Split Squad Friday

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Bruin

Groundskeeper Roger Bossard is beside himself this morning after "his" UCLA Bruins (and you thought they were John Wooden’s) beat Standford last night.


To Steve Stone and Ed Farmer who broadcast their first game togther today on WSCR Radio 670 AM.


We sent a pretty potent lineup to Tempe today for that game:

Swisher, CF; Ramirez, SS; Konerko, DH; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B; Eldred, 1B; Wise, LF.  Broadway pitching.

At home vs. the DBacks it is:

Ozuna, LF; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; Fields, 3B; Liefer, 1B; Anderson, LF; Negron, RF; Lucy, C; Bourgeois, CF.  Masset pitching.

We are a little banged up right now with some nicks … hurting are Carlos Quentin, Jerry Owens, Scott Linebrink, Gavin Floyd (flu) and Toby Hall.  Nothing is serious, but with two games today, we’re a little thin.

RV in the House

Robin Ventura came to camp for a few days to hang out and see a few friends.  I was giving him a hard time yesterday trying to get him to put on a uniform.  We’ll see if I can wear him down.

St. Baldrick’s

Josh Fields and Jerry Owens are shaving their heads today to support the St. Baldrick’s campaign against cancer.  Pat Elwood from FOX 32 is down to film the shaving.  Owens has grown quite the distinctive Afro, so he’ll look funny bald.

"I figure I can just let it grow all season then," said Owens.


I thoguht Roger Bossard attended Purdue?


Bet Roger would be interested in that article about Li’l Romeo and USC…unbelievable.



Yikes! Today looked like a very bad flashback to the nightmare that was 2007.

Looks like we won’t have to worry about kids like Haegar Massett and Broadway making this club now or in the future.

One pitcher to keep an eye on..D.J. Carrasco. Another three innings..no runs, one hit.

Mark Liptak

According to SI, Freddy Garcia is still on the market. *If* he’s healthy, maybe the Sox should think about bringing him back. We don’t look to have the strongest rotation right now, and if Mac stays in the bullpen, that’s kinda shaky, too.

Garcia probably won’t be ready until mid season due to the offseason shoulder work. He may also miss the entire year.

Mark Liptak

Well at least the “potent” lineup managed to score A run today!

I am actually hoping that the Cubs will need to use our park during their overdue renovations. I am very interested to see what kind of crowds they will draw. I know one thing, it will be their true baseball fans. I respect those people. What just drives me nuts is the people at The Shrine who go there to get drunk and stare at the ivy. That place always will be an open air bar too me. Every time I have been there as an adult it has been a bad experience.

The Sun Times ran a poll last week asking if you would attend a Cubs game if the stadium were not named Wrigley Field. Last I heard “will not attend” had won that poll. That either just shows how many Wrigley fans are out there, or that more than half the Cubs fans are just idiots.

Okay, so if they have to use US Cellular Field, Mr. Reinsdorf should charge them up the ying yang!!!! I actually hate the idea of them mucking up “our” field and planting their bad luck seeds like cooties!! Why can’t they just play at Soldier Field or Grant park?
IDK guys, aside from generating more revenue, I don’t like this idea. What do you guys think?


Lisa-I agree with you, I don’t like the idea either.. just gives me a bad ‘mojo’ feeling if you know what I’m talking about. No matter what the cost.. go to Soldier Field!

If I were going to make a wager on this I’d say they will play in Milwaukee which is actually easier to reach for a lot of those people then coming down to U.S. Cellular.

Mark Liptak

The White Sox/Jerry Reinsdorf do not own the cell, they pay money to play there like rent.

And reality smacks us in the face…. Had hoped Masset would have some good showings, well, when’s Egbert gonna get going? Would prefer to see the flubs elsewhere if not at all.

As to the “possiblity?” of the North Siders heading to the Cell IF Jurassic Park at Neverland is renovated…anyone out there(except for Lip and klein)recall when the Yank-mes were renovating the big ballpark in Fort Apache, the Bronx, back in 1974 and 1975?…They had to use Shea Stadium…
The only reason the Cell was brought up as a possible siote is merely because Thillens Stadium isn’t available any more…

Speaking of not being available any more…who has been suffering the most damage the last few days, regarding pitching, lack of same,and a ton-o-runs allowed?

The kids who are getting a chance to show what they can do in simulated situations…

What they can do?

They can get their heads handed to them, and get ready for the first round of cuts back to the farm…

Unfair? Yes…but there are only a few spots left, with an 11 man pitching staff pretty much set upon…


It is my understanding that yes Jerry Reinsdorf pays rent to use U.S. Cellular Field but, and this is in big letters, BUT it is also my understanding that HE HAS FINAL APPROVAL regarding the use of the facility by anyone and that’s in the contract…that means the Cubs, Bruce Springsteen, a movie company…anyone.

Perhaps Scott can clarify.

Mark Liptak


It’s not unfair when the “can’t miss kid” pitchers can’t pitch. They need to be let go to either Charlotte or in the case of some of the refuse from last year’s bullpen, released.

The Sox dropped some of them from last year, now they need to cut the cord on ALL the rest.

Mark Liptak

The stat geeks at Baseball Prospectus are out with their numbers which say 77 wins for the Sox.

Naturally Dave van **** is making a big deal on this at the Tribune web site talking about how they got the Sox exactly right last year.

Question for Dave, did BP get it right in 2005?

Or did BP get the three straight divisional titles won by the Twins right?

The silence speaks volumes on this issue.

Mark Liptak

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