Friday and the A’s

Friday, March 14, 2008

Today’s Lineup

Ramirez, 2B; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Swisher, CF; Dye, RF; Fields, 3B; Quentin, LF; Hall, C.  Contreras pitching.  Also throwing for the Sox … Matt Thornton, Bobby Jenks and D.J. Carrasco.

Morning News

Early this morning, the decision was made to have Mark Buehrle skip tomorrow’s start against the Cubs.  He’s scheduled to throw again against the road-weary Dodgers on the 20th in Phoenix.  Nick Masset takes his spot tomorrow.

Before anyone overreacts, the plan was to have Mark skip a start this spring.  As the thinking goes, what’s more important, innings now or innings in September?


Bringing us to the other news from this morning.  After discussing options internally, Ozzie Guillen is now leaning toward having Buehrle pitch on Opening Day at Cleveland, followed by Vazquez, Danks, Contreras and Floyd.  The main reason: matchups.  Ozzie likes Buehrle against the Indians and Floyd has had success against the Tigers.  This way, Javier will throw the home opener.

Of course, this is all subject to change as Opening Day approaches.


Man Ryan Sweeney must be laughing his *** off….. Oh well, to quote Homer Simpson, “It’s still good, it’s still good…..”

On the bright side, if the season does tank in a serious way, that means, great seats for cheap on ebay. I do love a summer evening at Sox Park.

Jim D is right, people are sleeping on the Twins, they will be tough.

Why is ryan sweeney laughing his *** off? because he is hitting .200 in the spring and has been a huge bust in his major league career? ryan sweeney is just hoping somehow he makes the major league roster.

doesn’t matter, he’s probably laughing cause his new club made his alma mater look stupid. I knew someone would bring up his BA, just didn’t know it’d be you. Anyway, surprised how today went, kinda. How many pop outs?

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