Never Forget

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Before we worry about, complain about, cheer or obsess about baseball, let’s take a moment to remember the tragedy that was 9/11, the Americans who died that day in Manhattan and the heroes who gave their lives then and in the years since so that we can enjoy our lives in freedom and spend precious time worrying about if Juan Uribe is our shortstop next season.

As you all know, the White Sox were in New York that day (I was not).  That experience stays with many of our staff, coaches and players to this very day.  One unique thing about baseball is that every single day is the same.  Same schedule.  Same routine.  The same.  Today is different.  It probably will always be while those of us who lived it remain alive (think Pearl Harbor or JFK’s assassination).  But today at the ballpark WAS different.  It just felt different.

So, let’s all stop and remember.

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Pods, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Gonzo, 3B; Lucy, C.  Danks pitching.

How special would it be for Jim Thome to collect his 500th against the Tribe?  Particularly given the reception Cleveland fans had for him last year.

Jim mentioned how he wanted to share the moment with his family and friends.  And he plans on taking the ball, assuming he hits 500 and is fortunate enough to get the ball back, to Cooperstown with his dad.

Big News

As Ozzie said, "It’s good news for the reporters.  They have me to give them stories and quotes for the next five years."

You likely are aware that Ozzie’s contract has been extended through the 2012 season, meaning he’s with us (which is also great for me because it means lots of laughs and no dull days or moments).

As Ozzie quipped when we congratulated him on the news, "Congratulate me or send me sympathy the way this year has gone.  Not sure which you should do."

That’s Ozzie.

You can read all his official comments and comments from KW on our website.


Jerry Reinsdorf and Steve Stone were talking before today’s game.

"I still blame myself for the Dodgers losing in 1951," Reinsdorf explained.  "I was watching the game on TV — we just had purchased a TV — and my mom called me from the market to tell me she would be home soon.  I told her, ‘By the time you get home, the Dodgers will be NL Champions.’"

That afternoon didn’t work out so well for Ralph Branca, the Dodgers and a young Jerry Reinsdorf.  Good to know 56 years and a World Series title in 2005 still haven’t erased that painful memory …


Hopefully Jerry and Steve were also talking about a job for next year!

Regarding the events of 9/11/01… I had a delayed reaction to what had occured to the US that day…I was, to show you the asinine tunnel vision I had, ticked off that no games were going to be played for a while…Then when the yankees visited a week later, and that huge Anmerican flag was unfurled, and the crowd stood as one and hollered “USA,USA…”…That is when it hit me, and the tears flowed for the loss of life from a senseless act…
Later on, the WS had to make up the games missed in NYC…So they were there on Wednesday, October 3rd…50 years to the day of the Branca/Thompson matchup…and, if you listened carefully…you could STILL here grown men and Dodger fans alternately weeping and cursing their luck…

As to the new contract for the manager… I thought that Jay would be happy, because his favorite target would be around for another 5 years…but he wasn’t…He called it a “stupid move”…

Which means just one thing…

Good job,Kenny…good job, Jerry… nice going, Ozzie…

It’s going to be an interesting off season…

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