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Thursday, November 29, 2007


New acquisition Scott Linebrink had this to say during his conference call this afternoon:

Why the White Sox:

“They were one of the biggest suitors.  Kenny Williams came to Texas to meet with me and my wife and explained that the White Sox had been trying to get me for three years.  Plus, they seemed to have the most pieces in place.  There were only about three teams that were really aggressive.  I think it’s a case where middle market teams are not willing to spend money on a middle reliever."

On His “Struggles” in 2007:

“It was a challenging season for me, especially with the birth of our first child about five days after I was traded from San Diego to Milwaukee.  If you look at my numbers, I had about a four-week period where I struggled, but I rebounded to pitch pretty well in September (2.31 ERA, 13 SO/11.2 IP).

“It’s very important for me to come back and have a good year.  There was nothing mechanically related to my struggles last season.  I’ve been working out for over a month now, and I will come to spring training in the best shape of my career and ready to get outs.”


“Petco Park is definitely a nice place to pitch, but keep in mind we had to play in Arizona, Colorado and Philadelphia, and I didn’t do anything different there.  When you change your philosophy or approach based on the park, that’s when you get in trouble.  I will continue to be aggressive in my approach regardless of where I pitch.”


Well, naysayers…Take a peek at the Rowand story at the main team website page…He is NOT saying that he is NOT returning…if he is offered a deal…and read as well the comments at the top of this page by the newly signed reliever…Do these sound like anybody is shunting aside the efforts of Kenny and the organization to get them into the fold?
It makes me sick to my stomach to read some of the posts which are based purely on speculation,or rumor,or any of the thousand and one other areas that signify fan dissatisfaction…

I’m NOT endorsing that we all drink from the Silver and Black Kool-Aid…but,PLEASE…give this front office the benefit of the doubt…and don’t jump to the conclusion that they don’t care about signing anyone to join up for ’08…

The law of supply and demand goes, in my opinion, just like this…

There is a tremendous demand…and a dismally low supply of quality…in the same vein,there is a tremendous demand for money…and a dismally low amount of ******* willing to shell out for mediocrity…

I hope Scott can lead off too.

Quaid, is that Black and silver label koolaid some sorta slang for jack daniels?

count me in!

Hey White sox’s! Just had been browsing baseball news, winter meetings, trade rumors and FA. Had a crazy idea, of the white sox bringing back some old “rent” a pitchers. Freddy Garcia is a part of the Guillen family and I believe he was the wrong “slow” wind up pitcher we let go. Since the sox’s had to get rid of conteras or garcia, even though they gained by getting Gio Gonzalez who looks to be a starter in the sox near future, and looked like genisus when he went down all year and woud need surgery. So hey bring this old sox back after you clear Uribe’s and Conteras multimillion dollar contracts. Not done with my thought quite just yet, wanted to include two other FA’s in ’08. David “BOOMER” Wells and Bartolo Colon. Yes I know it sounds crazy with the money they may demand, but sign a reasonable one or two year deal with incentives if these players can stay healthy and you will have a SP staff that may look something like this:
1)Mark Buerhle

2)Javy Vasquez

3)Freddy Garcia

4)John Danks

5)Bartolo Colon

6)Gavin Flyod

7)David Wells

With this you will have room to operate if someone goes down and can teach your young stars some veteranly advice. Tell me Coop wouldn’t have those guys competing. Well I know it’s crazy and I understand there are someother very important spots the sox need to adress but this would truly help the whitesox out alot. It would still work for me without Wells.

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