Back From Nashville

Friday, December 7, 2007

Back In The Office

All of my best-laid plans to blog during the week from the Opryland Hotel in Nashville fell by the wayside with my crazy schedule of meetings, so sorry again to stay dark for much of the week.

I caught myself many times thinking I should blog but could never get to my room and my computer at  decent hour with any energy left.


I have to be honest that I was stunned by today’s tabloid and then to hear other reaction to KW’s quote that the Miguel Cabrera trade only put the Tigers in better position to contend with us.  I took the comment completely as dry humor both when he said it to Chicago writers and later on when he did a bone-chilling outdoor interview with Chicago Tribune Live.  I really am stunned that people took this comment literally …

Sometimes you have to laugh through the grimace.

Remember 2007

When the Tigers added Gary Sheffield to a pennant-winning club and yet missed the playoffs in 07?  No one wins on paper.

And it’s December 7

It seems ludicrous to pick a division-winner the first week of December when there are still nine weeks of offseason to go (unless no one holds you responsible).  My guess is that on Feb. 15 rosters will have changed considerably.  Let’s avoid rushing to judgment.


I’m not sure how the "Miguel Cabrera is a lock to go to the White Sox opinion" became so entrenched.  We certainly inquired and talked to the Marlins about Cabrera, but in the end, the Tigers were able to put together a better package than any other club (not just us) to claim the young slugger.  On the day of the trade, no one with the White Sox in Nashville felt we were even close to getting him.  By then, it was obvious we couldn’t better the offer.  Many teams realized that, not just us.

But we certainly were in the conversation.  And in some way, that might be the issue …

Personally, I would prefer to work here when we annually are involved in conversations for the very best players available with a GM who is more than willing to be aggressive and explore all our options to get a marquee player.  But it also means you are going to miss more often.  And the misses are going to be public.

To me, that sure beats not even being in the discussion.  So in the end, maybe all the disappointment is a good sign because it means all of our expectations are raised.

I also loved the comment this week that we low-balled Torii Hunter.  No one was writing that when our offer of $75 million for five years looked like it would be enough.  Actually, we had the highest offer until the Angels came in and offered $18 million per year for five years and gave Hunter 24 hours to make a decision.  It’s a stretch to call that low balling.

Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about:

"Learning nothing from the Torii Hunter debacle," one columnist wrote.  " You’ll recall how the Sox made a Spiderman-like recruiting video of Hunter climbing the skyline, told everyone how badly they wanted him, then lowballed him and watched the Angels steal him at $90 million — Ozzie Guillen was in full babble mode Tuesday afternoon in Nashville. He eagerly told reporters at baseball’s winter meetings that fellow Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera, the sport’s most gifted young hitter, was all but Sox property. Describing the 24-year-old third baseman as his “fourth son,” the Blizzard raved how Cabrera has lost 30 pounds and adopted a new attitude. He went so far to predict he’d hit 50 home runs with U.S. Cellular Field as his new home base.

“I think he is going to bring more leadership to the ballclub,” said Guillen, using present tense.

Once again, the Sox were making it sound like a done deal, just as they’d made the Hunter “signing” sound like a done deal two weeks ago.

However, according to MLB’s official transcript of Guillen’s formal press conference, the question and Ozzie’s full answer went like this:

            Q.  How would you project him homerun-wise at your ballpark?

            OZZIE GUILLEN:  Cabrera?  It’s hard because the pitching in his division in the National League is little bit different than what we are.  Every day you got to face a pretty good pitching staff no matter what team come in town.  This kid is a natural hitter.  This kid, I’ll say will hit about 50.  I think going to bring another leadership to the ball club, but whoever this kid play for earnings, he’s going to be fine.  With all my respect with Cabby, I don’t think Cabby worth seven prospects for one guy.  They want to do it, that’s fine.

I, this is Scott writing again (and I was sitting near Ozzie when he said this), struggle to see how this could fairly be interpreted as “making it sound like a done deal” when the same sentence includes the words, “but whoever this kid play for.”

But when you are sitting and reading your sources on the internet two degrees removed from reality, it’s easy to make comments fit your agenda.

Clubhouse Sale

Our clubhouse sale was a huge success last weekend with many fans coming out just to check out the home clubhouse (thanks, in those cases, for the donation to Chicago White Sox Charities).  Many others bought early Xmas presents, ordered bricks and picked up a few game-used baseballs our Charities group was selling.

