Surprise Monday

Monday, March 3, 2008

Today’s Lineup

Richar, 2B; Ramirez, SS; Fields, 3B; Dye, RF; Liefer, DH; Quentin, LF; Anderson, CF; Eldred, 1B; Armstrong, C.  Danks pitching.

Also throwing:  Wassermann, Jenks, Logan, MacDougal, Dotel.


Guys had a great time in Hermosillo yesterday — other than the result — and laughed about how much easier it would be to get to Hermosillo compared to today’s bus ride to Surprise.


Today is the first spring telecast by Comcast Sports Net Chicago, Ken Harrelson and Darrin Jackson.

It will be a first look for many of you at Alexi Ramirez.


Already the smart-aleck remarks have begun about my sorry new blog photo …

"I thought you wanted people to buy tickets," one friend wrote.  "Why have that be the first thing people see on your site?"

Love the support.


SOOO very excited. We have the DVR set to record today’s game… 50 degrees in the Windy City yesterday, baseball on TV today..Spring can’t be far behind =) -Dawn

I think it is time for the Sox to just release MacDougal. If they keep him for their Opening Day roster he will be wasting a roster spot.

Oh and when do we work on holding runners? Is that scheduled for later in March?

The wonderful Mac has struck again!

Scott-Me and the boys were excited to be able to watch the Sox for the first time this year. Spring fever is in the air. Charlie

Where do I go for the fire MacDougal website? I wondered right from the start, why would KC give up any kind of pitcher, and why did the Sox think they had any kind of pitcher worth while?? Huh?? (in voice of Archie Bunker) They should also trade Sisco for Poncho, and see if he’s any better.

i know that it’s only the first full week of spring training, but i see a recurring theme here and since Scott put the blame on me for our first loss “it’s klein’s fault” i should have some say in matters here. the recurring theme i speak of is our boy Mac getting hammered EVERY time our. with an era of 22+ it should be evident to everyone in the organization that a mistake was made in obtaining MacDougall for Ross Gload and it’s time to eliminate the mistake. you can trade him or break his arm or put out a contract on him, but do NOT break camp with him. if it’s broken, fix it, and in any reasonable measure, Mac is broken, so let someone else harness his “great” stuff and may we please move on now?????

i like what i see from Ramirez so far… Juan who????? j.k.

sorry to rant. that was almost kenwo-esque, and i will try to keep things in proper perspective as i usually do….. oh wait, i did keep things in perspective, hey Kenny, move him out……. j.k.

Well JK.. Couldn’t agree more on either count. MacD is just …. I guess all I can think of is ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Didn’t like him with KC and I had forgotten that we gave up Gload for him.
On a positive note, just watched Ramirez hit a stand up triple to score a few…. Other than than the kid being so skinny that I want to give him a sandwich, I do like what I see.

Also saw the new commercial about the “Sweep”…thought it was clever. I love the new slogan about passion and swagger. -Dawn

The Sox have two choices with MacDougal.

First they can simply cut him and admit they blew it big time with him. It happens to all teams sooner or later.

Or because he has one option remaining they can ship him back to Charlotte and hope he can figure out what is wrong.

Oh by the way, did anyone notice Boone Logan got lit up again today? With him and Thornton who apparently has some arm issues, the Sox may also need a left hander who can actually get hitters out for a change.

Mark Liptak

That was almost a KenWo type rant- but I know that gload was traded for sisco not mcdougal and i would have used a lot more 4 letter words. Mcdougal needs to get sent away. Cut him, trade him, shoot him, burn him, hang him, bury him…..just dont let him make the sox opening day roster.

Ramirez looked pretty good…Richar looked lost. It looks to me like Uribe and Ramirez will make the team and not Richar.

A major rumor has been Crede to the Giants for Noah Lowry….if you didn’t notice Lowry pitched one inning Monday and walked 9 GUYS!!!!!- 9! hopefully this isn’t the guy we get for Joe.

9 walks!!! That is crazy! Did I miss something or is Jerry Manuel now sleeping in the Giants dugout??? I’m bettin that Lowry is ready to leave SF after his coaches left him out there like that to embarass himself. If a guy can’t find the zone you can’t hang him out to dry like that.

I think what you are doing is a good thing for Sox fans keep up the good work let’ make this season like 2005.

Thanks for everything Chris Singleton. Welcome to the booth Stone Pony!

The best to you, Chris. AND, yes indeed, can’t wait for the steady diet of Stoney on the radio, teamed with Farmer, we got a great listen to look forward to this season! Please, please, please, don’t let Joe go for peanuts. I’d rather keep him this year for a run, than help some other team out.

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