Tuesday, January 8, 2008


To Rich "Goose" Gossage on being elected today to Baseball’s Hall of Fame.  The intimidating reliever got his start with the White Sox, debuting in 1972 as he jumped from Class A Appleton to the big leagues.  Gossage, a native of Colorado Springs, Colo., went 18-2 with 149 strikeouts and a 1.83 ERA at Appleton in 1971 and then opened his major-league career by going 7-1 as a 20-year-old rookie.  He pitched with the Sox until 1976 as he began when became a 22-year-career.

Read more about his election at

To assist media covering the announcement, Bob Beghtol from our media relations staff reached both Roland Hemond and Chuck Tanner for their comments.  Here’s what the duo had to say:

Roland Hemond, former White Sox general manager:

“This is really a thrill for me.  I think the world of Goose.  I’ve been agonizing over this for the last four or five years, so it was very fulfilling to hear the good news.  He is certainly worthy of the honor, and I can’t wait to see him in Cooperstown to congratulate him.”

“A lot of people forget that Goose went directly from “A” ball to the big leagues.  He went 18-2 at Appleton in 1971 and at the end of the season he asked me what I thought.  I said  ‘I think you better get ready for the big leagues next year.’”

Chuck Tanner, who managed Gossage in Chicago from 1972-75 and with Pittsburgh in 1977:

“I was fortunate as a manager to have a lot of quality guys out of the bullpen.  I had Rollie Fingers, Kent Tekulve and Bruce Sutter, and without question Goose was the best.  He was always in such command, he could throw 100 miles per hour and he had that intimidating look with the Fu Manchu mustache.  He looked like John Wayne coming out of the corral. 

“And the thing about Goose was he never had an easy save.  It wasn’t uncommon for him to throw 2 or 3 innings at a time to get a save.  He should have been chosen the first year he was eligible.  In my opinion there shouldn’t be a Hall of Fame if Goose is not in it.

“I was at a banquet several years ago in Colorado, and one of his former pitching coaches said that he always hated to go out to the mound to talk to Goose because he would tear his head off.  My reaction was, ‘Why the heck would you ever want to take Goose out of the game.’  That’s the kind of pitcher he was.”


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Yeah it looks like this quote was rather true, “It wasn’t uncommon for him to throw 2 or 3 innings at a time to get a save.”

He had 141.2 innings in ’75 with zero games started. I don’t see that happening again in our future. He had more innings from relief that year than Danks did in 26 starts this year.

Hall of Fame is tricky.

I feel bad for Bert Blyleven.

At least Harold Baines will get to stay on the ballot. He got 5.2% when you need to have 5% to stay on. I hope that he gets in eventually. He was my favorite player growing up.

I hate the hall of fame voting. Harold Baines goes disrespected because he wasn’t colorful, went out and did a great job for many years without much fanfare. if he had the personality and/or sold himself more i think he would have gotten way more respect with the exact same numbers as he gets now.

Albert Belle got ousted off of the ballot because he was a jag, but there are many many outfielders in the hall who were not as good as Albert. Belle also should have won the MVP in 95 by a landslide but didn’t because of his attitude. A player shouldn’t be penalized because of his attitude. on the field belle was without question a hall of famer.

Dawson, Rice, Baines numbers don’t look as great as the players of the 90s- which has been proven to be an era of steroids. so their numbers mean more than they show.

They make a big deal about getting elected on your first turn on the ballot….why? the players don’t improve their numbers anymore. if gossage was a hall of famer on his 9th try why wasn’t he on his first try…its kind of silly and stupid.

Great players like Tim Raines and Andre Dawson get royally screwed since they played in Montreal that doesn’t even have a team anymore. If these guys played their prime in New York, Boston, Philly, Chicago’s north side (dawson played there well after his prime even though he won an MVP) they would for certain be elected.

It is fun to talk about but i think there has to be a better way of doing this.

In 1976, his final year with the Sox he had 29 starts and 15 complete games. It was the only year of his career in which he has any starts. He went 9-17 with 3.94 era and 224 IP. He must of had terrible run support!