Impressive Dais

When MLB announced on Monday that the White Sox would play the Mets in the second annual Civil Rights Game in Memphis, Tenn. on March 29, the five men on the dais were Ozzie Guillen, Ken Williams, Jimmie Lee Solomon, Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph.

To quote the great Benjamin Franklin (not to mention another Patriot, Tom Brady):

"Well done is better than well said."

Hey, maybe that applies to baseball offseason’s as well …

Hang In There

It is early December, our club is far from complete yet and we continue to be very aggressive.  Someone called our offseason a "failure."  With the addition of a Gold Glove shortstop, the best middle reliever available on the free agent market and a good young offensive outfielder, don’t believe the critics.  Let’s make our judgments when camps open in February.

Do we still need to improve?  Absolutely, and I think we will.  Games don’t start until April.


The Clubhouse sale was really neat. Thank you for blogging about it or we never would have known it was happening.

We’d love to go to the second annual Civil Rights Game in Memphis, Tenn. on March 29. Do you know how tickets will be sold?

It is not just the local media that is having some “strong” things to say about the Sox. To wit:

*From Scott Miller CBS Sportsline in ‘losers’ section

Chicago White Sox: They failed to land Miguel Cabrera, they couldn’t snag Torii Hunter, they finished 24 games behind Cleveland last season and 16 games behind Detroit … and the Tigers are only getting better. Ouch.


#1 loser here…day/index.html

1. White Sox. Two years removed from a world championship, they might be on the brink of being buried in the AL Central by Detroit.

Beyond that, they lost out on their two biggest targets, Cabrera and Hunter, and are still holding two third basemen (Josh Fields and Joe Crede), two shortstops (Orlando Cabrera and Juan Uribe) and no center fielder.

They could try to bring back Aaron Rowand, but they correctly never saw him as being in the class of Hunter.


That being said Scott is EXECTLY correct in saying that it’s still December and you simply can’t make a final judgement until you see what happens the rest of the off season. Wednesday for example, is the deadline for arbitration claims…some players are going to be available right then and there, plus you have other players going to be let go, trades, free agents and so forth.


With THAT being said it’s also true that on paper the gap between the White Sox and both Cleveland and Detroit appears large. (To say nothing of what might happen in Minnesota with the players they get back for Santana and the return of Liriano.)

There are a LOT of holes, shortcomings on this team, certainly a reasonable person would conclude there are more at this point in time then certainly in Cleveland and Detroit.

So while correctly saying it’s a long off season you also have to state there is still a TON of work to get done. Then we’ll see how realistic “contending” is going to be in 2008.

Mark Liptak

In addition I completely agree with Scott when he says how nice it is to have a G.M. that actually attempts to get the top talent at whatever cost. It is a refreshing change say from the person who had his position directly before him for example.

However it’s also true what former Sox great, piching coach, Johnny Sain once said. “Folks don’t care to hear about the labor pains, they only want to see the baby…”

Mark Liptak

hi, Scott, thanks for the post. it’s obvious that you have read some of your bloggers comments from what you wrote. i agree with you that there still is time to improve (and we MUST improve) to be competitive in ’08. suffice it to say, the natives here are not just getting restless, but we are collectively getting more so every day.. but i have more problems now than the Sox….. it’s only going to be 52 tomorrow with a chance of rain. hello winter….. j.k.

I think that saying the Sox lowballed Hunter is the worst statement ever. He may not even have been worth the 75 million that we offered him. He received more than a fair offer. As they say, money talks BS walks. Yes I was shocked but I still think that with patience, we are headed in the right direction.
Thanks for the Clubhouse sale. Being a season ticket holder, I have been to the Grinder Bash for the last few years and it is always neat to get a closer look at the facilities there.

I know that there has been a lot of talk within the organization about what kind of Booberie goes on at 670 the Score here in chicago, but I cannot disagree more with one of the midday radio guys, who asked the question whether or not the 2008 season is over already. I say keep the faith. The season has yet to begin, let alone spring training.

My blog here is or email is, I just started and will be catching up on all the happenings of the past month or so in the next few days.

I could talk and say that my semi-pro team is interested in aquiring the services of Miguel Cabrera and Torii Hunter and Babe Ruth and Ron Kittle and Mickey Mantle and everyone else….until it actually happens it is all talk!

