Cool Night in September

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, 3B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Pods, LF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Hall, C.  Garland pitching.

Blog Night 2

I am looking forward to tomorrow night’s Blog Night 2 event before our game with the Kansas City Royals at 7:11 pm.

Moose Skowron, Ed Farmer and assistant GM Rick Hahn will join us for a 45-minute session before the game.  And of course there will be giveaways for the group.


Many years ago, Jerry Reinsdorf received an autographed Mickey Mantle Yankees jersey.  The framed uniform hangs in his suite at the ballpark.

Since then, each time Jerry has had the chance, he’s had members of the 500 home run club sign the jersey.  21 members are on the uniform, including Ted Williams, Eddie Mathews, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, etc.  Earlier this year, Frank Thomas signed when the Blue Jays were in town.

Today was Jim Thome’s turn.  It’s fun to see the guys get very, very nervous as they hold that permanent sharpie above the cloth.  They get a kick adding their name to a Hall-of-Fame list.

Jim signed without a hitch.

"That was more pressure than hitting the home run," he joked.

Class Act

And while we still are on the topic of Thome, White Sox employees, from Jerry Reinsdorf to the newest intern, arrived at work Tuesday to find personalized signed photos of Jim’s 500th home run swing sitting on everyone’s desk.

His idea, Jim ordered the re-prints and then spent hours of his off day on Monday inscribing and signing the pictures.  Employees were stunned.

What a class act.

Richard Roeper

Sox fan Richard Roeper penned a funny column in Tuesday’s Sun-Times, titled, "Many in city are immune to Cubs fever; Even if this is finally the year, Sox fans still got there first."

It’s worth the read.


I read Richard’s column and couldn’t agree more. Now that we got there, I wish no ill–ok I would chuckle if they choked at this point–but if they get in so be it. I won’t be on that bandwagon though. It’s like he said, just another team in. Something about us winning in 2005 has decreased that rivalry in my heart. Looking forward to Blog 2!! And yeah Farmio there!! The man makes me chuckle!! Can’t wait to see everyone!

Good job Richard! I feel the same way.

I’m curious to know if Sammy Sosa’s name is on that jersey.

Game time is still some three hours and 35 plus minutes away…How do you think that young Mr Broadway feels about the first time he takes the mound in a starting role?…Is this an audition for next season?(I’m trying VERY,VERY hard to resist calling it an “On Broadway tryout…”)…
The next question is…Can the boys work just as hard over this upcoming weekend against a Tigers team that has to be demoralized, losing out on defending the title that they held for just a short time (sound familiar?)…If they have any pride in themselves(and I’m referring to the White Sox)and if they want to leave for home and the off season feeling good…they will…

As to Roeper’s column, it was, as Scott and others have mentioned, spot on…

And I must confess…

I really don’t hate the Cubs organization, nor most of their players…it’s just their idiotic fan base…based on the lemmings and losers who feel that “This is the Year…”…and have felt that way ever since 1946…the year AFTER the last year they were in the World Serious…

At least most White Sox fans can look at their favorite franchise with their eyes instead of their hearts…

And I feel no sorrow for those who jumped on the bandwagon the last few months over there…because these are the same jamokes who came down South two years ago…and, in the famous words of the late Howard Cosell, “…wouldn’t know if a baseball was blown up, stuffed or delivered by the stork…”

I have now finished my diatribe and am on the way to the Cell to join my fellow bloggers for the evening…

See you soon…

WOW about Jim Thome. A class act indeed.

Hope you have a great blog nite tonight, everyone! I’ll be celebrating my birthday, so I can’t make it. I’ll have just missed you- I’m going tomorrow and Sunday.

Have a great time! Go Sox!


You better hope the ‘bandwagon fans’ return to the South Side.

Those bandwagon fans mean the difference between drawing say 2 million and 3 million.

THAT translate into having more money to acquire talent.

If the Sox go back to drawing 18 thousand a game it’ll be a cold day in **** before you ever see a payroll large enough to have a fighting chance to return to the World Series.

Mark Liptak

I’d take the 2 million, prefer the lower payroll. I really feel like I enjoyed the White Sox more before they got a lot of bandwagon fans.

Good to see Dance’n Lance get it done tonight.

Did you guys enjoy meeting Farmio?

