congrats

To Maria and to Darrin and Robin Jackson on the arrival of Tatum. 

Blog Night

A reminder that September 27 is our second blog night.  Tickets (lower deck, $31 per) are still available by calling Dustin at 312-674-5186.  The night will include a pregame session with me and a few of my friends and then an evening of winning baseball.


Whoa…did that usher really take that ball away from that kid? Lofton gave it to him after the kid gave it to Lofton. I realize that it was fan interference, but it was a double anyway…that’s some bad PR for the ballpark security. Let the kid keep the ball, especially if the fielder gives it to them…now let’s keep scoring runs against Sabathia…

And Juan Uribe does it again!

Between his taking time off in the field and his swing for the fences approach on EVERY single at bat, this guy needs to be sent out the day after the regular season ends.

Two words for you gang (assuming he’s healthy) DAVID ECKSTEIN.

Mark Liptak

Mark, but aren’t you at least a little bit happy that Juan batted in the 13th?…… end of story, at least this chapter, and a White Sox Winner….. i do like Stoney in the booth with Hawk, he gives a pitchers perspective of the game that DJ does’nt have, but then i liked paciorek too, so what do i know? lets get the series win tomorrow night boys and girls, and let’s do it in about 2H and 05M. another complete game for Buerhle…. j.k. happy happy joy joy and a good night to you all……


A .220 average, awful OBP and key errors throughout the season doesn’t go away because of a home run or for that matter a 9th inning game tying double back on May 12th.

Since 2005 Urbie’s average and OBP have been dropping like a rock.

**** even Ozzie has put him on notice and that says something doesn’t it?

I’ll take a guy who can consistently hit .270, make the regular plays in the field, can run and drop down an occasional bunt which is EXACTLY what Ozzie wants Uribe to do….but he can’t can he?

Mark Liptak

I loved Wimpy. He was so funny, not the best baseball guy in the world, but he made watching the game fun. Too bad Hawk literally forced him out of the Sox booth. Seems like he has tried to do the same with DJ. He really has not appreciated a partner since Drysdale. A booth of Steve Stone and Wimpy would be fun, or maybe Stone and Mark Grace. That would probably make Cub fans puke in jealousy.

i wouldnt trade uribe for eckstien. no chance in ****! uribe has some pop. eckstien couldnt hit his way out of a paper bag. uribe is also better defensively besides the occasional lapse. if we are getting rid of uribe there arent that many shortstops id rather have. tejada, jeter, reyes, young, maybe bentancourt on the mariners and cabrera on the angels. thats about it. i like uribe.

Okay, so I’m REALLY paying for it at work this morning but last night’s game was well worth the roller coaster ride!!!

Liptak ive read your stupid comments for about a month. You have no clue. Eckstein is a piece of filth. Uribe is 20 times better then that dope. He can’t throw the ball or hit the ball. At least uribe has a rocket for an arm, and he is a threat to hit a few homers. Eckstein is trash!

Uribe is not 20 times better than Eckstein, but that’s because Uribe isn’t good. Eckstein is over rated because he plays for the Cards, he not much of a solution. There is no one of value in the SS FA class this year. If we want a good upgrade it needs to come via trades.

I do agree though, Liptak makes me not want to read this board very much. Just too much repetition of the same thing being said,

“Well friends….let me whine some more about this…”

I don’t really mean to bash you, it just gets old.


Despite the fact that you posted in the past that you love to bait people, I’ll bite with this comment. You state “It just gets old….”

Guess what, so does losing.

End of story.

Regarding Uribe, it’s O.K. for Ozzie to call him out but no one else can?


Mark Liptak

i dont care if you call him out….i just think youre way off base with eckstien. he’s gotten good press because he’s one of those hustle guys…but in reality uribe is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more talented than eckstien is. eckstien cant hit has no arm and is well suited for being a national league shortstop on a team that can hit.

if we are going to get eckstien we might as well tag ozzie as a player/manager since they both have about the same pop

How ironic is it that the only bullpen pitcher to give up a run is the one who gets the Win…

Eckstein may or may not be the asnwer. Personally I think the Sox will make a major run at ARod, and I do have my own conspiracy theory as to why it will happen to support that, but that is for another day. On a team with 3 or more young players on it next year (Owens, Fields and maybe Sweeney?) and Eckstein is not a good fit. But with a more veteran team, and more reliable hitters he could fit in well.

I don’t see the Sox going after Eckstein, but I doubt that Uribe will be staying either. Yeah he has some pop in his bat, but he strikes out way too often, and every swing he takes if for a home run, so when he does make contact too many fly outs and popups. He could not bunt a runner over to save his life. Remember spring training 2006, he did not even last 2 weeks in the 2-hole before they moved Iguchi back there.

Defensively he has really dropped off since 2005. I could see if he had a bad year in 2006, and got better this year, but that has not been the case. Two years in a row is a trend.

David Eckstein is NOT the second coming of Luis Aparicio…HOWEVER he is the best available free agent shortstop out there.

You want a top shortstop gang (say the Rangers Mike Young)?, you want a top shortstop PROSPECT (say the kid in the Dodgers organization)?