Kenwo – I have always wondered the same thing. If you are not a hall of famer on your first try then why would you be a hall of famer years later. What sense does that make? It’s all politics and that make me not want to care. Some day I will visit Cooperstown, but it will be to see the artifacts of the game. They really need to look into the people voting on this any reanalyze their credientials to vote.

I think the relevance of the HOF is dwindling over the years because of the side issues. Who cares who they vote in, I can have my own favorites and respect the players I want to respect, my own HOF.

Andre Dawson said on a radio interview this morning that he is going to be in town for the Cubs Fest later this month and plans to confront Rick Telander. I hope he knocks Telander’s block off. Dawson absolutely deserved to be voted in. I hope the HOF removes Telander’s voting credentials for revealing his ballot in the paper today.

Tim – you are right. I have my own HOF and favorite players. Harold Baines and Tim Raines are defintely in my HOF. Along with Dawson and Bert Blyleven.

Kenwo and Jim —

Remember that these players are placed on the ballot for the first time just five years after their retirement. There’s not always the proper perspective that soon nor in just one glance. I suspect if you were to force voters to decide in one pass, then votes would be artificially inflated lest the voter makes a mistake. Remember, they can vote for as many players as they feel are deserving.

That being said, there are plenty of poor choices made in the Hall of Fame voting. It can always use reform. But I can’t think of a process that wouldn’t allow at least a couple passes to judge a player.

Jeff Liefer? he’s terrible. bring back someone half way decent like james baldwin or something. not liefer. boooo

I just watched some 2005 videos/tributes…. no matter what happens, nothing will top it.. and as much as i want to win again soon.. there is nothing like winning a world series and following your team the entire season leading up to it… what a magical time…

The Mitchell report and hearings are a joke. It is all he said she said, with the guy ratting out from all the pressure of the feds. I said it before but that is no way to conduct investigations pressuring people to testify. The biggest frauds are the investigators.

I have not idea the physical condition of colon but if he is available reasonable , he could be a real editon to the bull pen if he is not ready to starte but is still effective for a while. Lot of if’s but the sox could benefit from more help in the pen.

I get so tired of hearing about picking up a player that’s been hurt. Discounted merchandise usually falls apart, ala Mike Meyers, David Wells, Dustin Hermanson, Darin Erstadt.

And Billy Koch.

Hermanson and a guy before him Roberto Hernandez were two pick-up’s that payed huge results as I recall. Ditto for a guy named Bobby Jenks.

The name of the game is acquiring talent by ANY and ALL means. Let’s put it this way…are you that comfortable with Jose (age unknown) Contreras, youngster Danks and Gavin “Deer In The Headlights” Floyd?

**** yes I say sign Colon to an incentive laden deal and add Livan Hernandez too!

Mark Liptak

Jermaine Dye – World Series MVP

Hermanson- never would not have gotten to the playoffs if the Sox did not pick him up.

Pick up Colon if you can for 1 year, cheap with incentives. Easy decision. I would have loved to have seen them pick up Mark Prior, too.

BTW, Koch ******* had nothing to do with injury. He could not find the plate until the bases were loaded.

Man I am bored, I can’t believe Spring Training is still a month away.

Sure, Hermanson was instrumental to the ’05 season, but we would have been dead in the water at the end of the year if we depended on him. All I’m saying is it sure would be nice to hear of bringing in a guy at his prime, not coming off injury. I’d much rather hear of the Sox and Bedard mentioned in the same breath.

Wouldn’t Swisher and Ramirez be considered “in their prime?” Cabrera too. He’s a little past his prime, but still a great ballplayer. Javy was brought here when he was 28/29. Heck, you may even get something out of Danks and Masset. Those guys haven’t even reached or are just now reaching their prime. I agree, Kenny have brought in some duds, but he’s also brought in some good stuff.

