Swisher Heroics

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sox Win

Nick Swisher’s two-run double in the bottom of the ninth inning helped the White Sox to a 7-6 victory Tuesday over the Angels.

"That’s what we brought him here for," said Ozzie Guillen, who noted that only a fluke kept Swisher in the game for all nine innings.  "It was a great deicison by the manager," smirked Guillen.

"On the field, off the field, that’s what we need," Guillen said.  "He doesn’t like to lose."

Paul Konerko went 3-3, Swisher 2-4 with three RBI and A.J. Pierzynski added a bases-loaded double.

"Every time the lineup is out there, we’re a pretty exciting team," said Guillen about the Sox, who improved to 4-4 on the spring.

Jose Contreras started for the Sox and was impressive over his 3.0 IP.

"Best he’s thrown in a while," said Guillen.  "He’s more aggressive.  We told him to be aggressive and see what happens.  The ball was coming out of his hand really well today.

"Last year, I think he lost confidence and velocity," said the manager.  "Pitching is about throwing strikes, hitting your spots and throwing the big pitch.  He didn’t do that last year, but I knew he had too much pride to let that happen again."


To Javier Vazquez and his wife on the birth today of a little girl (name TBD).

Vazquez left camp to join his growing family in Puerto Rico.

"I hope Javy doesn’t have the same doctors Uribe had," said Guillen.  "When Uribe’s wife had a kid, he was gone so long the kid was two years old before he got back."


NIU Athletic Director Jim Phillips visited camp today to thank Ken Williams, Ozzie and the Sox for the support the organization showed for the DeKalb school during its recent tragedy.

Phillips delivered NIU gift bags to Williams and Guillen.

Enough Already

Enough abuse about the bad photos of me …

"Did you do something to make the photographer mad at you?"

"Honey, you look really fat."

"Really, as a friend, I need to tell you these don’t look good.  I’d hope you do the same for me."

"You’re a Vice President of the White Sox and you have that photo on-line?"

"Dad, that photo on your blog … it’s really bad." (then laughter)


congrats to Javy and Wife on the birth of their daughter. but what kind of a name is that for a girl? “TBD” really! there has to be something a little cuter than that!!?? (j.k.) just kidding…..

and who is making fun of our fearless hero? sounds like another family situation to me. hey Scott, we still love you. you can move in with TQ and me if all else fails. i’ll bring the beer to get some meat on those bones of yours…. more j.k……. but i will see you tomorrow and we can discuss your workout regimine, or lack thereof……… j.k……………………

uh, make that regimin. and thanks for your indulgence…. j.k.

i better watch it three strikes and i’m out…. regimen…. tada…(now you all know what the schools are like in Az)(or at least the attention span of a certain student). oh, brother…

Much hugs to Anna and all if you want them.Deborah, I know what you mean by But it was very much in the category of ’sex where connset was obtained under duress.’ It’s an odd, nebulous category and I can never make up my mind about how I feel about it. (Not Mr Bene, btw.)

Hey Scott, we have no problems with your photos! I thought it was a nice touch for the blog.

If you have any influence, remind the powers in the organization that in the AL Central, we can’t afford a “project pitcher” like Mac. Either he starts getting hitters out, or we need to bring in someone who can.

you kind of look like an internet predator to be honest.

I know it is going back a bit. If anyone is planning a trip to see the Sox in San Fransisco and is was scared off by Mr Quaid’s winter comments, this was taken from http://www.wunderground.com:

Trip Planner Weather

San Francisco, CA from 1978 to Present —

Historical Summary for May 16 – May 20


The Average High Temperature is 69 F with a historical range of 56 F to 93 F

The Average Low Temperature is 51 F with a historical range of 44 F to 66 F

(3 days out of 135 in historical record)

Most consecutive days found in historic record: 1

There is a 98% chance of a Warm Day (temperature over 60°F / 16°C).

(132 days out of 135 in historical record)

Most consecutive days found in historic record: 5

There is a 0% chance of a Freezing Day (temperature below 32°F / 0°C).

(0 days out of 135 in historical record)

Most consecutive days found in historic record: 0

Daily Precipitation:

The Average Daily Precipitation is 0.04 with a historical range of 0.00 to 0.32

There is a 8% chance of a Precipitation Day.

(11 days out of 135 in historical record)

Most consecutive days found in historic record: 2

Cloud Cover:

Average Cloud Cover is mostly sunny

There is a 24% chance of a Cloudy Day.

(13 days out of 55 in historical record)

Most consecutive days found in historic record: 2

I wish that was what Chicago winters were like.

Kenwo, when I read your post, I literally laughed out loud here in the office. Funny stuff!

“He’s going to have to pitch his way off [the active roster],” Cooper said of MacDougal. “As far as locks, we just want him to be right.

Hasn’t he already done that, Mr. Cooper, in the summer of 2007?

If his performance in NOT an example of pitching his way off, I don’t think I want to know what would be…. Not since the latter days of Billy Koch, do I recall Sox fans collectively groaning when one of our pitchers took the mound….

I remember that we also groaned when Damaso Marte would come in towards the end of his WS career. How ’bout when he loaded up the bases, and El Duke put on the cape and got the side out?

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