Honoring Jim

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, 3B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Erstad, 1B; Pods, LF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Lucy, C.  Gavin Floyd on the mound.


Reminder to watch Comcast Sport Net’s pregame show for the on-field honoring of Jim Thome on reaching 500 career home runs.


I just LOOOOVVVEEEE our bullpen eh?

Mark Liptak

Vote Bobby in for the Delivery Man of the year.


Mooney I’m not looking to start a fight, but I’m going to have to give my honest opinion and say do NOT vote for Bobby Jenks for Delivery Man of the Year.

I don’t like when players get voted for awards because of their fans, I think players should earn awards based on being the most deserving of that award.

Bobby Jenks had a great season, one of the best closers in the AL, but truthfully JJ Putz was unarguably better and deserves this award much more.

Jenks- 2.77ERA, 40 of 46 SVs, 65IP 56Ks, .89WHIP

Putz- 1.39 ERA, 39 of 41 SVs, 71.1IP 81Ks, .70WHIP

These are both amazing seasons, but one is definitely better than the other. I like supporting my team, but if Jenks had Putz’s stats and Putz had Jenks’ stats, I would be pissed if Putz got the award simply because he was given more fan votes ya know what I mean?

Papelbon and Nathan also had arguably a better year than Jenks.

Either way Bobby was still awesome this year, lets just not steal away awards from those who deserve it more. That’s my opinion at least, differ if you wish.

Oh boy, I sure hate the comments about the team and how great it is by KW’s that sound so like it did most of the year, head in the sand thing all over again. A realistic assessment is essential to improve the team and it does not look like KW is going to give one. sad.

Thanks for resigning AJ! He’s the best.

KW, please:

1. Get us a new bullpen for next year, with the exception of Bobby Jenks.

2. Get Aaron Rowand playing center field for us next year.

3. Make sure that Andy Gonzalez is no where near the major league team next year.

4. Get us players who can HIT as well as field! These minor league call ups can’t handle major league pitching.

By the sounds of it, it appears wasserman, jenks, thornton, mcdougal, and logan will be back next year.

The one that probably makes everyone’s stomachs cringe is probably mcdougal, considering that he can be good (see last year on White Sox) I think he should be banned to a long reliever clean up duty only, not put in when the game’s on the line and if he can he can work his way back. If he seems like he’s still awful then we can bring someone else up, and I think we need to aquire some new backup options at Charlotte.

Hallelujah! And the ’07 season ends with the resounding thud of AJ getting a contract extension. Excellent.

2 years for $12.5 million? Sure why not. That’s what a .263 average and 14 HR gets you these days. As far as #4 goes Christy I definitely agree with the first part. We need some players who can hit. But the rookies get a pass for not being able to hit major league pitching in my book because the entire team couldn’t hit major league pitching.

We were dead last in average, hits, doubles and not that far off the mark in runs and RBI…for both leagues. That was a team-wide failure. We didn’t even have a player hitting over .270 until Thome got up to .274 over the course of his recent tear (the next player is Jerry Owens, the rookie, at .264 followed closely by the $12.5 million dollar man at .263). That’s pathetic as all ****. It really is. And to hear Kenny talking about picking up Juan’s (he of the .236 average) $5 million dollar option makes me laugh. Hey, how about we pick up someone who can hit .300. ****, I’ll take someone who can hit .270 consistently and doesn’t engage in gun play down in the DR in the offseason.

The only area I feel optimistic heading into ’08 about is the starting pitching. I’m real big on the youngsters. Granted Floyd did much of his best work when it no longer mattered but that encompasses a large portion of the season. Broadway could be really good. Gio should be good and Danks learned a lot.

Anyway here’s to Maggs winning the batting title today. .360! Now there’s an average you can write home about. And here’s to Konerko getting up to .260.

First, I want to thank you for the blognight program on Thursday. We really enjoyed it.

Second, since Thome’s tribute occurred while we were celebrating my son’s (and my) birthday yesterday, I could not get to the game in time to see it. Is it or will it be available on the Sox website? Or DVD? Or anywhere else? My sister Peggy (known to you as “peggywrites”) and I would really like to see it!



All our call ups lately (Anderson, Richar, etc) have had terrible batting averages in the major leagues after hitting reasonably well to very well in the minors. Is this a case of not being prepared to hit major league pitching or are they just not seeing very challenging pitching in the minors? I’m not sure. Either way, their talents haven’t been accurately represented and I’m disappointed.

KW posed an interesting question in the Tribune today. “Have the fans lost faith in us?” My answer to that is that while I have not lost faith in the core players (AJ, Buherle, Paulie, etc), I would say that I have lost faith in KW himself. His complete disaster of a bullpen this year was embarassing. The fact that he made little effort to bring the right people onboard to get the job done in time to salvage the season was infuriating. Seeing Andy Gonzalez at third base night after night despite his poor playing was outrageous. Now I see that Josh Fields may be playing left field for us next year, and as much as I like the man, I don’t believe he is a true outfielder. We should play someone there who can truly handle the position.

I was so hopeful after 2005. Now, whatever good feelings I had towards KW are switfly disappearing after this year’s display of terrible judgement. I hope that next year he fields a team (bullpen) who can handle the job given to them, and if they can’t, he won’t hesitate to make heads roll.

I love this team whether they’re good or bad, but I really enjoy seeing them play on late October nights. Hopefully KW will make a real effort next year to ensure this will happen.

Scott, thanks again for another year of the blog. You don’t know how much I appreciate and enjoy it!

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