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Monday, March 10, 2008

Back in The Cold

I’m back in Chicago for a few days, mainly to check in with staff and see the installation begin for our brick Champions Plaza at Gate 4, which by the way, is looking very, very cool.

Bricks are going down — weather permitting.  Once the palza is complete, the white bronze and black granite center piece will be installed and then covered until the unveiling on April 11.

The final piece is the landscaping around Gate 4, including brick work and installation of special monuments to our retired numbers.

I can’t wait to see it all completed.  Christine O’Reilly has been working on this project for two years.  Believe me when I say, she can’t wait to see it finished either.

Today’s Lineup

Bourgeios, CF; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Swisher, LF; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B.  Buehrle pitching, followed by Wassermann, Jenks, Logan and Linebrink.


Fit into a White Sox uniform on Friday and was leaving camp on Saturday, so I missed his last day.  Good to see RV, who was laughing that he’s even been snowboarding on his "new and improved" ankle.


I met a hero on Friday at our game in Tucson.  I’ll write more about Sgt. Del Torro when I get a chance.

I’m back to Tucson (which, sadly, I tend to call "home" during Feb/March) late Tuesday night and will be back working out bright and early Wednesday morning.


Scott, don’t feel sad that you call Tucson “home” during February and March, just like you shouldn’t have felt sad about calling Sarasota home at the same time before 1998…
You are getting to do what most of us, if not all, would give their everything for…

Being with a major league baseball team for an entire season, from the incubator of spring training through the growing process that, sometimes, ends in late October…

By the way, when you get back to TEP,find out,if you’d even want to,about the reaction, if any, to the latest blast of doggerel from our friend the Weathervane in today’s tabloid…

If it wasn’t so pathetic, it might be somewhat amusing…

What makes it even more ridiculous is the fact that he doesn’t even show up to defend himself without having a Secret Service security detail to “protect” him…

Absolutely pathetic…

Wow, can’t stop talking smack about someone who can’t stop talking about your organization….. way to break the vicious cycle.

What is up with that Anderson kid, s’ got some desire right now. Good, take it when ya can….

TQ – If you hate him so much don’t read his column. I don’t bother any more. I used to read him all the time, and it would just make me mad.

On Mac Jurko & Harry this afternoon they were talking about what attendance would be like if the Cubs had to play at the Cell for a period of time. Someone then asked what if the roles were reversed. Curious to see if Sox fans would go to less games if they had to go to the Shrine to watch the Sox.

I would still go to a few games, but not nearly as many because it is extremely inconvenient to get to The Shrine. I also love the ammenities the Cell offers like urinals, good food and parking lots to name a few.

Scott (or anyone):

When are the first Sox cuts of the spring going to take place.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I can immediately think of four or five pitchers who should be on it.

Mark Liptak

Listened to Hawk and Dj the other day talking about why they did not want a shortstop,Uribe with his on base percentage and overall play thus trading Garland. Why then would the team want Uribe at second base it is not dif. on base percentage at 2nd or shortstop. Still think their is a descent change sox make a trade crede and uribe to giants. I have a hard time getting up to watch games with uribe in the line up, just down on the guy.

I have a hard time reading the blog when dleeun posts. i am just down on the guy. Who is better- Uribe at second or Dleeun on the blog? my pick is Uribe by far. go away

I can’t make much sense of it either. He does have a right to be here though.

I feel like I really accomplished something when I can get through dleeun’s post and halfway understand what he is trying to say. But, I think he is saying that Uribe’s field work was not the problem, it was his work with the bat that was suffering. I agree, why will that change at second base?

I agree, dleeun’s strong point may not be English, but he is correct. What difference does it make? Uribe will still have the same struggles no matter what position he plays. I have always said Ozzie has stuck with him because he reminds him of himself, except Uribe’s wild swings have more power to them.

I like Uribe defensively, and he does get some pop in his bat. The problem is that pop lasts about a week and then goes away for two months.

Personally I wish they would have given Pablo a chance at the full time job at 2nd base, but I do like what I have seen from Ramirez. I think trading Uribe could get us more in either pitching help or to help restock the depleted farm system.

actually it’s now tuesday-tuesday, but since Scott is in Chicago today we can give him some slack. tomorrow i put my perfect (2-0) spring record on the line, when my wife and daughter and granddaughter visit tep for the game. i’ll post manana after the game with my “insightfull” observations….. j.k. later all.

p.s. i agree with you about dleen, but i pay him no attention, but i got a kick out of kenwo’s jibe….. go you kenwo, but be carefull, you’re becoming mainstream….j.k.

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