I normally would agree with the lower payroll, but as I’ve said before, if this organization hopes to build on the 2005 series, they need to use this momentum and go for the some big talent. The bandwagon fans? I’m okay with it. It’s a different time and you got to acquire the fans how you can. And you need to look to keep them, like Boston and the Yanks do. It requires a new tradition, a winning tradition. Drawing and entertaining fans.

As for Roeper, that column wasn’t so hot. But I did like his book though (it kept me laughing). I think that should the Cubs get a Series Championship, the 2005 Sox would be regarded as little more than a precursor to the Cubs’ triumph. Rather we dig out from under their shadow now than after they win a world series.

I was at my first blog night last night and I thought it was great – thank you Scott for organizing it. I really liked listening to Ed Farmer. I would love to have a beer with that man someday and just listen to him tell stories. He’s great to listen to. Rick Hahn’s insight was interesting too. I’m just sorry I was a few minutes late and missed hearing more of Moose.


In my crazed personal and professional work this week, I somehow lost/misplaced my tickets for last night’s game. I truly was disappointed to be unable to make the game…I’ve been looking forward to it, since..well, probably last year.I know Scott goes all out and works his butt off, so I know anyone that had a chance to attend was fulfilled. I was so interested in seeing/hearing Moose..and to know that Farmy was there..well another 15 minutes of depression will follow. Hello to all my blog buds (sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet the rest of you)… If those tickets show up in a few days, I’m starting a bonfire with them =(. -Dawn

First of all, I have an apology to make to the marketing department… I should have realized, as Brother Liptak,out there in the wilds of Idaho,pointed out, that it was US Cellular, and NOT Brooks Boyer and company, that organized that stunt to fill the park(incidentally, with the purchase of a new US Cellular phone–hint, hint…)for the KC series…
I hope that Brother Boyer and all his minions can forgive an old man for his cynicism…

Now, onto last night and “Son of a Blog” Night…

First off, a HUGE thank you to our host, Mr Reifert…and, by the way, congratulations go out to you in your post as head of WS Charities for raising over one million dollars for research and the other aspects that that arm of the team performs…

Getting back to that thanks… Scott, with all you have to do, to play host to a straggling few as we were and be as gracious as you were goes beyond any humble attempt at words that I may use…

To Bill Skowron…Moose, what more can I say?…You, sir, are a TREASURE…and a credit to the game of baseball…I could sit with you and Farmio and Rick Hahn and Scott and talk baseball and the past, present and future, until the dawn’s early light…and then some… I apologize if I manipulated the time we had with you…Scott told me as we were leaving that I “invigorated” you with my memory bank… but it’s easy when you read up and remember as much as I do…

Farmio… Number 22, you are STILL a class act…The Auerbach/Morgan Wooten story should be told more often as a lesson to ALL sports…not just basketball or baseball…

To Rick Hahn… Maria was right…you are going to make some organization one helluva good GM if you leave the South Side(which is NOT hoped for, by the way…)…You are yeat another example of why Jerry Reinsdorf is a very smart owner… He hires good, competent people, then lets them do their job with a minimum of interference…unlike a certain owner in the South Bronx, New York, who shall go nameless…

And finally, thanks to Lance Broadway and the boys for a thoroughly entertaining end to to whole deal, with the thrashing of the Royals…

Congrats to Lance on the first of what will be many W’s in the major leagues…

Maybe next year, you could rent a house or someplace…or get a permanent parking space for that truck of yours…(For those of you who weren’t in attendance last night, that last comment means nothing…For those that were, you know what I’m talking about…)

Also, because I was busy having a good time conversing with all the blog folks…thanks to and the Gameday feature for allowing me to catch up and put everything in the book that I needed…

The only regret was that I didn’t get to see Minnie Minoso throw out the first ball last night…He is an important part of MLB history, like Moose…

Anyway, thanks again, everybody, for a wonderful night…

By the way,I wound up this season with what the team wishes it could have had…a winning record…3 and 1, including 3 wins in a row…

Maybe I should come back out more in ’08….

My first blog night, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Moose’s recollections (amazing the details he has stored) were the best, especially the one about why he has not affection for the Scrubs. Farmio’s banter with Moose was classic, his insight on the team, his dialogue with the attendees, down to earth. Mr. Hahn, it was a pleasure to meet you, and to hear your passion for the team. And Scott, it also was a pleasure to meet you, a kinder, humbler person than yourself would be hard to find. Thanks for your passion for the fans, and the regular guy who makes it out to the park. Here’s to 2008, can’t wait!

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