For any of you out there in White Sox Universe who were wondering “Whatever happened to that fat head who used to post all the time, defending the ball club, putting down all of the idiots who don’t know their butt from their elbow, et cetera?” …
I’m back…

It’s been a long doggone winter already…and we’re only halfway through freakin January…hope all of you had a good holiday…

Now that SoxFest is within a week of commencing, I hope that all of you who will be attending at the Palmer House will be properly skeptical and properly respectful at the same time…because this organization needs SUPPORT, NOT COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISSENT…

Catching up on past news…

The Swisher deal?…Very good pickup, especially since Rowanbd went to the other end of the Bay Area… If Gonzalez was any good,he would have been up with the parent club for a look-see…

Don’t b**ch about deals that you may not care for…as I have said repeatedly, if fans were general managers, there would be a revolving door installed in the clubhouse…

As to Gossage going into the HOF…Well deserved…and hopefully he will properly thank Chuck Tanner and the late Johnny Sain for turning him into a relief pitcher…and not blame the late Paul Rapier Richards for turning him back into a one season starter, prior to his going to the Yank-mes…

As to Harold not going in to the HOF…his background as a player,public relations-wise can be blamed for that…Loquacious he was not…and it seems that those who toot their own horn the loudest get in more often than not,in addition to the stats they put together as players…for instance, the only one new for next year I can see gaining entrance is Rickey Henderson…a supreme horn tooter, as well as the all-time stolen base champion…

As to the possibility of reacquiring (semi)Colon… let’s just see if he has shelved the excess avoirdupois(that’s fat, for those of you who don’t know $10.00 words) that he had with the Halos…

As with managers, general managers get too much credit when things are going good…and too much blame when things go south…

billb…only 41 more days to go, bucko, before the first pitches in anger at TEP…

And as for the noted authority on global warming who masquerades as a sports columnist at the Some-Times…

Ricky boy…If you don’t like what is going on in the “toy department of life” anymore…


Quickly and quietly…

and take you credentials with you…

Kr-trepac: I like the Swisher deal, think he was a great pick-up, like the way he plays and hustles. I also like AC, can’t wait to see both of those guys. My comment was more directed at the pitching crew. I’ll give KW credit for Freddy, he was hot at the time, a great pickup for the ’05 season. Glad we didn’t keep him, he’d just be eating up budget, now. Just longing for an ace….Johan, etc. I know, I know, be realistic. Hey, a guy can dream, huh?

Sox signed Crede to a 1 year $5.1 Million contract that allows him to earn an additional $300,000 in performance bonuses.

His bonuses under the new deal include $50,000 each for reaching 400, 425, 450, 475, 500 and 525 plate appearances. The agreement could be announced officially on Friday.

It will be interesting to see if they are gonna just use this now as trade bait or if they will actually keep him.

Did Kenny just sign Octavio Dotel?? I would love to see that. Kenny is quietly making some really good moves. The best move, not signing torri. A little more starting pitching depth and off we go.

Any team would love to hear Bedard rumors but not every team has 4 A prospects to give up for him.


Joe will be gone as soon as he proves his back is healthy on the field in spring training.

That’s just the way it is. Kenny himself was directly quoted as saying he spoke last year about a long term extension with Joe and Scott Boras and was told they only wanted a one year deal. But Kenny’s direct comment on the request was , “it didn’t go well…”

The relationship between the Sox and Boras is not good and when Joe is gone the only Boras client on the roster is Danks, whom the Sox control for the next few seasons.

Again not passing judgment on this “philosophy” just stating the facts.

Mark Liptak

Lip: You can count on one hand the number of owners who have pleasant relations with Scott Boras…and still have room for four fingers…
Just remember the stink that he raised when the A-Rod deal with the Yank-mes upstaged the World Series last fall…

Although he says that he is in it to give his clients the best possible deal…I consider the source…

There are more respectable ways of conducting business…

In your field, if you had an agent representing you, would you want him to potentially screw you with his actions when they would be less than reputable?

Crede will probably go early but with his defense and clutch hittng, I would like to see him stay and see how the season goes. What if, it goes great and he is a big reason? Why not keep him for 3 months and evaluate. Fields could dh against left handers and play here and there besides, as thome did horrible against lefties. Tough choices , but given the situation seems to me konerko would be the least missed and the most in trade value.


