Tuesday in Tucson

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Odds and Ends in Camp Today

Nick Swisher joined the ranks of the position players in camp this morning … Joe Crede fielded ground balls again today as he worked to return from back surgery …

Jim And Cooperstown

Twice this winter, Jim and Chuck Thome trips to Cooperstown were snowed out.  Jim and I talked about when the next opportunity to visit the baseball shrine would present itself given our season and when he might make it to bring his 500th home run to Cooperstown.

He figures I am a jinx — not the first to consider that — at least as far as the weather was concerned.

"And then the day I was going to come down here we were supposed to get a storm," Jim laughed.  "I’m thinking, not again."


Speaking of snow, as we walked off the 16th green today, someone did remind us that we could be shoveling snow right now.

My spouse kept mentioning the temperature today each time I spoke to her on the phone … something like six degrees.  I’m not sure why.

Cora Corrections

Joey Cora was all over me this morning for claiming that I was at the complex at 6:30 a.m. the other day, saying I lied.  I told him I pulled into the parking lot, checked my messages and email and walked into the building at 6:43 am according to my car’s clock.  He still thinks I lied.

So, now I am correcting my "error."

And good to know Joey is reading … he must be bored.

See you bright and early tomorrow morning.


Laughs all around today at the long-expected diatribe by my favorite columnist in our favorite, albeit dramatically-shrinking-right-before-our-eyes, tabloid.  I think the best approach for those frustrated by his rantings (you all know the drill by heart: everything wrong in the world, including evidently now, talk radio, is Jerry’s fault; Ozzie is heading toward self-destruction; the media who cover the Sox on a daily basis are lapdogs, etc.) is this: consider how much of what he writes seems to be autobiographical.  That would go a long way toward explaining the in-print fixations, conspiracy theories, obsessions, paranoia and repeated rantings and ramblings on the same topics, over and over and over and over again.  Maybe instead of a weekly trip to Tony’s Dr. Melfi, a column spews forth?

I sent an email to Jerry this morning telling him that now, in addition to always listing his age, he is "nearing retirement."

I think he appreciated the news.

New Media

I’ve spent the last two nights talking by video call to my family in Chicago.  Pretty cool stuff to get to see and hear the kids during the month or so while I’m here in Tucson.  They bought the camera for me for Christmas and it is the perfect gift.

There’s something special about seeing a seven-year-old’s loose tooth rather than just hearing about it.

Golf Tourney News

Mark Salas was in the fivesome behind mine on Monday as we played our annual Dbacks/White Sox Charity Pro-Am at The Gallery Golf Course in Tucson.

With everyone watching, Salas took to a Par-3 tee with a Parsimmon (spelling?) wood in hand.

"That club is older than I am," a friendly PR guy yelled to him.

"I got this club from Wilson when I signed my very first professional contract," Salas replied.

"Then it is older than me," the PR guy answered.


Colon could potentially be a very good signing, however I’m worried they will give him more chances when he’s failing than they would to a younger guy in hopes that he will “come around again”. If the White Sox do this right they will know when to give up on him if he’s stinkin’ it up. Unless of course, he’s great!

New ways for the Sun Times to save money – our favorite columnist is so transparent in his musings that they don’t need paper to print it on.

i am a big fan of the colon signing. im not saying that he is going to win 15 games, but why not bring in a veteran who has potential to be decent? If Floyd and Danks fail (and i am more worried about Danks than Floyd) Colon might be able to put together a nice string of games. He started last season 6-0 i believe before he had arm problems again. hopefully dr. herm can work his magic and squeeze a year out of colon a la cal eldred circa 2000!

I’ll take Colon, most definitely. I think theres going to be some good baseball in the AL Central this year.

Far as Ozzie, I just don’t remember too much **** going on with him in 2005, then again I’m not so big on details anymore, but I remember telling a fellow Sox fan in 06, that too much BS was going on and we wouldn’t repeat. I don’t think his ‘candidness’ will be as effective as he thinks. Maybe initially, but I read a previous story a couple weeks ago, Cowley or something and here he is getting quoted with a plethora of f-bombs. I cringed, seriously, I have the mouth of a sailor, but I don’t do my best to showcase it. Specially not to strangers or the general public, I just don’t want the attention. I would just hope these guys in this organization from the front office (rieffert included) on down, focus on this season rather than promotion or ‘having the last word’. Let the game on the field determine that….

I find it interesting that the Colon story is on the Sox website, yet they are declining to confirm the deal.

Scott can we get some clarity on this?

I think having Colon on an incentive based contract would be a very good thing. That kind of contract you really have nothing to lose. Obviously there are a lot of concerns going into the season. Having Colon as an option would be a nice piece of insurance if he is healthy.

il be hot if they don’t sign him after i went through the day happy they did.

This is a ‘low-risk / high reward’ type situation. The Sox have nothing to lose by doing this.

Given Ozzie’s comments last week (and I’m paraphrasing) that Danks and Floyd aren’t locks for their jobs, this can only help matters, giving the Sox at least a semblance of a back-up plan.

At this point I’d also make a one year incentive based offer to guys like Weaver or Lohse..I mean what’s to lose?

Mark Liptak

I’d be ok doing an incentive based contract with Lohse also, but not Jeff Weaver. You could call him Gavin Floyd Sr. Serious confidence issues.

Mark – maybe you have more insight on this, but why would something show up on the White Sox website saying a deal had been reached. Of course that story was removed and replaced during the day today, but don’t the Sox control what is reported on their own website?


I really don’t know the in’s and out’s of the Sox website. That’s probably a better question to ask Scott directly, but I’m wondering if MLB has the ability to put things on team individual web sites and that someone published the story out of the league office.

All the teams individual web sites basically look alike and I think they were all set up for a basic format by MLB.

Anyway that’s just a guess. Someone put up the story quoting the D.R. newspaper and the Sox said ‘wait a minute’ and asked that it be removed. There is an updated story on this right now at Whitesox.com.

Remember though this appears to be close to what happened with Dotel, it took a few days but eventually proved to be true.

Mark Liptak

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