Fine…are you prepared to trade a TON to get him? (both major and minor leaguers?)

Can this team AFFORD to trade anybody… opening up more holes?

Until this farm system is rebuilt the way Kenny wants it done, in the short term the best answer is to sign players who can be an upgrade over what you have.

Eckstein can do EVERYTHING that Ozzie himself has said he wants the top two and bottom two hitters to do in his lineup next season.

He can run, steal a base, advance runners, BUNT and play a solid defense at short.

What is the world is wrong with that?

Can Uribe bunt? Can he even get on base in the first place on a regular basis?

He’s got a bazooka for an arm and can make spectacular plays at short…and then kick away a ground ball or drop a pop up.

What good is that?

Again Eckstein isn’t A-Rod but he’s a **** sight better then what the Sox have right now.

You get him, and then after you have actual chips to trade, try to improve upon him.

Random thoughts after a long night…
1) This is NOT,repeat,NOT Rotisseree(sic)baseball, folks, that we are talking about… As I’ve stated before, if fans were GM’s or owners,there would be trades and cuts made every 20 minutes, give or take about 19 minutes and 40 seconds…

Use your heads for something besides a place to park your NEW ERA (trademark)baseball cap…

2)”Juan Gone” Uribe has been in Ozzie’s doghouse so often,he orders his steaks rare,then ground into dog chow…but, every so often, just like the proverbial blind pig finding the acorn…or the nerd scoring with the supermodel(yeh, like THAT ever happens, Chauncey…),he comes through and rescues his own inability with a dynamic blow…as in his game winner off Fultz…

3)As you recall my last post,when I got all honked off at AJ…when I saw the highlights recap today of what he did… and how far, far away it went…to re-tie the game…my first thought was…”GEEZ,WHY THE (BLEEP) COULDN’T HE HAVE DONE THE SAME THING THE NIGHT BEFORE?”

4)Tonight,they face a kid lefty they’ve never seen before…wouldn’t it be refreshing to beat the absolute whoop-de-doo out of him, and have a laugher for a change?


It’s just been a part of the game put away in a drawer and never seen again…

Mr Reifert: Could it be possible that one of those “friends” you mentioned on “Son of a Blog” Night NOT be from the tabloid…there’s too much violence in this world to begin with…Instead, would it be possible to ask Mr Harrelson,through his interpreter,if he would PLEASE make a visit to the masses that evening ?
Just wondering…

I just thought of someting else… Sabathia got off the hook AGAIN last night…
Dammit, WHEN are they going to beat him, LEGITIMATELY?

I’d like to see how Richar fares at SS. He was playing about a fourth of his games in Charlotte at short. If he could work from there we’d be in much much better shape, because the 2B FA options are much more plentiful.

Luis Castillo

Tadihito Iguchi

Mark Grudzielanek (does have Player option)

Mark Loretta

Marcus Giles

or even within the organization,

Andy Gonzalez

Jason Bourgeois (could lead off well)

Cintron could be a full time starter too at short.

with all due respect buddy, Cintron CANNOT be a full time starter at short. He just doesn’t have it! Sometimes I wonder why he is even played! I am racking my brain right now trying to remember the last time he was of ANY help to this team???!!! (I’m sure Mark L.or Tom Q. can help me out there) Although I do agree with all the other names you presented as viable options.

I’m still bummed about not being able to go to blognight!!!(boo hoo)


Unless Richar completely implodes the final six weeks I think he’s going to be the starting 2nd baseman next year..I don’t think the Sox want to mess him up by trying to have him change positions.

Granted there are more potential 2nd baseman available in the off season then shortstops but I just can’t see the Sox taking that chance.

Lisa: Last season you may recall Cintron hit a ton against the Tigers and personally won two games. He’s a decent player off the bench but he shouldn’t be starting more then twice a week tops. I hope the Sox keep him for next season but again use him in his proper role.

I mean he is an upgrade over Gonzales and that only makes the team better.

Mark Liptak

As of right now Cintron does seem bad, but remember he was a full time player before he came to the Sox. But his arm has been pretty bad since coming back. I would probably agree that he doesn’t match up to some other options.

id give juan the 5 million. there is no better option out there including eckstien and moving richar to short is an order for disaster. uribe might be in ozzies doghouse but so was marte who we ran out of here because he was in ozzies doghouse. ozzie is in my doghouse after he has managed the last 2 nights. owens gets on first and they bunt or attempt to bunt him to second. come on now let the kid steal then let fields hit or bunt him to third. tuesday nights game would have been tied if he did that as thome then flew deep to right.

sign uribe….5 million isnt that much and all the other options are alot worse than he is!

Kenwo, Get over your man crush for Juan Uribe. There are 16 pitchers that have a minimum of 10 (most 40+)at bats with a better batting average than Uribe. If we had a guy like Zambrano I would hit him and DH for Uribe.

mgroth- Cintron had elbow surgery this past winter. I don’t think he will ever be the same again, but as a back up for next year he is a solid option. Hopefully rest will help his elbow recover. If not for the surgery we would have seen a lot of him this year at SS.

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