If i was GM id send Danks, Fields and Broadway to the orioles for Bedard and then id send Gio, Sweeney and floyd to the blue jays for Alex rios. Then id sign luis vizcaino and find a fifth starter off someones scrap heap.







CF Rios

RF Dye

DH Thome






who cares since we have bedard…bedard and anyone is better than danks and floyd.








looking at that they still ****. but it is better than what we’ve got

Sure, it’s still early December, but the clock is ticking. I was hoping for some major moves at the winter meetings.

I hope this team doesn’t settle for the Darin Erstads and Scott Podsedniks of the world again. I don’t want any knee-jerk moves, but if real changes can’t be made, just blow it up and let’s look towards the future.

Tigers added Sheffield, didn’t win division, BUT they still finished way ahead of Sox and Twins. Somehow I think adding Sheffield isn’t a good analogy to adding Willis and Cabrera. When was the last time Sox got a great YOUNG talent to build around. I think his name was Thomas.

Tim, you’re trying to reason and rationalize with an organization that is trying to divert attention away from a bad offseason.

Kenny and JR had some comments today to the USA Today newspaper. Here is the link FYI:

Mark Liptak

Well, I just heard on the news tonight that the Cubs are getting Fukudome. Hrmph.

The Cubs can have Fukudome. I have heard experts compare him to Raul Ibanez. To me that means average starting outfielder at best. At $12 mil a year that was not a good deal for them. That park really hurts lefty’s unless you can hit on the ground. Don’t expect him to put them over the top.

go get alex rios for god sakes

anyone else think that kenny and ozzie are living on cloud 9 when they talk about “pitching will not be a problem this year”. how? i think its going to be a huge problem. way bigger than the offense. at least on offense you got guys that can hit the ball out of the park. on the mound you have 2 guys that havent proven anything, your third starter lost 17 games last year and your ace was **** in 2006. to me, vazquez is the only sure bet in the rotation and jenks is the only sure bet in the bullpen. other than that it is hit or miss. id like to see them get stronger on the hill by adding bedard, but when they talk about bedard the sox are never mentioned.

if “29 other clubs view danks and floyd as top of the rotation guys” as williams said then trade both of them and fields to get bedard. he is better now a days than johan santana.

I like that the AL is so tough overall, used to be the AL (cept the Yanks) were of little consequence. Now you see cities like Detroit and Boston putting some serious teams together. You got teams like Cleveland and Seattle and Minnesota that front some darn good teams. Used to be Cincinati, St. Louis, the Dodgers. the AL was the minor league. Role is reversed and some of the AL’s mid-sized cities are doing their thing. I’d say get the Dh in both leagues then look at some kind of financial cap. I’d also say goodbye to some of the expansion teams, but I don’t know how fair or feasible that’d be….

I’m more worried about the 3-4-5 of our lineup. I still think that behind our bullpen, the offense is the most in need of improvement. I realize Konerko and Thome and Dye are good players and can put up numbers. But last season, and hearing how everyone was in a slump all year (Dye just the first half) and how a guy can have a bad year, shoot, I’m thinking how can it be all these guys at once? Maybe they’ll be outstanding this year, but I’m worried they won’t. And I don’t think anyone is in the market for these guys. I really hope I’m wrong in my lack of faith in our lineup. I like Cabrera, it’d be nice to keep Crede, maybe put him at first out of consideration for his back, but I guess we’ll see what shakes out. I like that we got some pitching to deal, gives some flexibility for trades or for our own rotation. And I still like Danks and feel he got no support (at least in the first half). And Floyd? Well as everyone keeps saying, it’s his job to lose….

So what are the CF options now? Mike Cameron, Jerry Owens, and Aaron Rowand. I’m not too sure I would be heading into a season with Owens as the CF.

Get Rowand already, go after him hard, before we have to start unprovens in left, center, and at second. Put Owens in left, use him to lead-off. Keep Crede until close to trade deadline, have him prove his health to other clubs, then get pitching for him. Use Fields almost every day, to at least get his at bats until Crede is traded. Use him at third, left, and DH, when Thome gets hurt again. If you can’t trade Uribe, you bite the bullet on that money and use him as your backup infielder. He’s certainly an upgrade over Cintron.

