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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Pods, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Cintron, 3B; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Hall, C.  Contreras pitching.

Congratulations to Lance Broadway on his major-league debut and Heath Phillips on his first career win in last night’s wild contest.

Last night’s game marked the first time in major league history that both teams entered the inning tied, scored at least six runs, and ended the inning still tied (courtesy of Elias Sports Bureau).  Given the thousands of baseball games played over the years, anytime something happens for the first time, I am amazed.  Credit to the guys at Elias for finding this so quickly, and credit to Pat O’Connell of our media relations staff for staying at the ballpark past 1 am to finish off last night’s game and prepare to todays.

Of course you start a nine-game September home game with a 13-inning contest. 

Last night also marked the first time a White Sox team down by six or more runs in the ninth inning came back to tie the game (research thanks again to Elias).

Jim Thome hit is 496th home run as part of the exciting ninth inning.  The LaSalle Bank sign above right field now features a "Thome Meter" countdown to his historic 500th home run.

Juan Uribe, "Profundo" connected on his 100th career home run in the second inning.

Road Trip

I stopped into the clubhouse to say hello to Ozzie before the game and ask how he was doing.

He is still very frustrated and angry about the season.  He’d just reached a point in the season where he exploded during his postgame tirade in Texas.

"I have to be myself," Guillen told me, saying he couldn’t keep the anger inside any longer.  "All during the trip, I saw fans cheering us on.  In Texas, we were down by like 10 runs and there were guys in the stands urging us on, chanting, ‘Let’s Go White Sox.’  I felt awful, embarrassed by how we’ve played and that we let ourselves, Jerry, Kenny, our fans, everyone, down."

Guillen said his email after his eruption ran 10-to-1 positive.  "Fans were writing saying, ‘What took you so long.  We knew you cared.  Way to go.’

"I’ve just got to be myself."


Anyone else think the 2007 Tigers are eerily like the 2006 White Sox trying to repeat?

Been There Before

We spent a lot of time over lunch last week trying to think of a comparison to this season.  The closest we could come was 1995 when our team came out of the work stoppage of 1994/1995 and fell completely flat.  It was the end of the 1990-1994 team.  Our expectations then certainly didn’t match this year’s team (we hadn’t tasted a World Series yet), but the overall disappointment in not even being competitive was there.


I’ve written many times here about the development occuring around the ballpark, both in Bridgeport and Bronzeville.  Many fans know what I’m talking about, but many other fans and our critics judge our neighborhood based on 1970 stereotypes.  I chuckled this week when I turned the corner at State and 35th to see a Starbucks sign up as part of new construction.  The sign read, "Open in 3 Days."  (Opens Monday).  Times to change.  I can’t wait to see our neighborhood in 3-5 years.

College Football Saturday

Darin Erstad sat intensely in front of his locker several hours before today’s game watching his alma mater take on Wake Forest.

With Erstad, Jerry Owens (WR, UCLA) and Josh Fields (QB, Oklahoma State) in our clubhouse, we have the skilled positions covered.  I know Scotty P was a high school football running back growing up in Texas.


I haven’t been a real consistent correspondent lately.  Work has been busy … we already are planning for 2008 … and my spouse (whose soccer team is 3-0 entering today’s game) seriously hurt her ankle last weekend.  With school starting on Monday for my kids, the past week has been insane.  Sorry to not write much during the last road trip.


Don’t forget to buy your tickets for Blog Night 2007 on Sept. 27.  Tickets are $31 and can be ordered through Dustin at 312-674-5186.


Without access to cable(which should be considered a blessing after this season),when I heard that the Twinkies were up 6 going to the bottom of the 9th, I chalked it up as another one of those games vs. Minn…
Well, kids, the bullpen of Team Rah-Rah turned out to be just as bad as the boys have been…and when the Amazing Thome damned near put one onto the porch in CF,then the rally continued…and the game continued…and continued…and continued…until, finally, to save Pat O’Connell, Hawk, Dj, Farmio, Singleton(just an aside…Scott,do you know if the former Nevada football “star” gave a pep talk to his alma mater before the game at Dyche Stadium…sorry, Ryan Field…versus NU today?…And would any of those players know Chris Singleton from any other jamoke?…)and the rest of those left from having to get the jammies out to settle for a long night, the Lightning Rod bit the hand that once fed him, right up to the 3rd knuckle…

I would imagine Gardenhire was an absolute laugh riot on the way back to the Westin last night…

To see Team Rah-Rah implode recently as they have gives me added faith in the old adage…”what comes around, goes around”…

Mr R:… Regarding your comments about changes… I’m shocked…SHOCKED, I say…that there haven’t already been 15 Starbucks franchises up already… There’s one thing I’d like to see in 3 to 5 years, too…

