Wednesday Matinee

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, 3B; Thome, DH; Konerko, 1B; Erstad, LF; Dye, RF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Hall, C.  Contreras pitching.

Moving Up

Jim Thome hit his 493rd career home run last night, tying Lou Gehrig and Fred McGriff for 23rd all-time.  Thome is attempting to become the 23rd player in major-league history to hit 500 home runs.  Among the active players approaching the mark are Manny Ramirez (489) and Gary Sheffield (479).

From the Training Room

Joe Crede is home in Missouri continuing his back program without problems.  He hopes to begin Phase II of his rehab process in early September, which entails a more aggressive and extensive workout regimen.

Pablo Ozuna is progressing well (he shagged fly balls during BP yesterday), with his focus on restoring the range of motion in his lower leg.  He has been jogging and is working toward running.  Ozuna took flips in the cage on Tuesday as well.

Luis Terrero is progressing well.  He hopes to begin a minor league rehab assignment within the next week to play in two or three games before rejoining the Sox in early September.

Big Bobby

Bobby Jenks has now retired 47 of the last 48 batters faced since 7/17 at Cleveland.

AL Central

The Sox are now 5-1-1 in their last seven series against division foes.


Wishing Joe a speedy and complete recovery. As much as I like Fields’ development this year, I’d really like to have Joe back at third next year (maybe shift Josh to left). Good game two nights ago. Too bad Bobby didn’t get that record but it was nice to see Owens slam into that wall even if he didn’t catch it. That’s how you play an agressive CF.

I personally would like to see Thome shipped out and Fields/Crede/Konerko/Dye all switch between being DH. I would like to see Owens play left and see a signing of a top free agent for center…in my opinion torri hunter would be the best choice there. Dye could play right, crede third, uribe short, konerko first, Fields DH, Pierzynski C. I still am concerned going into the year with just Richar as the second baseman. He has popped a few homers of late, but he is still hitting below 200.

What am I concerned about?…Well, for one thing, the lack of comment on the last couple of posts…Is it that White Sox Universe doesn’t care anymore?…The team is going to finish fourth or fifth, so the members in good standing avoid comment like the plague…Have the naysayers won?… Is it a case where people are sick and tired of hearing only the carping and the negativity, and have opted to stay away?…
Just curious…

Two other points…

Tuesday night’s top of the 8th inning was, in my opinion…




Finally, as bad as the WS bullpen has been all year long…and it has…it couldn’t be any worse than the Orioles pen last night in the “massacre at Camden Yards” versus the Rangers…

As my Hybernian ancestors would say…


get a life Tom Quaid… we stink, everyone knows it, Kenny aint gonna let it happen again

whitesoxawful…there’s the door, don’t let it hit you in the *** on your way out…
On second thought…go ahead, let it hit you…

When did you become a shareholder in the white Sox?…Those people, and the people who actually work for the team, should be the ONLY ones to use the word “we”…


To try to answer your original question, I don’t think Sox fans ‘don’t care..’ I think it’s more along the lines of they are taking a break from this nightmare, hoping the season ends quickly, hoping the Cubs fall flat on their faces in the worst division in baseball and just want to get to the off season.

I think they are also making note of the recent comments from Ozzie and Kenny taking about “going for it,” and “we’re going to have a good team” ect and have them ready to be ‘used’ in the event the off season of 2007 is a repeat of the 2006 one.

Mark Liptak

ummm, I’m supposed to go to the game tonight – what are the chances that we are actually going to play?

Tom, I personally got tired of listening to the bitchin and whining about non baseball related things..there was no need to respond to any of the comments made last week by some people.
whitesoxawful.. go away.. and stay away.

I care, still log on to mlbtv everynight with hopes of a win and more nights than not I’m disappointed but…I still like the homeruns and good plays and good ball.. I’m still here…

Just wanted to add that I still check the blog religiously at least once a day. I stopped posting because certain comments became too personal and negative. I’m not saying we shouldn’t talk negatively about the Sox playing poorly but some posts get a little out of hand.

If you want to watch some baseball that features players with outstanding fundamentals and a desire to win, watch the Little League WS. As far as the Sox go, I haven’t watched a game since the AS break.

I still read this blog everyday, sometimes more than once a day. Don’t have much to comment about – it seems to be the same story every day. Rather ho-hum.

I’m going to the game Friday night with 8 family members. We are planning to go early and tailgate. Have never done that before at a Sox game. I hope they get tonight’s game in as I heard if they don’t tomorrow will be a day/night doubleheader. That’ll throw a wrench in the tailgating plans I think. Does anybody have any info on that? Do they let you tailgate before the 2nd game of a day/night DH?

Tom, If a person buy tickets, goes to games, spends money on food, beverage, parking, and merchandise, then they are paying the White Sox organization. I think that entitles people to a little “we” talk.

Hi Tom,
to answer your question, I have abstained from blogging because instead of discussing baseball everybody seemed to be concerned with one upping each other in the name calling department. So posting,in my opinion,would’ve been useless.

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing left to look forward to this season is staying out of last place. However, I am excited and anxiously looking forward to the moves that will be made this winter. I hope you all enjoy yourselves at blog night. Please detail the events on the blog and of course post pictures! Everybody stay safe! I will be reading as usual everyday because many of you are still quite entertaining to read. God Bless, Take Care and Go Sox!!! Hopefully we can win many games in September!!! See, I’m still displaying a positive attitude and it won’t even kill me!!! LOL!!!


Hi all,
I haven’t stopped caring, and I do check in on this blog daily. While I have officially given up on the postseason for this year, I do hope the Sox play well in September, and make at least the blog night game fun (since I’m traveling so far to see it)!

This year has been a painful reminder of so many other years in Sox history, where being a fan requires a lot of patience and loyalty. Obviously, I have learned to deal with that, but 2005 was soooo much more fun.

Looking forward to blog night!

Go Sox!


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