The sox are going to get shut out! there will be no outfield upgrade. They are fooling everybody to try to show that they are trying to improve this crappy team, but they aren’t actually going after these players. They don’t want to spend the money. I just don’t understand this organization. They are a bunch of ********. Lets ride with a team that is worse then last year, and maybe we will finish in last place! Sounds like a good plan White Sox.

And Im sick of it’s only december too. All of the good free agents are signing deals, and the sox don’t want to trade the mighty prospects for good established ballplayers. They could at least tell us they are going young instead of trying to fool us that they are actually going after players… And if they are trying to go young they are doing a lousy job at it. This team is an embarrassment to baseball and the great city of Chicago. You all better be thankful for the World Series in 2005, because it will be the last one that any of us ever see if this organization continues this trend.

Could there be two eligible CF’s that are off the market today? And neither of them on the White Sox? Uh oh.

Rowand goes to the Giants for 5 years. Just saw in on ESPN

Well it is starting to look like Owens in CF this year. Rowand got 5 years 12 mil per. Why could we not offer a 5th year? I am so sick of paying big market prices for my tickets and getting small market product. Maybe their goal is to put such a bad product on the field that fans will have to drink more overpriced beer and make their profits that much larger.

Brian….Brian…you out there? We decided to give you another shot. Call me,

What a joke. KW is awesome, so awesome he doesnt need to sign any good players. He so smart, he doesnt need to trade for any good players. What an ***!

Here we go, another year of bad baseball on the south side. KW apparently doesnt see whats going on in Detroit and Cleveland. How could he, with his head so far up his a**!

I agree with the comments about ‘talking.’ So much of this was unprompted and unneeded. I don’t blame Sox fans for being upset…they listen to what the organization says and make assumptions based on those comments.

Given what has happened it was probably better for the parties involved to keep silent, then raise hopes of a fanbase already angered by an awful 2007. Unfortunately that World Series title (which granted can not be taken away…)is looking more and more like a fluke then the start of another White Sox Golden Age a la the 1950’s and through 1967.

As a fan what more can you do then vent your frustration and hope for the best or at least a winning season in 2008. I guess if you look at Jim’s point you always have the option of not getting tickets and I have a feeling if something doesn’t change attendance is going to drop again like it did from 06 to 07.

Mark Liptak


I am so happy!

This is the best day of the offseason for the White Sox in my opinion! Because Aaron Rowand will not be on our team! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

I for one am blue. Aaron Rowand, ngroth, what do you have against him, truly??

Mgro, I guess you’re an Anderson fan?

Its not that I dislike Rowand. I just think he’s very overrated here, particularly for his personality and presence on our championship roster, however I don’t think adding him to the White Sox would be helpful to our team as a whole.

There is no way Aaron can put up his ’07 numbers playing in the American league, and that’s not even considering that he was in a contract year, and he has never in the past been putting up these kinds of numbers.

I just felt like Rowand would not really help this team significantly (maybe we get 3 more wins with him than Owens), so why should we add a guy who may make us 4th place team instead of 5th place if it costs us 12 million over 5 years? I want that money for next off season (Guys like Johan Santana, CC Sabathia, Derek Lowe, Francisco Rodriguez, Ben Sheets, Furcal will be free agents if not extended this year, save money for good players, especially pitching not slightly above average ones like Rowand who won’t help when we aren’t in shape to contend)

This off season I wanted Jerry Owens to remain our lead off hitting centerfielder unless we can really go out and get a guy with great speed and good OBP in a trade, those choices were extremely limited and essentially just unavailable (unless we end up doing a Konerko to LAA for Figgins+change deal which isn’t probably going to happen and may not be a very good deal anyhow).

I’d be much happier giving Jerry Owens a full time chance at the leadoff spot playing in CF for ’08. I have confidence that he can dish out a .345 OBP if given the opportunity. That’s not peeyourpants good, but it isn’t terrible. Yeah is arm is bad, but his defense is decent. Have confidence in him, not too many guys play at an all star level when they get their first regular starting attempt at the big leagues. I know Jerry Owens isn’t a young 22-24 year old either, but that doesn’t automatically make him impossible to become a success. If he had been playing pro ball for 8 years it’d be a different story, but he came out of college as a 22 year old.

Our team has plenty of pop already so all we need is for him to just get on base more than a third of the time and put up a decent SB% making more like 25-30 attempts in good situations, not 55-60 whenever he feels like it.

