Counting Down

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Fields, 3B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Erstad, CF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Hall, C.  Vazquez pitching.


Mark Buehrle and Scott Podsednik were out in the left field stands hours early today shooting their bow and arrows at a target set up in the home team’s bullpen.

"Did you get it?" I asked Mark as he walked past.

Org Meetings

Each fall, the entire baseball operations group, front office, managers, coaches, staff, player development staff, trainers, scouts, etc., get together, evaluate our major league club, other major league teams, our minor league organization and other minor league organization in several days’ worth of meetings.

This year, the meeting will be held in mid October.

"I just want people to tell us the truth," manager Ozzie Guillen said of the get together.  "Our goal is to make the organization better."

Blog Night 2

Thanks to everyone who attended Blog Night 2.  Judging from comments and reaction last night, it sounded like everyone enjoyed hearing stories from Moose Skowron, comments from Ed Farmer and analysis of the season and team from assistant GM Rick Hahn.

Hopefully, readers enjoyed the t-shirts, gift packs, raffle items (lucky Tom Quaid walked away with an Ozzie Guillen-signed jersey) and most-of-all, a Lance Broadway shutout (I guess his worries about his truck and belongings didn’t take his focus away from his first start).

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate those who attended (and of course, who read this blather all season long) and your passion for this team.  My goal is to never take a moment of that support for granted.

I trust last night showed a little of our passion and commitment to getting this team back to where we were in 2005.

Pregame Festivities

I can’t blow the cover, but Bobby Jenks and Mark Buehrle are going to be honored before tonight’s game for their extra special accomplishments this season.  Tomorrow night, it is Jim Thome’s turn.  If you are coming to tomorrow’s game, make sure you are here in time for the festivities.  They are can’t miss.

Kudos To You

We have drawn 2.588 million fans to USCF this season, the fourth-highest total in franchise history with a chance to move to third-best by the end of this weekend.  Even down to the end, our crowds have been vocal and fantastic.  We cannot thank our fans enough.


Blog 2 was great! The weather, the game, the company, ALL of it great! Thanks again Scott for putting that together! What a good time I had, even if I was up past my bedtime!! It’s been quite a year, both personally and as a Sox fan and with its ups and downs I’m still a little sad to see the season go, but ready to wipe the slate clean and look forward to next year! I was very encouraged by what I heard at blog night last night about the teams direction. Lets hope we finish it off on a good note and close the books on a frustrating year. I wish I was going to be there for the salutes to Bobby, Mark and Jim. If you go, give a post about it!

Good to see people on the team being recognized for so many firsts for the organization. They should be proud. If we can avoid a 90 loss season, even better….

And Lance Broadway, congratulations. Hope to see if some of these new faces will help us out for next year.

“Lucky” here… I want you all to know that when I got back home Thursday night, I tried the Guillen jersey on to see how it fit and how it looked…perfect in both cases…but when I was talking to some people while wearing the jersey…they couldn’t understand a word I said…that must be a REAL Ozzie jersey !!!
Now, onto last night…I want to personally thank Brother Cowley at the Some-Times for managing somehow to put the miniscule details of the game played in the last 19 lines of his rant…I mean, story…

For cryin’ out loud, Joe…If you don’t like what you do,or whom you have to deal with…GO THE **** HOME !!!

You’ll probably get assigned to one of the AL playoff stories, but I’ll bet you it won’t be as much fun as ripping Ozzie and the organization a new a-hole, as you’ve done all year…

(Did you folks ever get the feeling that I don’t like their coverage, hmmmmm????)

As to the other side of the tracks… I understand that traveling secretary Jimmy Bank of the Flubs was very busy in the clubhouse at the Great American Ballpark last night…handing out protection(think of the name for the University of Southern California teams)for the beat writers and columnists and the other hordes of electronic media who crowded in to see the Flubs celebrate backing into the NL Central title…while the lemmings and dopes outside of Jurassic Park at Neverland partied as if they had already won the g-d pennant…

Does it sound as if I’m bitter?…The answer to that is… YOU BET YOUR SWEET REAR APERTURE(hi,Dawn…we missed you and G Thursday…)I AM !!!

But, of course, remember just two scant years ago…all the throngs were on the South Side…and Flubs Nation was apoplectic…

Let’s all hope and pray that they come up,oh,let’s say, about NINE WINS SHORT of what the boys accomplished in ’05…

I wish I could be there for tonight…(don’t worry, Scott…I haven’t told a soul about it…)or tomorrow(Ch 9, remember, 12:30 for the final pre-game, 1:05 first pitch)…

but I can’t…

However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t start to be optimistic towards ’08…

To Brothers Liptak, kenwo,windy city 1950, etc…

You can accuse me of drinking the silver-and-black kool aid all you want…

Guilty as charged…but I don’t care…

Silver and black kool-aid?…. Well I guess we got that in common, I don’t care either…..

OH!, you meant some rotgut liquor, yeah, I dip into that occasionally too! Man, I feel bad, I liked ‘Scowley’ s column. He is funny, okay, sarcastic, er, satirical…. whatever. Who cares. As far as this year, it is what it is.

As far as next year, whether they tweak the team or overhaul it, I’m not the one staking my career on it. It’s hard to figure how some of these guys can all play so FLAT for the entire season almost. I wonder how next year will go…

Mr. Liptak, how many times did this club get shut out this year?

I can’t see them overhauling the team unfortunately and a tweak job will more than likely keep us where we were this year. So it will be interesting to see how the Sox respond to this debacle of a year in the offseason. I know last year when the BoSox finished 3rd and the Cubs finished last, both teams threw buckets of money at free agents and both are going to the postseason this year. I can’t see Kenny doing that but he needs to do something. I don’t know how much sense it makes to throw a lot of money at a player like Torii Hunter if we don’t address some of the more glaring problems on the team.

I’m hoping he trades some of these players. I for one would love to see either Konerko or Thome gone. No offense to either one but they’re probably our best players statistically. And this being the second year of them hitting back-to-back, I’ve seen all I need to see of that show. Both good players. Both slow, expensive, aging players who were ghost when it mattered the most these last two seasons. Move one and get younger, stronger more versatile players. Since we’re not going to resign Garland in all likelihood, trade him.

I read that the Sox are entertaining picking up Juan’s option. That’s not good news. No more Juan. We need to be looking at the Edgar Renteria’s, Carlos Guillens, Ecksteins. We need an upgrade. Hopefully Juan, Scott P. and Erstad are playing elsewhere next year. The Erstad/Pods experiment was good on paper but never materialized. Oh yeah…and shore up the bullpen! Aside from all that we should be in pretty good shape come Spring Training ’08.

This season has been painful and I’m glad it’s almost over. Between our teams complete and utter collapse and the rise of the Cubs, this season has been a lesson in humility. The only good thing about this season was the maturation of young players like Josh Fields and to a lesser extent Owens and Danks. The Buehrle no-hitter, Jenks record, and Thome 500th were nice but they were individual accolades that I’d trade in a heartbeat for a shot at the postseason.

Well I hope the fellas enjoy their off-time. I hesitate to call it vacation cause they’ve been on that for about 5 months now. If anything I hope every fan, player, and employee of the White Sox remember this god-awful season if for no other reason than to prevent it from ever happening again.

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