Dawn on a new Season

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tucson Weather

Arrived in Tucson last night and awoke this morning to news that Tucson was under a Winter Storm Warning.

"Yeah, right," I thought.  "I live in Chicago."

Well, it’s rained much of the day with talk of 12 inches of snow in the mountains.  Vistoso Golf Course closed and snow was falling in Oro Valley.

Sounds like it’s time for spring training.

Ozzie In The House

Manager Ozzie Guillen flew in today and spent some time in his office pontificating about the latest world events, serving as cultural critic (seems all he does is watch reality television during the offseason), opening winter mail (he opened our team Holiday Card while he sat and talked) and meeting with the early-arriving Chicago media.

"I talked to guys at SoxFest," Guillen said.  "They seem to be enthusiastic and ready to go.  I can be ready.  My coaches can be ready.  But the players, they’re the ones who matter.  They’re the ones who count."


Many of the pitchers and catchers arrived early before tomorrow’s first scheduled workout, including Jose Contreras, Toby Hall and AJ.

Charlie Haeger and Andrew Sisco were in my office after lunch looking for a tee time.

I pointed out that it is snowing, but they were undeterred.  We ended up finding a time at del Lago golf course in Vail.  Good luck playing a round in the snow.

Sisco played for Mexicali this winter.  He lived in the United States and would drive over the border to play games.  Crossing the border meant long lines and traffic.

"It was so bad that I spent Christmas Eve in a hotel in Mexico rather than try to cross back into the United States," he said.


Many of the clubhouse staff and training staff have been in Tucson since last week and early this week getting the clubhouse ready for our arrival.  Lots of time and effort go into setting up lockers, stocking equipment and setting up shop.


The thoughts and prayers of our entire organization go out to the students, faculty and families of Northern Illinois University.  Such a tragedy and such a waste. 


Welcome to Tucson, sorry about the rain and snow today, but it will be back into the 70’s by monday. i’m looking forward to gametime….. Go Sox ’08….. j.k.

It is always a wonderful time of the year when spring training arrives. It means that sooner rather then later, winter will end and better days are to come.

I hope that theme follows the Sox on the field in 2008.

They may not win the division, they may not have a realistic shot at the post season in the brutal American League, but by God they can at least have a winning season.

Mark Liptak

Ahhhh, Spring Training…has such a nice ring to it. As our boys report to camp, I’ll be reporting to the gas station for more snow ****** fuel. Hoping for lots of pictures and blogs from Tucson, Scott.
Go Sox!


I think these guys got a shot. I mean, you couldn’t hope for more condescending coverage to generate a chip on your players’ shoulders. I think that could be priceless motivation.

I really am looking forward to hearing how the rotation and relief corps look.

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