Twin Friday

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Erstad, RF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Gonzo, 3B.  Vazquez pitching.

Sorry to not write for a while, but this week has been bizarre.  I’ll try to write more later tonight or tomorrow.


Oh boy, that was a good game, okay, odd to say the least in the ninth but I’d take that over a 12-0 game any day. Oh well. Saw Floyd didn’t have too bad of a day against Detroit, and even though Phillips had a rough start, I still couldn’t rank that with some of the spectacular bullpen implosions we’ve seen this year. I think I’m happy to see the team into these games, rather than the blowouts midway thru the year. Hope Contreras doesn’t make history today with 17 losses.

On another note, reading a slightly worn copy of a book by Dan Helpingstine (do you guys know who he is) just made me think about the change in the playoffs and divisions over the years. I’ve kind of realized I like the new (er) wild card system. It may result in a 2006 like world series but it gives most teams and fans a more palatable appearance to a season. I really actually kind of like the AL Central. Mind you, I may love to hate the Twins and Indians, but overall, I’ve always been a Midwestern-er and have the greatest affinity for those teams. For some reason in my obtuse, thick skull, I take more pride in a division champ now than before. Don’t have a 2005 world series pin but you better believe I have a 2005 AL Central Champ pin for my jacket. Liked that the AL had two teams ‘in’ last year and am even hoping that the same happens this year. While being division champ ahead of the Yankees was priceless, I like the grouping of some good finitely-equipped Midwest ballclubs that can play. Hope to see the Sox in addition to the AL Central see some renewed success next year.

Oh, and a quick story before I shut up. Had a friend who lived his whole life in Gary, Ind. and worked in the Mills his whole life, pass on a few months ago. He lived the past 10 years or so with the deleterious effects of a stroke. He passed in the hospital and he was a BIG Sox fan. That day in the hospital he was wearing his Sox cap and watching the game. And he may have said, “these guys stink”, and probably shook his head, but he was probably smiling when he said it. They don’t have stats that describe fans like those. While some may argue that the play of this 2007 Sox team did him in, I think he enjoyed the game.

My condolences to your friend windycity. Like most great Sox fans, he seemed to have a wicked sense of humor.

That game was so much fun to watch last night. Forget for a second our standing, or our lackluster season, last night was all about pulling a fast one on the Twins. And I’m always in the mood for that. Josh with that drive up the gap, followed by Thome’s effortless swing. The first time in a long time I really enjoyed watching a game. Great stuff.

windycity.. condolences to you.. my father too was born and raised in Gary, and guess what, when laid to rest, had on a good ole fashion red
Sox cap…unfortunately, dad passed before 2005 but we like to think he’s one of the reasons 2005 happened.


I know Dan well…have helped provide facts, contacts and information for his three books on the Sox. (Don’t know if you knew he now has three out–one on the franchise from a fan’s standpoint, one on the franchise since 1959 and one on the 1977 White Sox. He was thinking about doing a book on the 1990 team.)

Mark Liptak

I figured if anyone knew the author, it would be you, sir. Yes, I have his books. I like the one from the fan’s point of view. It’s surprisingly blue-collar, humorous, and inevitably, bitter. Just interesting to remember some of the past Sox teams, and how they stack up to today’s. Nice to see 2007 getting back to some of their roots, well, kind of….

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