Good Morning, Hermosillo

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hermosillo Bound

With half of the White Sox, including manager Ozzie Guillen, flying to Hermosillo, Mexico, for today’s 1 pm game there against the Dbacks, the rest of the White Sox, including yours truly, are preparing for our 1 pm game at TEP.

Minnie Minoso and Jerry Hairston are joining the team in Hermosillo.  Minnie and Jerry both starred in the Mexican League as players.  Hairston, who is in the Hermosillo team’s Hall of Fame, met his wife there and was married at home plate, prompting then-GM Roland Hemond to quip about the switch hitter, "I wonder what side of the plate he stood on?"

DYK the White Sox actually trained in Mexico City in 1907?  Hermosillo won the Carribean World Series representing Mexico in 1976 with Hairston on the team.

Today’s Lineup in Tucson

Ozuna, 2B; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Quentin, LF; Bourgeois, CF.  Vazquez pitching.  Also throwing today:  Linebrink, Ohka, Vasquez.

Pitching in Hermosillo:  Masset, Day, Carrasco, Haeger, Russell and Childers.

Odds & Ends

The White Sox 3-1 record in Cactus League play is our best start since also going 3-1 in 2004 … leadoff hitters have gone 7-17 (.412) with four doubles, five RBI, four walks and seven runs scored.

We have scheduled B Games at Colorado on 3/6 and vs. the Rockies on Field 4 on 3/10.

Planes vs. Bus

Today’s trip to Hermosillo (via plane) will likely still be shorter than tomorrow’s trip to Suprise (via bus) to take on the Royals.  John Danks takes the mound, along with Wassermann, Jenks, Logan, Macdougal and Dotel.


No comments about the new photos on my Blog, OK?  We needed to change it up a little, so this is the best we could offer during spring training …


I thought Harrell was scheduled to throw again today in Tucson?

Hey Scott:

I trust your having a good time in Mexico, my favorite vacation destination. Remember, don’t drink the (water) and that includes eating salads…

I can wait to see Nick Swisher in a White Sox uniform and his batting ritual!

That’s the same kind of profile pic Grantland Rice would have if he were around today! Great new look, Scott!


Can’t even make nice comments, Scott? I like the look! Your spring training insight has been great! Thanks for keeping us on the inside.

Only better photo would be Ken, Ozzie, Coop, or Cora next to you in the dugout pontificating to or arguing with you. In fact, that would be a pretty funny pic–they’re debating the fate of the Sox, and you’re sitting between them, taking it all down. Autographed copies could be handed out on blog night.

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