Thome Bobblehead Day

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Gonzo, 3B; Hall, C.  Buehrle pitching.


Today’s date, 9/16 equals 25.  Hopefully, that, along with a ballpark full of fans with bobblehead dolls is good karma.


As far as players to sign in the off season… We got to get ahold of that kid Gobble from KC. I know of next to nothing about him, but as far as odd last names go, we can’t afford to not grab this guy….

Way to keep that at bat alive Dye, good man…

A game winner 500 on Thome bobblehead day on 9/16=25 as Scott points out. BEAUTIFUL! Congrats Mr. Thome!

omg.. what a thing of beauty!! Congrats Jim… you made everyone proud to call you ours! We love you.

Congratulations, Jim. What a way to end the game! You truly are a class act and a great asset to our club.

Congratulations to Jim. One of only three things worth spending a nanosecond on from this season.

Mark Liptak

Thanks for bringing me down to Earth, Mark. For a second there, I’d actually forgotten about the prior 5 1/2 months. But I knew I could count on you to remind me.

On to important news… Happy Birthday, Tom Quaid! Hope your day is a wonderful one.

Geez, Jim, couldn’t you have hit it Saturday? Oh well, congrats, you deserve it, and it was just like a happy ending!

Yeah, only Dye and Jenks could’ve got Thome up like that, and we got a series from the angels! That guy who got the ball was nice too, even he had a good story.

And Bartolo Colon had nothing but nice things to say about Thome, hope those fans in Cleveland can bury the hatchet one of these days. One of theirs and ours may just be in the hall of fame.

Congratulations to Jim Thome. What a remarkable way to earn that achievement! Like Ozzie said “good things happen to good people”.
BTW Happy Birthday Tom Q.!!!!

Lisa M


When you’re going to lose 90 or so games, the season SHOULD NOT be forgotten…ever.

Not by the fans (the people paying the freight)and especially by the folks making the decisions in the front office.

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The White Sox can not afford to have a few more of these type seasons in the near future or else it’ll be back to the days of 15-thousand a night at the park.

Mark Liptak

Congrats to Jim Thome on his 500th. And Happy Birthday to Tom Quaid. I’m surprised Bobby and Dye were able to keep Thome up though.

Congratulations Jim!!! I was at Saturday night’s game and it was electric in the ball park everytime Thome stepped up to the plate. And while I was not at any of the World Series games, I’d bet the number of flashes from cameras going off had to rival that!

At least there were the great(Thome, Jenks, Buerhle)moments to help make the pain better….kind of like having a baby. Regardless, I’ll be back next year.

To Maria, et. al.:Thank you very much for making an old man feel wanted…I appreciate it…
Now, onto yesterday…


They say that confession is good for the soul…Well, my soul is about to feel real good…Yesterday at 3:15 PM,it was coming to the bottom of the 7th inning, the score was,I believe, 7-2 Angels,Thome hadn’t done anything…and Mr.”Don’t Give Up On Them”(that would be moi)…turned to the Bears broadcast…Later on in that game, I heard a scoreboard update…so and so and such and such…”…and Jim Thome hit his 500th career home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to lead the white Sox to a 9-7 victory over the Angels…”… Well, after I got through verbally kicking myself in the a** for THAT, I needed to see the highlights…I did…and, to borrow Jack Buck’s call of the Gibson HR in the Series in ’89,”…I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW!!! I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW!!!”

First of all, Brooks Boyer and the marketing department must still be pinching themselves– to pick yesterday as Thome Bobblehead Day, then to see the finish…That is storybook time, folks…And , as palehoses mentioned, to then see Dye and Jenks hoist Thome onto their shoulders as the conquering hero…to see him embrace his father and the rest of his family…to see Ozzie in the background with a huge grin on his face…Well, that moment and the one 5 months ago tomorrow…Buehrle’s no-no…have been the only two points of light in a lousy season…Congratulations to James Howard Thome…You, sir, are the “Player of the Year” for the 2007 Chicago White Sox…

And to show you just how old I’m getting…24 years ago tonight,Harold Baines drove in Julio Cruz in the bottom of the ninth to bring the Sox their first post season appearance since 1959…

Doesn’t seem like that long ago…

Had a busy weekend, and just heard this a.m. about the great game yesterday. Wish I could have been there!! Anyone know if there are any video highlights on the web for us out of town fans?

