Sunday in Tucson

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Odds & Ends

With Tiger Woods and Stewart Cink on the big screen TV in the lunch room, White Sox players enjoyed an abbreviated day on Sunday with many heading out the door by noon.  Intrasquad games start tomorrow, so days will grow longer as we prepare for Wednesday’s Cactus League Opener.

A couple of players were heading to The Gallery Golf Course to catch the final 18 holes of today’s Match Play Championship.

I don’t get the whole rodeo thing, but it’s been extremely popular this spring in our clubhouse with up to nine guys taking in the action.  I’ve heard Tucson rodeo is the big time.  I’ll stick to golf.

Signs of Appreciation

So I’m driving down Campbell to the ballpark yesterday morning at 7:15 am (I’m late because I had to wait for the dry cleaner to open).

An ugly orange/rust-colored car in the lane next to me is driving erratically (at 7:15 am?).  It tries to force its way into my lane.  Almost stops abruptly.  I’m thinking, what in the world? 

The driver’s arm is up blocking his face and I notice a big watch, like a Rolex.  It looks like he’s trying to dial a phone.

I speed up to get away from the guy, and wouldn’t you know who it was?  Ozzie and Joey on their way in to the park.  After honking and tossing water on my car, we both made it in to camp.

Ozzie was making fun of me all morning about it.

Then Mr. Williams lights into me …

I’ve been working out each morning … basically, with the hopes of living longer (lower blood pressure, lose weight, etc.)

It seems the GM didn’t like my shorts.

"Don’t let him in here with those Pete Maravich shorts on," he informed Allen Thomas, our strength and conditioning coach.  "I don’t want to see those pale legs."

"So," I answered.  "I give a guy a little smack during a game of golf and this is what I get?"

"Those are soccer shorts," Thomas interjects.

"Maravich shorts."

I figure I have two options.  Get a pair of shorts that hang down below my knees for my next workout or roll my "short" shorts even higher just to show him I’m not giving in.

Good to know I’m appreciated.

Tomorrow is photo day, the annual early-morning, smile-for-the-camera sitdowns for players and staff with our scoreboard crew, team photogs, licensees, broadcast partners and card companies.  It’s always looked forward to by all.

I’ve give you some intrasquad game highlights tomorrow.



Good post, Scott. I just read on ESPN that Boston has signed Colon. Oh well:(

These are the terms of Colon’s deal:

“Under the terms of the agreement, Colon is not guaranteed any money, a baseball source told ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney. If he pitches in the major leagues, it will be for a low baseball salary with performance bonuses.”

Wow…I’m simply amazed the Sox couldn’t come to terms with him. Look at how little Boston is risking on this.

All I know is that Contreras, Danks and Floyd better **** well show up this season or this club is in a world of hurt.

Mark Liptak

I think you’re interpreting KW’s comments the wrong way, Scott. Go pick up a pair of runners shorts. You know, the ones with high slits on the side of the thigh. And a tube of self-tanner.

No Maravich shorts. No pale legs. Problem solved.

Scott, you seem to be quite a target for Ozzie, Joey, and Kenny. I think I’d go with the rolling up of the shorts! Was the Colon deal an example of one that got away, or did the Sox decided they really didn’t want to give him a shot? Or was it that the Red Sox were more attractive? Sure hope Colon is through, or WS fans are going to have a hard time with this one, since the Red Sox got him for nothing.

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