The re-birth of Mc Cuddy’s tap…Puddi Senese passed away with plenty of promises and guarantees…which ain’t worth the bull***t they’re spoken with… Her husband, Pat, isn’t getting any younger, either…maybe there is someone out there who could get all the stuff out of storage and get a firm,NO BS, guarantee from the goniff politicians…including Richie D hisself, that there WILL be a Mc Cuddy’s near the Cell in the next 3 to 5 years…

Sorry to read about Amy’s ankle…boy, you guys have had all the surgeries you can stand in a calendar year, have’nt you?and don’t worry about not writing during the last road trip…Trust me, as you, I and all of WS Universe know…there ain’t been much to write home about…

One last thing… I, too, like Mamma Mack, would like to know what time to get to the Cell and where to go (oh, baby, what a straight line THAT is…)for “Son Of A Blog Night”… Yes, kids, the Kid will be there…signing autographs, taking photos, accepting money, handshakes, hugs, kisses… and maybe even talking to some women that night…(ba-rum-BUM !!!)

Oh, thank you Boozynski. I know we’re spreading the at- bats around our plethora of outfielders, but I was hoping to see Erstad or Fields in today. The Twins are some serious junkballers, they will hit anything. Hence bring on the offense.

Like Thome, class act, saw him try to run out some groundouts, very awkward gait, but he really tries. Glad to see the team show up again today. Saw some sloppy play but hey….

Oh as far as Thome, not talking about today as far as digging it out to first goes. Just noticed during some bad outings in August, Thome fronted some kind of effort. I like that.

Oh, and the jamokes comment… classic, haven’t heard that in a while, right up there with “hizzoner da mare.”

82 losses. The first ‘official’ losing season since 1999.

You knew sooner or later it was going to happen again but only two years removed from a World Series championship…..simply stunning.

Oh and they STILL can’t beat Santana (or Sabathia). Not exactly condusive to ‘contending’ again in the division when you can basically automatically chalk up seven losses or so to those two guys every year.

Mark Liptak

Two interesting comments from Ozzie to Dave Van **** of the Tribune after Sunday’s ‘laugh a minute’ performance by the White Sox.

One I thought was pretty harsh directed towards Joe Crede:

“We hope we can win with Joe Crede, but at the same time I don’t want to do Joe Crede a favor to play him one year and all of a sudden he leaves us [via free agency]. If he is ready to play and in a White Sox uniform, he will play. But he has to produce and do well. I’m not going to rehab him here and all of a sudden we don’t know what we’re going to do the year after.”

“People say I talk about defense because I couldn’t hit.But defense is important because it can change the game. It means a pitcher has to throw 10-12 more pitches and that’s one less inning every outing.I wish we could cut down on errors and play better defense for our pitching staff.”


My thoughts are that if the Sox want to avoid the Crede situation Ozzie is talking about then they have to face reality and start dealing with the most powerful agent in baseball Scott Boras, both with the few players on the big league roster and the number of draft picks he always represents.

Regarding defense…well that’s a given in baseball and the Sox have so many guys playing out of position due to injuries and lack of talent that the defense has to suffer.

Mark Liptak

Scott..thanks for the post. We’ve missed you. And like you, although I haven’t posted, I have been reading. It’s been crazy with kids starting school, changes at work, cheerleading, etc., so haven’t really had time to post. Looking forward to details and times for “Son of a Blog” night and to seeing folks there!! Thanks, again, Scott, for taking the time and energy to put this together for us. I know we don’t always seem appreciative and deserving, but we are =) -Dawn

Anybody know what MLB will use as a tie breaker for worst team in the league and 1st pick in the draft? Right now the Sox are tied with about 3 other teams for worst.

Ozzie watch out you do not step in it, Cintron, rehabed all year taking up a spot on the roster, why wasn’t he sent down where he could work his was into condition like everyone else, been wondering about that since spring training.


I think the good things Ozzie brings to the table, his passion, knowledge, honestly, desire to win… outweigh the negatives, i.e. giving guys rest, especially early in the year and burning through the bullpen with his constant ‘matchup’s.’

One other thing this does is let every player or potential future player know that at least for the next few seasons, Ozzie is in charge. There is some good in having stability in the organization.

However make no mistake, it’s about performance.

If he can’t get the players motivated, can’t get them to begin doing the things that Little Leaguers seem to be able to do, bunt, steal bases, hit and run and so forth then he can and will be fired eventually.

Sox ownership simply can’t afford to have this club fall into the black hole for any long amount of time and go back to drawing 12,000 a night. There’s simply to much now at stake.

Mark Liptak

The Sox are in trouble for 5 years. Guillen should have been fired for this performance. Phil Garner got fired, why should ozzie survive? We are one of the worst teams in baseball and we give a long contract to the manager? WHAT A MISTAKE!

Garner was fired to make room for Craig Biggio. Don’t be shocked to see him still with the Astros next year, but as the manager instead of as a player. There has been lots of underground talk about this before Garner was released of his job.

There is a minor difference between Garner and Guillen. Ozzie swept Garner’s team and WON the World Series. Stevie, get a clue.

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