Split DH With Boston

Friday, August 24, 2007

Today’s Lineup for Game 1

Owens, CF; Fields, 3B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Erstad, LF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B.  Garland pitching.


Fans with tickets to last night’s rained-out game may use those tickets today or exchange them for an upper level ticket to any remaining home game (based on availability.  The reason the exchanges are for upper level seats is because many of our seats in the lower bowl are already sold for games left this season.

Fun Chart

Here’s an interesting list of Sox Rookie Home Run Leaders:

Kittle, 1983 … 35

Bonura, 1934 … 27

Melton, 1969 … 23

Agee, 1966 … 22

Ward, 1963 … 22

May, 1969 … 18

Singleton, 1999 … 17

Jolley, 1930 … 16

Lee, 1999 … 16

Fields, 2007 … 15

Iguchi, 2005 … 15

Later Tonight

Our second game begins at 7:11 pm (weather permitting).

Best Laid Plans

We were trying to take our annual team photo yesterday.  With all of the photo equipment and bleachers set up on the infield for the 3:45 pm shoot, everyone needed to scramble as dark clouds and strong winds kicked up at 3:40 pm.  The photo was quickly scratched as Roger, his crew and front office employees moved the photo set up and pulled the tarp over the infield just in time.

The team photo will be re-scheduled.


Hi Tom,
to answer your question, I have abstained from blogging because instead of discussing baseball everybody seemed to be concerned with one upping each other in the name calling department. So posting,in my opinion,would’ve been useless.

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing left to look forward to this season is staying out of last place. However, I am excited and anxiously looking forward to the moves that will be made this winter. I hope you all enjoy yourselves at blog night. Please detail the events on the blog and of course post pictures! Everybody stay safe! I will be reading as usual everyday because many of you are still quite entertaining to read. God Bless, Take Care and Go Sox!!! Hopefully we can win many games in September!!! See, I’m still displaying a positive attitude and it won’t even kill me!!! LOL!!!


I’m looking forward to Thome hitting 500 before the season is over as well as seeing how many Josh Fields ends up with – is he still leading the league rookies?


How come tickets from last night’s rainout can be exchange for an upper deck ticket to any other home game but tickets from May 26th’s rainout can not? The only date those tickets are good for is next Monday’s afternoon game. All 4 of us that bought the tickets have to work that day like most other people on a Monday afternoon.

I would sell the tickets but due to the current record of the Sox, tickets aren’t exactly in high demand.

I just want to get something for the $30/each that I spent for these tickets and not have that go to waste.

I used to post occasionally a while back but got bored of all the name calling and petty insults so now I just read the inside info.

kr-trepac…Kris, just to clarify my point about the use of personal pronouns…
If you are “paying” the White Sox, you are a fan…If you are being “paid” by the White Sox, then you can use “we”, “us” or “our”…

That was my point…

I have tickets to the 7:11PM game tonight, do you guys think I should bother even going? I’m in Aurora, and weather.com shows T-storms every hour throughout all of tonight.

I just don’t want to waste money on gas and parking for nothing, nor do I want to waste my tickets if they get the game in.

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