Day Late

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today’s Game

As someone dryly noted:  "Today is the first game of the games that don’t count."

Our lineup against the NL Champion Rockies

Bourgeois, CF

Cabrera, SS

Thome, DH

PK, 1B

Dye, RF


Fields, 3B

Uribe, 2B

Anderson, LF

Danks, LHP

Danks will be followed by Harrell, Wassermann, Sisco, Jenks, Logan, Day and Ohka.

The Rockies are countering with Franics, Towers, Redman, Koronka, Speier and Strop.

Remember, today’s game can be heard on WSCR Radio 670 AM and viewed on

We were 10-22-1 last spring, yikes, before going 12-11 in April to begin the season. We are happy these games don’t count, particularly when we play the Dbacks and Rockies, in that we have gone an amazing 2-21-2 vs. those two teams in Cactus League play since 2006, including an 1-11-1 record in 2007.  We are 1-11 vs. the Diamondbacks since 2006 and 1-10-2 vs. the Rockies.  It’s all Klein’s fault.

You’ll see us wearing NIU baseball hats today.  Our players will sign these after the game and we will hand them over to the school so that they can be auctioned off to support NIU’s fund.  Our players are also going to sign various items and we will auction those off at in March with proceeds going to NIU (if you care to show your support in this way).

Coming Up

Our pitching for the next fe days:

Thu, vs. Colo — Contreras, Linebrink, Russell, Vasquez, Haeger, Perez, Ohka

Fri, vs. Ariz — Buehrle, Broadway, Carrasco, Macdougal, Dotel, Harrell, Day

Sat vs. Ariz — Floyd, Logan, Jenks, Wassermann, Sisco, Haeger, Perez

For the opposition:

Thu — Aaron Cook

Fri — Brandon Webb

Sat — Dan Haren

(Go get um guys)


Sorry, but I tried to blog yesterday afternoon only to get repeated "Site under maintenance" messages.

My tee time was fast approaching (sorry, it likely was my last chance to play this spring) and then we had a staff dinner last night, so I didn’t get a chance to post.

So here are thoughts/observations from yesterday’s intrasquad game:

Two biggest stories … Joe Crede’s return to the field and Javier Vazquez’s performance on the mound.

Cede was 0-2 but made a copyrighted Joe Crede play on a slow roller.

"The best ever," someone yelled as Joe fielded the ball on the run in and fluidly fired to first for the out.

In his first at-bat, Vazquez struck Joe out with a tight breaking ball.

"Jeez," someone commented, "the guy hasn’t seen live pitching in seven months and Javy throws that hammer to him.  Not fair."

Vazquez was dealing, striking out three in 2.0 IP and throwing noticeably harder than anyone else over the two games.

Funniest moment:  When Brad Eldred, a large man, tripled into the left field corner in the fifth inning, he rounded second base to the chant, "C’mon Big Country."

Highlights … Konerko bomb off a Charlie Haeger non-knuckleball, Nick Swisher home run, dude.

Comments from Ozzie:

On Joe

"It was nice to see him back.  We’ll see how he feels tomorrow.  That’s the big question.  I was happy with what I saw.  We need to wait and see how his body reacts."

On Joe and Josh

"We need to get them both on the field (all this spring), take a good look at them and then pick the one who is going to do the best job for us."

On Javier

"Outstanding.  He’s so professional and goes about his business the right way."

On the games

"I see a lot of good things.  So far they’ve (the players) have done everything we’ve asked."

On roster decisions

We have three positions to decide by the end of spring, Ozzie said, indicating 2b, OF and the last pitcher.  Four guys will battle for the 2B spot, which likely will also determine who the extra outfielder will be.

"I’ll wait for the games," Guillen said.  "They are going to dictate who we take with us to Chicago."

And the games begin today.

Injury updates:  Jerry Owens is fine.  Removing him from the intrasquad game was precautionary.  Mark Buehrle threw a bullpen yesterday and is on schedule to start Friday.


thanks Scott for the glowing recognition! you probably are right, except that since we won it all in ’05 and i was alive at that time AND pulling for us to win, maybe,just maybe the klein-curse is overrated….. we shall see, and i will see you on friday. go Sox…..j.k.

Scott – thanks for all the spring updates! I have really enjoyed them!

Scott – I love reading your updates, especially during Spring Training. What golf courses would you recommend in Tuscon/Scottsdale? I will be down there for a few spring training games and I want to try and get at least 18 holes in. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

I was in my car all excited to finally hear baseball being played when Paul Konerko got a Tucson single (center fielder lost it in the sun), then JD lined a hit to right to put two on with 0 outs. Then AJ followed with a flyout and fields hit into a 5-4-3. Then they said Dewon Day is now pitching which made me shut the game off. Sure enough he got bombed and the Sox lost. Some things never change. Day should be cut right now.

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