Return to Tucson

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back Where It’s Warm

I flew back to Tucson late last night, forgetting my house keys and car keys in Chicago, of course.  It’s good to be back where it’s warm.

My two main reasons for heading to Chicago were:  1. to check out the progress on the crews laying the inscribed bricks on the Champions Plaza at Gate 4 (it looks great) and 2. check in on the design group as they worked to complete the scorecard, first edition of the program and yearbook by Opening Day.  Right now, is crunch time.

This weekend is our annual investor/sponsor trip, so plenty of Chicagoans will be down for Friday and Saturday’s games.

Tomorrow is our lone off day of the spring, so don’t count on much news out of here or this blog.

Cut Day

Ozzie spent the morning calling guys into his office in the first round of cuts in camp.  It’s something he hates to do.  Once everyone has been told, we’ll release the information to the public.

Today’s Lineup

Bourgeios, CF; Cabrera, SS; Swisher, 1B; PK, DH; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Anderson, LF; Uribe, 2B.  Vazquez returns to start.

Also pitching will be:  Dotel, Carrasco, Logan, Egbert and Linebrink.

Upcoming Pitching

Friday vs. Oakland:  Contreras

Sat vs. Cubs:  Buehrle

Sunday at Ariz:  Floyd

Monday at Mil:  Vazquez

Tues vs. SD: Danks

Broadcast News

Today’s game can be heard on WSCR Sports Radio 670 AM and seen on Comcast Sports Net in Chicago.

Minor League Camp

Games begin for the White Sox in minor league camp on Friday.


I’ve been meaning to send this in for a while and I know its probably too late for this season but for someone like myself that keeps score, could you put a few more boxes in the pitchers section of the scorecard? With the way Ozzie switches pitchers all the time I run out of room pretty quick. HAHA Even in 2005 I ran out of room some games, last year was really bad. Thanks

bug…Now you know how the rest of us feel who keep score and run out of room…
There is one person whom I blame for the bad habit of “matching” left handed pitchers versus right handed batters and vice versa…as well as inumberable pitching changes…

I’ll give you folks a hint…

and it isn’t Ozzie…

Here’s the hint…

He used to work in this city…He was somewhat successful…the team won a division title under him…then he fell out of favor with Hawk Harrelson when he was GM(for all of you who lived through THAT debacle,you are permitted to shudder at the flashback thought of that…)…

He then went off to the Bay Area, then came back to the Midwest…and is a living genius in the eyes of George Will…

Give up???

His name is….


That’s right… He is the one whom I blame for all of the reliance on starters only going just beyond the required five innings with a lead…then bringing the ENTIRE bullpen in to get the last 12 outs of a game…

Now, onto other news in the last 19 days till the bell rings for realsies…

To those members of the print media who have been wanting to trade Joe Crede away since

last November…take a look at his numbers in Arizona…take a look at how he’s been playing…

Then apologize to all of White Sox Universe for wanting to pull the trigger…

And as to Brian Anderson…you know the ritual where as the player is introduced before his at-bats, normally a slice of music is played?

I think that the song that should be played for BA should be the old Elvis standard: “It’s Now Or Never.”

And that goes for a lot of the rag-arms in the bullpen arson corps as well…

TQ – As for Brian Anderson’s intro slice of music I was thinking maybe Back in Black by AC/DC. If he does not make the MLB roster and get a legitimate shot Guillen and Williams need to get their heads checked.

I have a question for TQ, or Mark Liptak, or anyone on this blog who cares to answer it:

Why, oh why do the Sox not plan to use Swisher in left field? Brian Anderson does a good defensive job in CF, and Swisher is *much* better in LF than in center. I have watched Nick Swisher play for years in Oakland, and seen him play in left field, center field, and at first base. He is good in left field, barely OK in center, and just average at first. If we had no one else for CF, I could see making do with Swisher, but with the way BA has performed this spring, it doesn’t make sense.

BTW, no complaints about Swisher as a player or a person, he’s a great spark plug on a team, and a fine addition to the Sox. I just want to have the best defense possible on the field, since our pitching doesn’t look to be “lights out.”

Brother Devereux: What if BA does make it, then reverts back to what he did that greased his skids to the minors? If that happens, I suggest that the music played should be:”Whoops, I Did It Again.”

peggy…If Owens pans out in CF, as many,myself included, think he will…You will get your wish and see “Son Of Swish” in LF…mainly because he is good for that position…but also because Ozzie doesn’t want to keep him anywhere near him on the bench all game long…because he would drive Ozzie nuts, just as Ozzie drove Jeff Torborg nuts when Ozzie was playing…


Just one fan’s opinion but BA had to prove himself and overcome a lot of baggage from the past few years.

Let’s just say that some in the organization were not convinced that he took the game as seriously as it needed to be. I was told by a beat writer of an incident in Cleveland for example where he amazed the coaches by watching TV before a start instead of watching tape on the Indians starting pitcher.

If he keeps playing like he has been this spring, in the regular season, he’ll certainly get a shot in center. It would help the defense a lot!

Mark Liptak

This is an incredible column Recommended reading if for no other reason then the quotes by Kenny and Ozzie on the city, Sox fans, and the attitude of the front office.


Mark Liptak

I have been wondering the same thing. I was expecting that the Sox would have learned from past mistakes, but we will have to wait until they break camp to see the verdict.

A big thank you to Comcast Sports Net for clearly broadcasting Ozzie’s mini rant during the bottom of the 3rd today. Very nice to hear Ozzie has been practicing his English curse words.

o.k. boys and girls, here are my observations of todays game between our perfect (3-0) when i am in attendance White Sox and the rockies. today my wife daughter and granddaughter were with me and the experience was near perfect in itself. in no particular order:

Javy pitched five very good innings allowing a base hit ( a triple )to open the top of the second and stranding said runner at third.

our first inning started with a sure flyball out to the left fielder, but when he lost the ball in the sun, Bourgeous was safe at second.

i got to finally see Joe at third. he made a nice scoop on a short hop to his right in about the fifth or sixth inning. ( i still haven’t seen Paulie play ).

Brian not only hit again, another homer and a single, but he threw out a runner at the plate again. this kid needs to be our everyday left fielder or center, but he should play to maximize his talents.

my wife caught a shirt thrown out to the crowd that says nice catch 08 on it, with the Sox logo. (the 08 made me think of Bo Jackson and then i remembered that this is the year too).

i caught a ball thrown into the stands by the rockies third base coach. somewhere Earnie Harwell is calling for me to be signed up.

78 degrees at gametime, a White Sox winner, family and friends to share with. what else can i say….. can you smell the peanuts and bratz? j.k. from part of the 4600 at tep today. later all.

now that i’ve taken time to read todays posts, it occurred to me that i wanted to thank Peggy for her kind invitation to join her in San Francisco later this year when the Sox play the giants. the two coldest games i ever attended was in detroit in early april several years ago, it was frigidaire freezer cold, and at candlestick park a couple of years back during a game in june. i froze my you know what off in detroit, but the nice lady sitting next to me was kind enough to lend me her extra blanket. thanks to her i am still able to use my fingers in a way that resembles typing. but maybe it is nicer at the new park. i’ll have to check it out one of these years.later all….. j.k.

Good post Klein. BA is tearing it up this spring. I hope Ozzie can put last year behind him, and give BA a chance with the big club.

Thanks for the link Lip. The article is a very interesting read. I tend to agree with most of what they said.

My favorite part is when Ozzie talks about “if” they win another World Series. “If we win it again, I’ll be a cocky, arrogant, SOB. I’ll be wearing my World Series rings hitting fungoes in the field.” <<<<< Hilarious.

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