If we go with Owens we have nothing to lose, if we go with Rowand we lose 12 million over 5 seasons with a great unlikelyhood of winning a world series when our payroll is pouring into his goblet. I just want our money to be used on something greater I guess. But whoever we play, I’ll cheer for them either way!

On a side note, although CQ may very well turn into a semi above average .285 20 HR 75 RBI guy, Chris Carter will be much much better, and in 4 years we will be sad that we don’t have him.

i dont know if carlos quinton will ever do anything good but to project out four years in advance that chris carter will be much much better is insane. maybe he will and maybe he wont but single A is one 2 steps above a good semi pro league. . if quinton can hit 20 homers a year for four years there shouldnt be any bickering about carter if and when he plays good in the majors.

There may be an RP or two on the non-tender list. They could still improve the bullpen if you ask me.

Anyone out there remember some guy by the name of Tadahito Iguchi? Hey KW have you heard of this guy? Oh wait, yeah he played here how could I forget, and he was pretty good too.

Why have we not signed Iguchi? He is only getting a 2 year offer from the Rockies!!! If KW can not make that move to get a guy we know is good then they may as well just blow this thing up. And be straight with us. Just tell us you are blowing it up!

Because Gooch signed with the Pads.

I have seen conflicting reports about Iguchi and the Padres. It may be a deal that has not been finalized. Where I have seen he has signed it is reported to be only a 1 year deal. We could not offer more than that? That is the same as KW shorting what Rowand asked for in years. Apparently KW does not want Tadahito either.

Regardless my point is why did we not go get a proven player whom we know really well.

It’s on the Padres website.

The Steroid Report has Mark Prior, Albert Pujols, Nomar Gar, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Kerry Wood, Johnny Damon, and others according to Fox sports.

Yeah that is the only place I see confirming it. MLB has not reported it yet so it may just be pending the normal stuff like a physical.

But like I said it should have never reached this point. He basically got peanuts from them for what he has done. I find it hard to believe we could not have offered more. Tadahito was far more important to that 2005 team than anyone ever realized or gave him credit for.

I’m very disappointed with KW’s offseason moves so far. As in life, there is no try, only do. And KW is failing miserably at getting anything done. One good shortstop, a no name minor leaguer, and a so-so bullpen guy does not take care of all the other upgrades (pitching, 2nd base, left field, center field, pitching, etc) that this team needs to contend in baseball’s toughest division.

It’s a good thing that I went to a World Series game in 2005. Looks like I won’t be seeing October baseball on the South Side anytime soon, at least as long as KW is here.

For those who are interested here is a PDF for the Mitchell Report:

The “juicy” stuff starts around page 112 where they start dropping names. The names go on for over 100 pages.

One bad move leads to another , if the sox would have kept Iguchi they probably would have gotten Fukudome. They would also have a pretty good second baseman. This mess started last spring and early summer when kw and the pr. crew kept saying how great the sox were , that the slump was a fluke. Most people would see that it was not a fluke an old slow team on the decline. Last June was the time to deal Jose Contreras , Jon Garland and Dye for a boatload of young talent. Konerko also should have gone in my view. On Quinton , I have seen a lot of him and I like his potential.

another thing is not dealing with Boras clients that is only hurting them. For example Detroit signs Miller first round, they then use that chip to get the Marlin deal done. That is plain stupid to limit your young player selection in the draft to non boras signed players.

The report names nine former Cubs and two former White Sox (Parque and Schowenweis) as having been connected with this situation.

None are of course connected with the 2005 club.

Mark Liptak

actually four former sox players, Armando Rios (03) and Jose Canseco (01) also named, they werent here long though


Iguchi would have made no difference in the Fukudome-to-the-Sox equation. All published reports indicate that Fukudome wanted A) to be the first Japanese player on whatever franchise he joined and B) wanted to play right field.

Obviously, the Sox have had two Japanese players and with Dye established in RF, Fukudome would have been playing center or left.

I know it is fashionable to blame everything on Kenny right now (and I have not always been a huge Kenny fan), but he did everything he could do in the Fukudome chase.

He also went as far as he could in the potential Cabrera deal with the Marlins. The Sox just didn’t have the prospects that matched what the Tigers gave up.

And Rowand insisted on five years. Like it or not, the Sox have been stubborn about sticking to their philosophy of not giving more than four-year deals. I love Rowand as a player, but he quite simply is not worth five years at $12 mil a year. Not for a guy who hits sixth and is coming off a career year.