Again I am not taking sides in this philosophical discussion.

The fact remains that like him or not, Scott Boras is the most powerful agent in baseball today. He gets the best deals for his clients far and away more than any other agent.

The methods that he uses are subject to debate in an ethics or morals class.

Again I’m not saying the Sox are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in their approach with him, I’m simply stating the fact that Boras is the agent of choice for more players and future players then any other agent in baseball.

By not being able or willing to reach some sort of accomodation with him, or to put it another way, by ‘refusing’ to deal with his clients, you are limiting yourself in the most important aspect of baseball…the acquiring and stockpiling of talent by any and all means.

The potential ‘acid test’ of this comes in June, when the Sox have a very, very high first round pick. We’ll see who they select, who that person’s agent is and why the decision.

As to your question of me personally. If I was in the top one per cent of the sports media and Boras was my agent and he was able to get me a deal that set up myself and my family for life…personally I wouldn’t care what he did or what others thought about it.

My future would be taken care of, which is precisly why so many MLB players select him as their agent.

Mark Liptak

I forget the exact number, but of the first round picks and the end of first round compensation picks Boras had over 30% of them signed as his clients. Yes he may be unethical in his dealings, but unless he is breaking written rules he is just doing his job. The Sox will have to swallow their pride and deal with Boras at some point. The mentality at the top of this organization is very bullheaded. We all hate him, but Mariotti is right about the way the figureheads in this organization act.

As for Octavio Dotel, keep him as far away from the Sox as possible. He is pure trash. 3 teams in the last two years, and he has been much worse in the AL than NL. Most pitchers are usually a little worse, but his numbers were pretty drastic. Very bad move if they sign him, especially if it is for the reported $5+ mil per year.

I agree. Boras is not reputable, is unethical, greedy and a ******. However, he is only a reflection of the 6 billion dollars made by baseball that is divided amongst ****** like Bud Selig, that ‘union’ boss Fehr, our fearless (and shameless) owner Reinsdorf and ego-trips like A-Rod. The only common denominator for you and me? We will pay ever rising costs to see our teams play or to buy the clothes to support our squad to keep those idiots fed…

Telander did a nice writeup on ole Milwaukee Bud getting ‘resigned’ by the owners. Pure craziness.

And, no disrespect intended, as far as dissent on this blog, or towards deals done by the GM, etc, just let it slide. I (and others here) owe Reinsdorf, or Selig or the organization NOTHING. I’ve paid my ‘way’ for years, just like you all have. The Sox were MY team before they were Reinsdorfs. What we owe the organization? Nothing. Many of us have fronted the dough and the loyalty, it ain’t our faults its mismanaged….. Lots of talk in some previous posts about fair weather fans, well, ever hear of the free market? Maybe that attendance dropping severely after 2007, might get ‘the organization’ to reevaluate the way teams like the Twins and Tigers do business. We may be able to learn a thing or two, like how to strengthen the farm system, or how to maintain an aggressive flexible approach to building a winning team. They could start by surprising us with their draft picks this year. But acting like they know something we don’t or refusing to budge on how they do business, just more of the same.

Nice to see so many people back.

Well, I mostly agree with all of the last few posts, windycity and others on Boras. I do think that as an organization you are shooting yourself in the foot, if you do not go after the best talent. Detroit is an example of a team that has been aggressive in signing young talent. The thing is the price seems high to sign some of those guys but in fact turns out to be low with the way the salary structure is set up. Obviously not all signing turn out but in this era a team needs to go for it on signing young talent.

I hear the dotel deal is official. Contrary to Mike Devereux- i think this is a fine signing. Dotel is a guy that has produced in the past and i would take him over mcdougal any day of the week and twice on sunday. he has some good stuff and 5 million isnt all that much in my opinion. i think this is a better deal than linebrink and it addresses the bullpen which was about as awful as you could get. good signing. still waiting for 1 f’ing starter though.

I would take a bag of dog **** over MacDougal at this point, but Dotel ain’t that much better. Numbers don’t lie. I would consider any signing of a bullpen pitcher questionable at best until we see them perform, especially with the way things have gone the last few years.