Congratulations to Jim Thome and the team for hanging in there to get him that at-bat!

Looking forward to Blog Night- 10 more days. Scott, when/where do we meet? I have my tix, but no instructions yet.

Happy Birthday Tom!

Congrats to Big Jim Thome!!!! Jim is the first player to hit a walk off HR for number 500. Way to go!! On ESPN Steve Phillips said that Thome should not get into the HOF unless he hits 575 or more HRs. Just another example of East coast bias.

peggy, there is a video of Jim’s 500th on the WS home page as well as a photo gallery of it too.

Thanks, Marie!

Good uptick on the offense. If the sox can keep a strong balanced game going for the rest of the month, AND IF the twins keep skidding, it could mean a third place finish. Oh well, one can hope…

Well, what a very nice birthday present the boys gave me last night…I got home from a very nice dinner in time to see a very nice, very long, very productive inning…and a dominant pitching performance by Javier…and i couldn’t help but think…Where was all of this earlier in the season when it could have been more significant?…It’s nice to end the season on a high note, but when players are playing only for next year, there seems to be a lot that is hollow about wins like that…However, I’m not going to ask for a rebate…
blakeheem…How many times do you have to hear from Brother Liptak and myself about not listening to whatever blather comes out of Bristol?…If Steve phillips was such a f’ing genius, as some of the people seem to believe(at least the ones who hired him to drone on endlessly…), he’d STILL be a productive and respected GM…As it is…he is nothing but a blimp…that is, something held up by hot air that thinks it’s helpful…

Not a big ESPN guy, but it seems they all consider the MLB to be made up of Boston and the Yankees. You got a couple guys that like the west coast teams but that’s it. Oh well, at least you can say Boston and New York put up some awesome teams this year.

Far as our team, who knew it’d get this bad. Still liked going to the games even though sometimes we ‘looked’ outclassed. I do agree with Mr. Liptak that the last thing I want to see is attendance drop back to 15-12,000 a game. It’s still a Cubbie town despite the series, a reinvigorated fan base is something that can’t be neglected. I hope next year we see sustained numbers and a better/hungrier team take the field.

Spoke too soon on the good offense the other day. And though Floyd kept me a little too anxious for comfort, I have to admit he hung in there and came through better than I expected after the first inning.

Oh, but the offense (or lack thereof). We just are so inconsistent. Spread the runs around fellas…. Well, at least we didn’t get blown out 11-1 like we did earlier this season by these guys. I can see Boston or NY hammering us 11-1 this season, but KC is just too much.

Yay for Thome! How exciting. I’m so sad it didn’t happenon Friday or Saturday when I was there though! 🙂 Looking forward to blog night next week – who else is going?

I’ll be there! Anyone else?

I’m there! Donna

I’ll be there from California!

I’ll be wishin I was there. Take lots of pictures and remember to post them, or send them to me via email tellin me who’s who. Drink a cool one for me!


sox1966…Kris, little darlin’…I’m sure that someone will send pix from “Son of a Blog” night to you and Big E down there DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS…just to show that WS Universe still supports the boys…
Speaking of that(how about THAT segue, folks?),I would like to propose a marketing slogan for ’08…because it’s true…even, perhaps, more true than “Win or Die Trying”…

Here it goes…


Because WS Universe does not owe the team a thing, for the support they’ve showed all season long…

The organization owes the fans a season…

That’s all I’m saying…

How do you folks feel about that?

I’ll be at blog night, it’ll be my first.

Tom – I love your idea for next year’s slogan.

Speaking of owing(I’m tellin’ ya, this kid is full of…segues,isn’t he?)…the big Cuban horse is seemingly getting his third wind…either that, or he’s making it ,perhaps, easier for Kenny to deal him in the off season…
The question before the house is this…

Where were these performances earlier in the season,and at the tail end of ’06, when they could have used them more productively?

I’ll be there..fresh off my trip to New Orleans!! Back Tuesday.. Looking forward to familiar faces and some new friends! -Dawn

i can’t make it to blog II, some family business came up. i’ll be thinking of you all though, have fun and i’ll talk to you all later…. j.k. from tucson (still).

