Last Friday in February

Friday, February 29, 2008

Today’s Lineup at Arizona in TEP

Owens, CF; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Fields, 3B; Quentin, LF; Liefer, 1B; Uribe, 2B.  Buehrle pitching.

Also throwing:  Broadway, Carrasco, Macdougal, Dotel, Harrell.

Yesterday’s Highlights

Sorry, I forgot my wireless card for our game at Hi Corbett.

The highlights:  Jose Contreras looked great in his 2.0 IP … Alexi Ramirez was 4-5 with three runs scored, two doubles and an RBI … Nick Swisher had a two-run double … Brian Anderson was 2-5 with two RBI … Joe Crede played …  and we actually beat the Rockies for the first time since early March in 2006.

Notes and Items

When the White Sox take a split squad to Hermosillo, Mexico for Sunday’s game against the Dbacks, Minnie Minoso and Jerry Hairston will join the club for the trip.  Both starred in the Mexican League during their years as players, while Hairston met and married his wife in Hermosillo.

Robin Ventura is scheduled to make an appearance in camp for a few days starting March 6.  It will be great to see RV, who underwent a unique transplant on his right ankle (still one of the worst on-field injuries I have ever witnessed … the others, Iowa wrestler Randy Duncan, Chad Kreuter in that collision at home plate and Ozzie hurting his knee in 1992).

Proud papa Herm Schneider is hoping to see daughter Kaitlin when here University of South Florida softball team takes part in a tournament here in Tucson this weekend.


One good blog deserves another, and my fellow Sox fans might appreciate this baseball diary (with photos!) from the Daily Kos yesterday:

White Sox Nation is alive and thriving!

Hey Scott,

You probably have the best numbers on this, but I checked several other MLB team sites yesterday, to see what was on their blogs. It was very enlightening. I started with the Giants and the A’s, because those are the teams closest to “Silicon Valley” (where I live) and I figured they would have very active blogs. Turns out, the A’s don’t have a blog like this one, and the Giants’ blog has almost no comments in response to any of the recent posts. I think one recent post had one, or at most, two comments.

The Cubs? No “inside” blog like this one at all!

The Yankees’ blog is written by an MLB beat reporter, and also has no comments to recent posts.

The Twins have three(!) blogs, but none of them have any recent updates.

The Tigers are the only team with a comparably updated and interactive blog in my unscientific and random survey.

Just thought it might make everyone proud of what we have here, even more than you already were.

don’t short change contreras- he looked good in 3 innings not 2!

Cincy may have lost their shortstop due to a broken leg. Get on the horn Kenny!

The success of this blog it due to two factors. 1) Scott is trememdously generous with the little free time he has and provides us with great info. His wit and wisdom don’t hurt, either. 2) The normally-intelligent, and always passionate fans who make us our little community. The fans here are intelligent and insightful, and their comments are thought-provoking. It makes for an amusing addition to my baseball passion! -Dawn

We, the White Sox fandom, definitely are spoiled. Scott is a unique personality that makes his blogs very entertaining, that’s why it gets the attention that it does. He’s a pro, but he’s also a genuinely nice guy to put up with some of the retorts on this blog, and still come back for more. I’m glad to see the WS competitive in the spring so far, and that Ozzie is sticking to his guns of not just getting work in this spring. Talk of pitchers being ahead of hitters has me puzzled…or encouraged, seeing that our offense is looking great.

Here it is Sunday morning, March 2, and your last entry is for Friday. Got to move faster – where is Saturday’s game review? Ginny

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