Kenwo – calling me Mike is getting kind of old and slightly childish.

you should be honored mike devereux was a good ballplayer. i am actually doing him a disservice calling you by that name.

I don’t think Dotel at two years is too bad. He sounds like he wants to win (talking about the Sox having the parts in place) and I think that attitude for now is a good sign. I know his numbers haven’t been all that great the last season or so, but maybe we’ll catch that career season, maybe not, but at least something was done.

What numbers are you looking at?

Career K’s – 733

Carreer BB – 282

Last year he had 12 BB/41K

He had a bad year after surgery, but has rebounded very well.

Good signing.

Backend of the Sox bullpen:
Career stats:

BB K ratio BB/K

Jenks 59 186 3.15

Dotel 282 773 2.74

Lienbrink 159 378 2.38

Thornton* 47 104 2.21

TOTAL 547 1441 2.63

*White Sox only.

Hey, all of a sudden we have an experienced, power bullpen that throws strikes.

With a bullpen pitcher one of the stats that concerns me is his WHIP (walks + hits per inning pithced). In his last two stints in the AL he was 2.90 and 1.52 in 2006 and 2007 respectively. The two highest of his career. That just concerns me because how do you bring this guy in to get out of an inning in a tight spot. History says if there is less than 2 outs there is a good chance he will fail. And based oh his injuries the past few years I think we overpaid.

After saying all that, I hope he proves me wrong.

I will take anyone who might help the pen, it is critical. I am more exceited about the finalizing of the Alexi contract, I predict rookie of the yr. for him. Far out but my baseball eye for talent says , yes. Just a fun thing.

i am a bit concerned that they are sorta saying macdougal gets a bullpen spot. i think wasserman was way better than macdougal last season and provides a bit of a change of pace than macdougal does. if the sox could add a veteran starter either through free agency or trade i think they have a serious shot at contending this season. i think that the moves that kenny has made are outstanding this year. you all know that i am very very rarely in favor of anything this man does…..but the swisher deal, the two bullpen men, quinton and the overall depth of the team give me confidence heading into this season,

O.K. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL KENWO? we are simple people and can’t abide this type of shennanagan from an imposter-poster. please send the real kenwo back so we can resume our normal lives. thank you. j.k. for everyone out there in White Sox land…….

You’re right Billb, his career numbers are great, but his best years were in houston. I’m not saying he won’t be competitive i just hope we got him at a good time Looking at some of his stats over his career, I’m thinking things can go either way. That’s where I hope his attitude will benefit us (and him) the most. By the way, how does Turner Field or Kaufman compare in dimensions to us Cellular?

Hey, I didn’t know Conan O’brien did his show in Chicago a few years ago. He popped in on the world Champion White Sox for batting practice with Jermaine Dye.

Dotel says he feels great, Williams says he passed physicals with flying colors. Gotta think he’s gonna have a rebound year, I’ll take it. He had the Tommy John two years ago, this is the year to produce. Lastly, gotta think Anderson will be in the Crede trade, somehow. No reason to keep him on the 40 man at this point, seeing the doghouse door is securely bolted shut from the outside.

If Anderson is in a trade it is as a throw away. Rumor out there is that he was replaced by Sweeney in the trade with Oakland because he has no trade value. There is no reason to keep him around at this point. I hope they do move him to a team that will give him a fair shot. The Sox messed with him in 2006 by platooning him with a hack in CF and ruined his chances of succeeding here.

dont worry il be back to normal as soon as danks and floyd stink and the sox dont have a viable replacement.

I always liked Brian, felt he showed promise, and played great defense. His hitting was coming around for a stretch, but tapered off in the end. I don’t even think it was his performance as much as it was getting on Ozzie’s bad side. It seems once you’re on that side there’s no getting off of it. I, too, hope he gets another legitimate chance on another team.

Reading comments on this upcoming sox fest on other blogs had me laughing til my face hurt. Oh to be a fly on the wall there…. But, I agree, I wish Anderson AND Sweeney’d have gotten some more time last year. I had a feeling after the first two months that things wouldn’t get better. Why not, you know?