Is it me or has the team showed absolutely no improvement over the stretch of this season…

This team reminds one of the 68 sox, more offense maybe, but they sure haven’t shown it. But the question now is whether 2007 is a fluke. I don’t think it is. I’d rather not see a repeat 2008 season with a ‘tweaked’ ballclub.

We have a now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t offense that appears to be predicated on who is pitching. (Are we the only team that can’t hit Paul Byrd?). We should be paying some of the position players on a prorated basis as far as when their bat shows up. The bullpen can only get better as we’ve finally pegged a couple guys for next year.

A potential gamble would be to try to pry A-Rod out of New York. If that happened, Chicago would forget about Piniella, Soriano and the Cubs. Attendance would go up despite, well just about any record we could have. Sounds like the best attendance based policy I can think of. Maybe Reiny should give it a look (unless he has a weak stomach)….


You are correct that this team hasn’t shown improvement over the season…they have been going through the motions for a long time now and that includes Ozzie who as recently as two years ago would have been throwing players under the bus consistently for underperforming, lack of fundamental execution and bad base running.

This year he hasn’t.

Regarding Rodriguez. The White Sox have never and probably will never sign any single player to a contract that eats up a very large percentage of the team payroll.

Alex will get probably in the range of 25 million a season…perhaps as high as thirty million. That would be around 24% of the team’s current payroll.

It’s simply not going to happen.

Mark Liptak

Oh, I understand and detest the economics of A-rod’s salary (I’ve stated previously that we don’t need him), AND how the White Sox function, it was partially tongue in cheek. But I do recall earlier this season when Ozzie and others with this organization tossed barbs at the north side for the spending. Seriously, they play in Chicago like the Sox do. They should be good to up the ante. Just saying while attendance is up, is the best time to be looking to keep it going. Change would be welcome….

And I just don’t know that it’s Ozzie’s approach. And last I heard of quotes regarded the Sox bullpen. I think the inconsistent at best (terrible at worst) offense edges out the explosive (not in a good way) bullpen and mediocre defense. Time to stop resting on 2005’s laurels. 2006 was also something to be proud of, but [it] has really tanked in one season.

OH! I take it back! Sign A-Rod away from the Yanks, for God’s sake not for ten years though. Way I see it, A-Rod for about five seasons, sell a bunch of Jerseys, all the young girls 7 and up in Chicagoland will have US cellular packed for every home game. Don’t worry about coming straight out of the gate in 2008 swinging 195 million dollars in payroll. Think more of 140 mil in payroll, buys A-Rod, a team like the past couple years (hopefully not this one), national press you couldn’t buy otherwise, adoration in Chicago, people saying, ” The chicago cubs who?” and time to rebuild the farm system that time forgot! Dammit, so much to do, so little time, I need to get a business proposal up asap and get it to Jer-Jer (my cute yuppie nick-name for Jerry Reinsdorf).

Seriously, I just get a feel for too much business as usual from the front office. Not that they don’t try or that these teams aren’t good, but that the Chicago White Sox fills a specific niche in the universe and that’s all it’ll ever be. This isn’t the Allyn or Veeck era of ownership. Reinsdorf really does have the unique situation of stability and financial reach. But why own a club if not to try? You don’t stay in the ownership club for 20+ years not making money. That why turnover in the ownership situation decades ago was bad. Now what is Reinsdorf, a Carl Pohlad or a big city, upstart like Steinbrenner? I know money doesn’t buy everything and never will, and i don’t advocate buying all the stars across the MLB. But if one could singlehandedly boost your club, both in revenues and stats, it would be A-rod (Jeter just doesn’t appear to be leaving NYC anytime soon) What the heck, it’s just blog fodder, heckle at will….

or should it have been the “farm system that management forgot”?


Dammit I love this blog… and now I know that the above verbage won’t be bleeped, I’ll use it more!

(Just kidding, I will mind my manners from here on in…)

J Danks: 6-13 5.50 era 139 IP 160 hits 60 BB 108 SO
B McCarthy: 5-10 4.87 era 101 IP 111 hits 48 BB 59 SO

I’m not sure who got the better player. I guess we will need another year or two before we know.

wow, it’s quiet in here…..

Hey, we beat Santana again….anyone?

I think Danks got screwed in the first half of the season on run support. That alone might have improved his won lost column.

