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Saturday, February 23, 2008


I just re-read some of the comments to by last post and realized I did, indeed, write "prostrate" and not "prostate."  It does make it funnier, although reinforcing that I am semi-illiterate (or at least it proves I don’t have an editor looking over my shoulder).


Sorry I missed yesterday but a series of conference calls, mini crises, etc. blew my day.  I was out of gas, went home and went to bed at 8 pm.  Exciting Friday night.

The last hour I’ve been getting text-message scoring updates from my son’s indoor soccer game in Frankfurt.  News is, they won, 10-7. 

Crede Update

Joe continues to undergo treatment on his hand both before and after workouts.  He fielded balls yesterday and today and should be full speed ahead soon.

Culture Shock

All during Ozzie’s clubhouse speech on Thursday and the first two days of workouts, I’ve wondered how this must all seem to Cuban Alexi Ramirez.  Omer Munoz translates for him, and I’m sure you’ve all read about how wiry Ramirez is.  Alexi homered yesterday in batting practice.  Today, with KW, Ozzie, Rick Hahn and a PR guy sitting down the left field line in golf carts, he scattered the group with a line drive.

Venezuelan Debate

Ozzie and infield instructor Manny Trillo were arguing the other day about who was the better offensive player during his career.

Guillen sent Pat O’Connell from the media relations staff to the computer where Pat pulled career numbers.

"Hah," Guillen screamed.  "Wait until I show him this!"

Ozzie topped Trillo in career batting, .264 to .263, had more career hits and appeared in more career games.


We open Cactus League play on Wednesday against the Rockies.  The game will be broadcast on WSCR Radio and online on  John Danks will start, followed by Jack Egbert, Ehren Wasserman, Andrew Sisco, Bobby Jenks, Boone Logan and Dewon Day.

You probably read that our entire team will be wearing NIU baseball caps that day to pay tribute to the school and the five students who lost their lives tragically earlier this month.  After the game, our guys will sign the hats and the White Sox are donating them to NIU to be used to raise money for a fund set up in the students’ memories.

Jose Contreras is scheduled to start Thursday’s game against Colorado at Hi Corbett Field.

The team will play intrasquad games on both Monday and Tuesday to prepare for Wednesday opener.  Neither intrasquad contest will be a full nine innings.

Typical Day

Every day in spring training is dictated by the official schedule, produced by bench coach Joey Cora.

At the top of the sheet is a favorite saying.  Today’s was:  "To think you can creates the force that can."

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule for the Sox:

9 am          Mini Stretching for Early Work

9:30          Full-Squad Stretch

10:05         Throwing

10:15          Defensive Work

10:35          Fundamentals (cut offs and relays)

10:50          Water Break

10:55          Baserunning, sliding and conditioning

                  Pitcher Fielding Practice

11:15          Conditioning

Tomorrow is a short day with no hitting.  Consider it a day of rest before the games begin next week.


Is your son playing in Frankfurt, Germany or Frankfort, IL? Maybe you could let Ozzie look over your posts before you put them up on the site. Seriously though, keep up the daily posts they are fantastic.

tomorrow, the guys throw for 10 minutes, hit the cut off man for 15 mins. and slide for another 20. i thought we were stressing Ozzie-ball and this doesn’t seem like a lot of fundamentals, or am i missing something somewhere? please elaborate. see you next week for a game or two. j.k. p.s. ain’t the weather great? (sorry for the dig, Chitown).

I was wondering if Scott’s son was in Germany, too! Hey, JK, enjoy your weather now and we’ll enjoy the regular season in Chicago! Is the auction for the hats going to be only in person, or will they do something on-line?


I was wondering the same thing myself. To hear Ozzie talk they were going to do very little BUT fundamentals this spring.

God knows they need the work.

Perhaps Scott can offer more insight, for example I was under the impression they were bunting EVERY DAY.

Mark Liptak

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