AS far as where the team stands now, Kenny did a **** of a job with what he had. If this team plays the game right and the GM’s selections of Danks, Floyd, Linebrink and Dotel and even holdovers like Contreras can give 110%, I think we have a **** good chance for a good year. Detroit finds ways to fold as of late, and Cleveland had a couple false starts before 2007, and they could go right back. I wouldn’t sleep on KC or even the Twins. Kenny may not even be done. The one thing that was the big negative this offseason wasn’t so much the signings that didn’t happen, but the scattershot approach that ended up playing out, but I suppose it really doesn’t matter.

I am upbeat with the improvements to the pen. Yet, the team is an odd mix, as of now. That maybe ok if ozzie can slot in the hot hand, Still Uribe is still here , 2 third basemen, two left fielders. It may work out but it seems like an odd mix. The one thing that I want to see is better game management by ozzie, example thome was horrible against left handers last yr. Make an adjustment just platoon thome, do not keep running a guy out there that is not getting the job done. That hurt the team last year. The players are here to do a better job managing. Maybe that was part of the reason for some of the trades, to be more flexible. I hope so.

soxfest was a good event as usual. i specifically enjoyed friday night….only hotel guests were admitted and the opening ceremonies were fantastic. even though it ****** that thome didnt show on sunday it allowed me to get buehrle and enjoy a bunch of seminars. i always enjoy going to soxfest and escaping the cold for some baseball talk. nick swisher is a quality guy. the only thing that stinks is the hotel after the event. the players are rarely seen in the lobby where as at the hyatt they were at the big bar every nite. i always have a good time though. can’t wait for next years.

i’m glad you had fun Kenwo, wish i was there. But, don’t wish for Sox Fest ’09 until at least the all star game, by then we should know if we can’t wait for the next Sox Fest or if there are more important matters still at hand. later all, j.k. from rainy…. (that’s right folks, it’s raining in tucson!)………but it’s a light rain…..

Where are you, Scott? Any take on the fest?

So Clemens and his report writing scouts/trainers are comparing his longevity to Hoyt Wilhelm’s? I can think of a few differences between the two…



1981: American League owners finally approved the sale of the White Sox to a group headed by Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn. The third time proved to be a charm here. Twice before, A.L. owners had rejected Bill Veeck’s sale to Edward DeBartolo. Reinsdorf originally entered the picture with Chicago businessman William Farley, who owned some Sox stock. After Farley withdrew, Reinsdorf hooked up with Einhorn, a TV executive who was a vendor at Comiskey Park during the White Sox pennant-winning campaign of 1959. Once the sale was approved, Reinsdorf’s group worked fast. Among their first acquisitions were big names Carlton Fisk and Greg Luzinski.

come on get rid of uribe before spring training. His attitude in the club house will hurt and he is taking up a spot, that we could fill with someone else.

Personally i think Uribe should be the starter at 2b this year from the beginning at least.

Today is wonderful day Sox fans. The evil man they call Johan has exited the league. Not only did the Sox get better with his exit, the Cubs will now have to deal with him. 2 birds with one stone, I love this game.

Now if we could just get the Indians to dump CC, the Sox would be in excellent shape.

See ya, Santana!!!!! You won’t be missed!!! I will leave it to Mark Liptak to give us the Sox record against him. I’m sure it isn’t good.


No it’s not good at all, in fact it’s downright awful but Santana leaving is only part of the issue (granted it’s a big help!).

The other part of the equation is that the Sox are downright awful against C.C. Sabathia and he’s still around, plus knowing the Twins and their history vs. the Sox, the prospects they got will be ripping up the Sox for the next ten years!(I mean how man castoff’s and journeymen have had career years against the Sox or simply by playing with the Twins since the decade started!)

Mark Liptak

Nice to see Santana will not be torturing the Sox next year, but his replacement should be recovered from surgery and ready to make Sox hitters look like little leaguers. Francisco Liriano should be ready to go for the start of the season. At least we will not have to face them both!

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