Sure, the off-season to this point has not been as productive as all fans wanted. But there are 29 other teams in baseball and many of them have had less productive off-seasons than the Sox thus far.

Let’s keep it all in perspective until April when the games get played and then make some judgements.

I’m not counting on a pennant winner with two of the AL’s (which means all of baseball’s) best teams in the AL Central but the Tigers and Indians haven’t won a game yet.

Remember 1984 (if you’re old enough). The Sox added Seaver to what was considered arguably to be the best starting staff in baseball. They were big favorites to repeat. We all know what happened. And just two years ago, many prognosticators had the Sox easily repeating in the Central and even going on to the Series.

While I would be surprised to see the Sox contend for the AL Central title, I would not be surprised at all to see either Detroit or Cleveland stumble to 86 or 87 wins and finish out of the money. That’s why the games are played.

It’s December. I’ll gladly wait until April to get too worked up about the Sox lineup.

finally a voice of reason coming from somewhere other than the front office: well said, tc…. j.k.

Kenny may have tried hard this winter but it was way too late , he was not proactive when it could have made a difference. And the constant denials about how good the club was does not set well.

ps and they are still blowing the team up when the sox are 15 behind at the all star break , suppose they will still be doing the same. And I would not put much faith in published reports on Fukudome wanting to be the first Japanes on the cubs. The Japanese have a culture of saving face and we did to do much by Iguchi

Actually I would guess Fukudome was trying to let the sox save a little face by turning down the highest offer but saying why in a way that was small salve to the sox, but in fact not the real reason, maybe I am reading too much into the situation maybe not.


I definitely understand what you mean when I’m complaining about our loss of a guy who hasn’t played above low A ball. And maybe I do complain too much I don’t know. My beef was just that CQ will not help our team enough to win and I think Carter will be more than him, at least that’s what White Sox player development scouting said and were unhappy with the transaction of CQ for a future all star. So I guess I’m going off that and all the games that Carter dominated in last year, plus his development considering young age.

If we can’t win with CQ now, I think we should have kept Carter or packaged him with others to land a big one. That’s what I meant.

in all seriousness how can you listen to the white sox player development and scouting contingency? They are the ones who said brian anderson is ready and to trade chris young instead.

on to the steroids thing….i love baseball and the record books but really…i don’t really care about this. i am quite sick of it actually. if they want to take steroids and end up getting cancer, heart disease whatever because of it then it is their choice. Quite frankly after looking over the list there aren’t many people it helped anyway. most of those guys stink. it sure didnt help jim parque and scott shoenwiess and armando rios when they were with us. wish it would have!

another steroids issue- i hope all of you big hurt haters/kenny backers noticed that the ONE PLAYER who stood up to talk about it was frank thomas. this is a guy who has had some serious injuries and could have easily took steroids to build himself up quicker. he didn’t. he worked hard and truely was one of the finest hitters of all time. **** id still take him on the sox, he’s a lot cheaper and just as good as thome and konerko!

If somebody is stupid enough to put their own health in jeopardy, it’s true, it’s their problem. But, for those who want to do it the right way, it puts them at a disadvantage, and that’s what bugs me with the roid jerks. Illegal drug users should not get an advantage.

The scout who said that was brought in during the ’07 season (the Sox added like 30 new guys to their player development due to this year and the way things have seemed lousy in the whole organization), so it was after the BA/CY for Javy trade had happened. This was a scout for player development in the lower levels of the White Sox organization as well, at the time of the trade CY was in BHam and BA was in Charlotte/MLB level, so even if this scout worked for the Sox then, he would not have been the one to have supposedly given bad advice.

But from what he said to me, it sounded a little bit like KW and other upper level executives literally do not listen to their player development guys. He said this, “It seems there is a certain level of supreme ‘arrogance’ in the upper levels of management here that they feel they are infallible, no matter the opinions of others they pay handsomely to ‘know’ answers about players in their organization & other organizations.”

Sometimes when baseball talks about how there are negative effects of steroids I kind of just shrug it off with that yeah whatever mindset, not really thinking too literally about what it can negatively do to the players’ bodies.

But then when I start to look at guys who were in the WWF and WCW and whatnot, practically half of those guys died in their 40s and it reminds me that steroids really are and can be dangerous if used continuously, a bigger issue than just manbreasts and balding.

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