Saturday Night in September

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Pods, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Gonzo, 3B.  Garland pitching.

Not a good day for the Hawkeyes.


Sorry to post on your blog, but I’m really not sure where to go with this minor problem. It’s a problem with the Gameday site on the web. For Sox home games they show an image of U.S. Cellular on the left. There’s a ‘compass rose’ that shows north, south, east, west. Problem is, it’s pointed in the wrong direction and has been for several years. It shows the first base line running east (as in old Comiskey) instead of south as it is at the Cell, last time I checked.

Could you tell me where to e-mail so that somebody could get this corrected? It’s too late to turn the Sox around . . . maybe we can at least turn the stadium.

Thanks, Tom in Crozet

Was at Saturday’s game. Ironically enough, the last home game I attended was very nearly, exactly two years ago, on a weekend at the end of Aug, or early September. The Sox were playing Anaheim and Garland was pitching. We got ‘whupped’, so I was happy to see this game was closer.

The fireworks were great. I saw fireworks at a single-A game at the Fort Wayne Wizards (padres affiliate) and it wasn’t but a knotch or two below the Cell fireworks. Not knocking it, just was neat to see these organizations go all out.

I know this team is far from the hitless wonders of ’67, but, geez, someone should tell the players that. Dye’s first strike out, he just stood there, didn’t even make one cut. It was nice to see so many people there, though, very good. Jerry R. and Ken W. have a tremendous opportunity to continue to add to the tradition on the south side like building it into something that could rival the cubs, or, shooting lower maybe as the dailysouthtown said, an AL Central based juggernaut. The debate on how to change the team is a risky one. Either way you cut it. I know i would opt for a radical change, but there is no guarantee…either way you go. Such is life… and baseball by default.

Oh and I’m going to kill the Mariotti thing again, because I like repetition and rambling. J. M. is a ‘journalist’, but more like a pundit. Not just like those stuffy political guys on late night or NPR or Fox news. You see guys like him on ESPN, in the sports mags, all over. They are opinion guys, or as Kevin Cowherd called them on ESPN Radio, Topic guys. Kevin Cowherd agitated me to no end, he’s arrogant, ignorant, a long-term amnesiac, and arrogant. He wants supervised HGH dosing allowed in sports. I don’t like that idea, oh well. But he also said a no-hitter means less than nothing. When Buehrle got his, yeah, it got to me. But look at this season, it didn’t aid the bigger picture. Cowherd was right on that somewhat important point. Gee, I guess he had a good day. He ain’t infallible, but he ain’t always an idiot.

Take Ozzie, glad to see him re-signed but expected a shorter contract. He’s a baseball character? If I remember correctly, La Russa had a lackluster career, while Leyland’s time in the Majors was negligible. But look at them now… I worked factories all my life. I could figure machines, trouble shoot based on results, fix things and get the line running again FASTER and BETTER than any of my counterparts. They made me a supervisor. I trained my own people and despite the different tactics I chose, I couldn’t impart a lot of my knowledge to quite a few of the people I tried to get thru to. Not ashamed to say, I wasn’t a managerial type and I REALLY tried. When the situation was adverse I couldn’t always get the desired results from the person. I look at this season, and despite the horses Ozzie has (assume they’re talented, but bad as a team) he has achieved little measure of improvement. Look at the Cardinals this year with the death and injuries of some players. LaRussa’s pulled them up somewhat (with help from Ankiel, Mr. 2007 or Mr. HGH). Piniella’s high priced ball club floundered at first and things looked laughable. Well, Chicago ain’t laughing now. The Cubs aren’t the Yankees, but they’re getting on (kinda). Ozzie knows baseball, he does, but can he get things together from chaos, or turn things around like a MANAGER should? You’ve been watching this year right? I didn’t want Ozzie fired over this year and I’ve blogged previously that he could be the face of this franchise, but the contract he got I felt was over the top, I felt it sends too much of the wrong message. No accountability. Ken misjudged his talent, Ozzie tried but couldn’t maximize the results he could have, the players seem ill inspired to improve or change their game based on day-to-day, week-to-week or month-to-month results. While the GM and coaches and players all share in this season, the main enemy here is no change, nor even the merest nuance of change in how things are to go from here at all.

While Mariotti makes mountains of molehills and I generally don’t agree with many of his views on the SOX (but we are in remarkable accordance on the Bears and disciplinary issues in sports), I did unfortunately agree to an extent with the gist of his last column on Ozzie’s contract, if for different reasons.

The derogatory arguments deserve a listen too. Such is life, right?

uh…you forgot to mention…it was a GREAT day for the CYCLONES!!!

Iowa either losing or playing terrible in Ames every other year seems like a regular thing.

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