Quiet Thursday

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Offices Closed

I’m trying to get some work done this AM before golfing this afternoon.  John Danks is throwing in a minor-league game out back in about five minutes (10:15 am), and we’ll get his line from that to the media later today.


John Dewan, a great baseball statistical mind, founder of STATS, Inc., produces a "Stat of the Week" that is distributed via email.

His note from yesterday provided hitting and pitching projections from The Bill James Handbook: Projections Update 2008.  According to their projections, Nick Swisher will tie for third in the AL in home runs with 36, Bobby Jenks will finish third in the league with 37 saves and Javier Vazquez will finish third in strikeouts with 196.


I guess he really thinks Swisher will break out this year, and hopefully he’ll prove himself at home and give the home fans a thrill. I think they made that prediction after Javy’s seven K’s yesterday! I loved the story I read today about Swisher imitating Uribe’s throw to first, wish I could’ve seen it.

There should be one more third. Third in the division.

I am intrigued with the press that Bill James is getting these days and will be saving these predictions to see if they are correct at the end of the year. Bill James, first introduced in MONEYBALL, and now working for those world series champs Boston Red Sox, seems to be the new baseball guru!

Jim, third may still be a dream. Nobody seems to give the Twins any kind of a chance to beat the Sox, Santana may be gone, but isn’t Liriano back?

ginny81633… I don’t know about what you wrote concerning Bill James…
To me, reading his thoughts, predictions and number crunchings gives me a huge headache…

James is just like every other jamoke who puts out a publication offering predictions…

That is…as a similar statement…a stopped clock is right at least twice a day…a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then…

If you put an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of typewriters, at least one of those monkeys will re-write Shakespeare… the rest will go to work for late-night comedians… or the WWE…

In other words, ginny, James is as much of a guru as I am, or as Brother Liptak, or klein, or jim devereux, or rush.edu’s own, Mr Tucker…or even kenwo…

If you throw enough manure at a barn wall,some of it is bound to stick…

(Boy, I cleaned THAT one up, didn’t I?)

Mr Tucker…Yes, Liriano is back with the Twinkies…but unless they give him enough steroids(I’m sorry…vitamins…right???)
for him to pitch EVERY DAY, instead of every fourth day…I really do not see the teamfrom the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes being a factor in the AL Central race in 2008…

Yeah Tim, third place very well could be a struggle. And Liriano could go 6-20 this year, but all 6 wins will be Cy Young like efforts against the Sox becuase he is a lefty and we just refuse to hit lefties. Plus the Twinkies added Delmon Young and Craig Monore, both Sox killers, and they still have Morneau who loves to tee off on our pitching.

If our pitching fails us we could battle for last, but if we can just get some pitching this year I think we can have a good season, but unfortunatly the way it stands 3rd might be an accomplishment. Of course that being said there are still 162 games to go. Anything can happen!

tomquaid – I’m not sure I buy it all either, which is why I said I was going to see if his predictions come true at the end of the year. However, one of the points brought out in MONEYBALL, and credited to Bill James, is he looks past what baseball scouts have always accepted as the truth in what makes a baseball player and looks instead at the stats. For proof of this I point to our Wasserman. No scout would look at him and his “funky” pitching, so he had to make the rounds of tryouts – and this after playing 4 years of college ball, before he got noticed. And, re predictions, how about last year and only 72 wins says a computer?

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