Wednesday at Hi Corbett

Today’s Lineup

Swisher, CF; Ramirez, SS; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Fields, 3B; Liefer, 1B; Anderson, LF; Richar, 2B.  Buehrle pitching.

Also throwing:  Vasquez, Linebrink, Dotel, Russell, Wassermann, Perez.

Best pre-game moment:

Starting pitcher Mark Buehrle complaining that he nevers gets to bat even though we keep playing all these "road" games at National League parks.  The Dbacks, Sox and Rockies use the DH even if the NL team is home.


Does Mr Buehrle want a reason why pitchers never bat?
I’ll be pleased to offer him some long-ago examples…

And, as Casey Stengel (he managed for a long time in the major leagues, children…boy, do I ever feel OLD writing THAT…)used to say…”You can look it up.”

There was a pitcher named Bob Buhl, who, I think went 2 for 12…that is, two hits in twelve seasons in the majors…

Dean Chance was another automatic out…

Not every pitcher can be a threat with the bat like a Carlos Zambrano or Mike Hampton…

Buerhle still sees Garland’s homerun in Cincinnati two seasons ago… and thinks he can do the same thing…

Please,for the love of the Good Lord, Mark…make your decision the one where you stay as a very good pitcher…

they really don’t need another weak-butted bat at the end of the lineup…

I just finished looking up the numbers for those two players I mentioned…
Bob Buhl, in 15 major league seasons, had 76 hits in 857 at bats, with 38 walks and 389 strikeouts…

Dean Chance,in 11 seasons, had 44 hits in 662 at bats, with 30 walks and 420 strikeouts…

Need I say any more, Mr Buehrle?

Well, TQ, I look at it this way..It’s spring training, and the outcome of the games doesn’t really matter. So, if it would make our star pitcher happy, let him swing the bat =) I’m all for keeping the talent (notice I say talent…not mentioning other certain pitchers) satisfied.

While the outcome of the games does not matter I think the Sox are taking a much more serious approach to everything this spring, and of course that includes getting plate appearances for the guys that need them. Mark does not need them. He needs to worry about winning 18+ games this year.

The Sox have realized that spring matters now. Ask the hitters who could not hit the first half of last season. It was a carry over from their performance in the spring.


okay, everybody, picture this. game time temp is 72 with a breeze in from left of about 5 mph. as the game progressed however it got windier and colder. after two and a half hours as the game was ending we were down to a frigid 68 with the wind coming in at 15-18 mph. i guess i should keep this in perspective as they announced the temps in Chicago and denver at 31 and 26 respectively. but hey, i’m from tucson and i crave hot weather.

now picture this: we took advantage of three rockies errors to plate a couple of runs. we ran the bases well and move runners up/over. we even tried an unsuccessful squeeze bunt in the 8th, but hey we TRIED it. now visualize this one; we picked off a runner and it wasn’t done by Mark, but by Adam Russell in the bottom of the eighth! heck, Thome almost beat out a slow roller down the first base line! what does all this mean? to me i see the return of Ozzie-ball. even out double and triple A guys are working on this style. i gotta run, but this game was played well and except for a bit of lackluster fielding late in the game it looked like a regular season game. woo-hoooo! so far this year klein is 2-0 when attending games. anybody want to buy me a ticket for the rest of the year? j.k.

Glad to see the Sox taking Spring a bit more seriously, and doing well at it!

For billb and anyone else thinking of visiting San Francisco for the Sox games there, I posted the other day that the weather will not be the way you may remember it from the old Candlestick park.

If you’re coming out to SF for a game, email me and let’s see if we can get a White Sox cheering section going!

tell you what, john. if your streak continues, come on up to chicago and i’ll be happy to provide tickets for you and pat to see a game or two or three or….

klein, If you keep posting as well as your past few, Scott may put you on the payroll!

thanks Maria for the kind thoughts in both written and vocal form, and thanks also to blakeheem, the checks are in the mail. j.k.

John, Thanks for your posts of games you are seeing. Your comments are encouraging and I hope they are back to Ozzie Ball. Hey if you do get up to Chicago, I’ll throw a game in for you too!


Tom Q, jklein, dbrusa, kenwo….How I have missed you all!!! I’ve been reading the blog again since the beginning of Spring Training and I am so excited to read all your comments.

Great posts Scott…kenwo, I actually laughed out loud at you post regarding Scott’s picture, as well as the comment made by his daughter.

I want to also jump on the “Dump McDookie” band wagon!!! This guy is killing me!! Even my 12 yr old daughter groans out loud whenever we hear his name!! Hence, the name “Mc Dookie” cause that’s how he pitches.

All in all we’re having a pretty good spring training huh? My husband was psyched about the Stone teaming up with Farmio.

Can’t wait for the regular season to begin. Keep the blogs coming guys! You make my day!


Oh and one more thing…I really like what I’m seeing and hearing about Swisher, Ramirez, and Cabrera…let’s hope that is just the tip of the iceburg and they have lots more to display talentwise during the regular season when it really counts.

Plus, I would LOVE it if I were to see and hear more about ALL players practicing on how to get that bunt down at will.

What kind of name is Hi Corbett? The “tweaks” are starting to concern me, Owens and Quentin, most of all.

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