Thursday at TEP

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today’s Schedule

Just walked in from our B Game over at Hi Corbett Field this morning.  It started at 10 am, and I left early for a meeting back at the ballpark.

Our lineup for later today against the Rangers:

Swisher CF; Cabrera SS; Thome DH; Konerko, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Anderson, LF; Uribe, 2B; Phillips, C.  Floyd was supposed to start but was scratched this morning due to flu-like symptoms.  Charlie Haeger and Tomo Ohka will take up his innings.

No Joke

Walked into the traning room this morning at 7:08 am (got that, Joey?) and what was playing on the local Tucson FM radio station?  Steve Perry, Journey and Don’t Stop Believin’ … go figure.


to answer someone’s earlier question: Hi Corbett field in tucson was named after state senator Hiram Corbett who was a force in getting the indians to come to tucson in 1945. at the time Bill Veeck owned the tribe as well as owning a ranch in the area. gotta go for now, but i’ll see you all later, and i will take you all up on your offer of tickets when i come to Chicago later this year. when does it warm up there exactly anyway? j.k.

Thanks for the info, JK. Is 50 degrees farenheit okay for you? Come over next week when we hit it. What’s Floyd doing getting the flu in all that beautiful weather out there?

Hey Scott, I clicked on “ABOUT” above your picture…you might want to change 2006 to 2008.

BTW, Gio pitched 3 scoreless against the Cubs today, giving up one infield hit and one walk.


Ol’ MacDougal actually pitched a scoreless inning this afternoon!


Of course Boone Logan continues with his usual work of allowing runs.

Thornton better be right this year or the Sox are going to have to go out an get a lefty for the bullpen.

Mark Liptak

I’d like to see Vasquez get some MLB time this year.

Looks like you can forget the Crede for Lowry rumors…at least for now:

Does anyone else need a 3rd baseman? Dodgers maybe??

Mark Liptak

Although I haven’t been able to see any games and am going off of just box scores it seems like BA has been playing well thus far. He’s swinging a pretty good bat and showing good plate discipline with 5 walks so far. And it seems like every time I check a box score he’s got another outfield assist.
To those that have been watching the games, has he actually been playing well, or has he just been beating up on a bunch of no namers?

Brian has been playing very well in my opinion. you’re right about him turning in outfield assists, i saw one wed when he threw out a runner at second trying to stretch a single into a double. but his bat is sizzling and you called it right about his plate discipline. the only thing is the other guys in front of him in the outfield. J.D. is a lock of course and Swisher will be out there too. so that leaves one spot for Pablo, Quentin,Jerry,and BA to battle for. i wish him luck, but so far he’s making his own luck.. j.k. reporting from the front(tucson)…

I’d say that spot is between Owens and BA at this point. Right now advantage BA because of Owens’ health. What confuses me though is why are they battling for left field. Both guys are natural center fielders. I know Swisher has some experience there and is a much better player than the guy BA platooned with in 2006, but have we not been down this road before? If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it!

Ditto, Jim. I can’t figure out why they talk about Brian and left field. It seemed his fielding in center was his strong point for the last two years, and Swish has no speed, but plenty of heart. I don’t get it. Maybe they just really want him to be the “new” Rowand cult hero.

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