Oh, and Mr. Liptak, when did you say Dan Helpingstine was releasing that book on the 1990 sox? Just curious…

Great game last night. Josh Fields is a monster. I gotta believe Santana was mailing it in because I can’t remebering seeing him get hit around like that by the White Sox in games that count. Whatever though. A win against Santana and the Twins is always nice.

Congrats to deanklubs Indians. Do the AL Central proud. I’m also rooting for the D-Backs, Phillies and the Cubs to get in for the NL. The D-Backs for Chris Young. The Phillies for Rowand and Tadahito. And the Cubs to get to Game 7 of the World Series and lose it in heartbreaking fashion. Hahaha. Gotta get my kicks somehow.

I hope everyone enjoys Blogger Night. Take lots of pictures and post lots of stories. And as far as the Danks/Brandon matchup, I think both sides got what they were looking for. Brandon’s propensity to give up the long ball made him a liability at U.S. Cellular and while Danks didn’t exactly shut em down, I think he had a fine rookie season, all things considered.

Wow, “I can’t remebering seeing”. No more typing before my morning cup of coffee.


I said Dan is thinking about doing a book on the 1990 Sox.

It’s quiet in here because the season basically ended a month ago.

Just waiting for next Sunday and the end of this mess.

Mark Liptak

I’m watching the Cubs (no other baseball on here in Texas) and they just had an ad for a ‘commerative brick’ too? apparently they’re also building a memorial of such with bricks. ***? who copied who’s idea on that one… anybody know?

Santana’s had a tough year, the Sox just took until now to cash in on it. But their club looked pretty apathetic. Usually, Hunter, Morneau and Cuddyer are unstoppable. I think they may have checked out for the season.

Hope those cubbies get to the series and and get smacked around by the AL, hopefully the yankees. Then they’ll see what money well spent is. I’d be okay with Cleveland though… The playoffs ought to be interesting though….

Going to catch the last game on the 30th with some friends in chicago maybe. It’d be a nice day to do it.

Yeah, I think the Cubs copied the sox on that. Buncha weasels up on the north side…

My hope is that the Scubs choke and miss the playoffs, but I don’t see that happening. Milwaukee is 30-35 since the AS break. The NL Central is a joke. I don’t think the Scubs will advance to the NLCS.

Happy Birthday, Scott! Hope it’s a great one.

Yes, Mr reifert, I agree totally with the lovely Maria…We September people have to stick together…
Now, I heard some distressing news on CBS 2 last night…There was some story on their early newscasts that the WS are planning on giving tickets to the Royals and Tigers series away…GRATIS…No charge, just come out to sit there and watch the games…

Is this what its come to?…The eqivalent of “What time does the game start?…What time can you get here?”…

I think that there would be some people who should be highly insulted that such a scenario is taking place…

Just because Jurassic Park at Neverland is filled to 98% capacity to see the Flubs beat up on the cream of the **** of the NL…and I STILL think its because of the experience of Clark and Addison,but those lemmings think they have got the pennant sewn up…Does that mean that management at the Cell has to bow and scrape and plead with people to show up and sit there the next the last six nights and days?

Please, management…give WS Universe some credit for wanting to come out to see the team…and not just to fill the park…that kind of promo, I thought, went out with the Rob Gallas administration…

I look forward to seeing all of you on Thursday…and I WILL BE THERE!!!

No one had to beg me to show up then…and they NEVER WILL!!!

What the WBBM-TV report “forgot” to mention (nudge, nudge, wink, wink…say no more!) is that this promotion is sponsored by U.S. CELLULAR not the White Sox and is limited only to people who HAVE U.S. Cellular phone service.

Someone off the street just can’t get tickets…it’s a promotion to try to increase business and reward their customers from the company…not a give away by the Sox.

(Me thinks that makes a ‘slight’ difference in the story…LOL)

How I yern for the days when Bill Kurtis did the news and Johnny Morris, Bruce Robers and Brent Musberger did the sports.

That was when WBBM-TV was an actual station.

Mark Liptak

A prototypical White Sox game 2007 style.

Score early then sleepwalk through the rest of the night, make errors then wait for the inevitable bullpen blowup. (19 times now by the way…)

It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s wrong with this team…no bullpen, no heart, no guts.


Mark Liptak

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