Angels Tuesday

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

White Sox vs. Angels at TEP


Owens, CF; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Swisher, LF, AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B; Anderson, RF.  Contreras pitching.

Also throwing … Broadway, Carrasco, Thornton.

Radio Team Changes

If you didn’t hear this morning’s news, Chris Singleton is leaving our broadcast booth for a new career in sports television and Steve Stone has agreed to fill in with Ed Farmer for the 2008 season.

The duo should debut from TEP on March 7.


Well how about that. Although I did think Chris got better, his play by play still was a bit brutal. Steve is such a knowledgable baseball guy. I’m excited to hear them. Oh and let me jump on the put us out of our MacDougal misery train. PLEASE! I can’t do another season of that!

That is all I have to say.
I have to talk the wife into it now.

That is good to hear. I think Singleton would be much better off doing games on TV where you don’t have to do a descriptive play by play as much.

Bill – great suggestion! I may have to pick that up. I have always wondered why there was no TIVO type item for the radio.

With no personal disrespect intended towards Chris Singleton, this makes the Sox radio broadcasts a lot better and easier to listen to.

Congrats to the Sox for being able to come to terms with Steve on this.

Mark Liptak

Steve Stone will be a great addition to the booth. If we can only get rid of Farmer now!

Good to have Stone on board.
No, thank you, to uribe being an everyday player, I would put 3 guys ahead of him at second base. Been there seen that, the that being uribe.

farmer was fine while Rooney was there. It was the move to play-by-play that didn’t work so well. I think with Stone and Farmer, everything will be quite good.

Congrats to Chris for moving to ESPN. He should do well there.

I am oh so happy to get Stoney back in a baseball radio booth again though. WOOHOO!

What a brutal schedule the sox have starting the season. Yet, It could work in their favor, with low scoring games in the cold weather. The sox look like they will have a knock out bull pen, so they shold have a good chance to win the close games with their relief pitcher. I am rooting for alexi at second base, believe he is a guy that will hit in the clutch. But he may not be that good at second because of lack of experience playing there, that being the only draw back.

cor. relief pitching not pitcher

For all you youngsters out there… if you remember the job I did for most of my career on the North Side propping that senile old man up… I’ll try and do the same thing with that grumpy old former reliever…
A non-direct quote from Stone Pony…

I must say that I was indeed suprised to hear of the change…coming only one broadcast into the schedule…

Getting to on-field related items…

kenwo… Teacher, how about this solution for the problem known as “Space Mountain” Mac Dougal?… The old Jamie Navarro solution…

Very simply… cut off his head, arms and legs and make second base out of him…

Ditto for “Daniel” Boone Logan or any other rag-arm who gets lit up like Michigan Avenue during the Disney Christmas Parade…

The White Sox need those bums like I need a third eye…

To peggy writes…Thank you for you kind response to my observation about SF and Oakland…but there is one thing I need to correct you on…

Mr Quaid was my late father…

I go by a variety of names…

Tom, TQ, Quaid, Q… everything up to and including “Hey, stupid”…

Which, I am sure, some of the members of White Sox Universe have wanted to use over tyhe last(nearly)three years that this site has been operational…

Finally, on a non-related topic…

I get the biggest kick out of these political candidates who get endorsements for their campaigns from the bigger names around, who extol the virtues that the candidate have…then have to say at the end of the spot…

“I’m so-and-so, and I approved this message.”

What, like they’re going to turn down the endorsement?

By the way, Mr Reifert…I hope you noticed that nowhere have I denounced your new photo… If you look back, I said that Ron Vesely did an outstanding job on the shot…
I don’t know who has been saying bad things about it… but that hasn’t come from this corner…

(Boy, oh, boy… am I a brown nose or WHAT???)

yep! add that to your list of names: Tom BN (brown nose)Quaid……hee hee hee,,,,, hey Scott, i’ll see you manana at hi corbett. j.k.

oh jeez. who let DLeeun back onto the board. I was hoping he would be shipped out with Mcdougal but it didn’t happen. I have always questioned the people who blame everything from the parking ticket they got on their car on Juan Uribe. To me he does a good job in the field and there is no other hitter in the 9 hole on any team in the league that produces as much as he does. Sure he takes wild swings but if youre going to blame the white sox offensive woes on Juan Uribe you are blaming the wrong man. I hope he wins the job, at least you know you will get solid D 20 homers and 65 rbi’s.

Dleeun has ramirez as a clutch hitter? why? because he got a triple in a spring game? come on man give this guy some time before you start comparing him to harold baines!!!!

stoney will be an upgrade over chrissy in the booth. I wish chris all the best at ESPN though. He was a class act throughout his playing and broadcasting career.

also farewell to brett favre. Im not a bear or packer fan but he was pretty amazing for the last 15 years.

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