Pitching Change

March 19, 2008

Starting Pitching Change

Battling the flu (like this correspondent), Jose Contreras was scratched from today’s start.  Nick Masset will start in Contreras’ place.


What is up with Uribe? Was he released today? Is his contract guaranteed?

He’s on waivers. Teams can claim him, and tehn they are on the hook for his salary. If he clears waivers, the White Sox will still need to pay his salary.

Juan, thanks for 2005. Good luck finding a team.

what a stupid move if this happens. i can’t believe they would just cut him and eat the salary yet they continue to pay macdougal? my god. ramirez will be worse than uribe and richar is out with back trouble and needs an mri.

Wow battling the flu and working the booth with Hawk & DJ this afternoon. You are da man Mr Reifert. Even giving the blog a plug!!! Did you have to explain off the air to Hawk what a blog was?

All that I can say is somebody up there likes me, if uribe is gone. Sox pretty much knew what they had with uribe and it was not pretty. A trade or Alexi who may or may not be very good is better than a know dude.

This could be trying to gage interest for teams and an eventual trade.

Remember there were rumors about the Sox being interested in Ellis and possibly with Roberts.

Mark Liptak

I know I’m in a real minority, but I think the Sox will regret trading Uribe, if they do it. He isn’t the most consistent hitter, but has been improving, and his defense is second to none. Review the last two outs of the 2005 World Series. Not being in Tucson or Chicago, I haven’t had the chance to see Alexei Ramirez play. The press talks about his natural athleticism, which I believe translates to English as “potential to be a good player.”

I’m a lot less optimistic about this season if Ramirez plays second and Fields plays third. The American League Central Division is *not* a training league. And it isn’t as if our pitchers won’t need the defense. Given the caliber of players in Detroit and Cleveland, if the Sox don’t put the highest quality professionals in the field, it’s going to be another long, grim season.

The whole Uribe-on-waivers thing smacks of hysteria. It seems pretty unlikely we’d just dump a guy owed $5 million. Still, whoever leaked the info needs to be removed from the team’s Christmas card list, for sure–and if the info came from the Sox, that employee ought to have his or her parking space moved to the other side of the tracks to start the season.

I’m with Peggy, and not just because of Juan’s WS 2005 contributions. If you watched Juan in the last month of the season, his open stance significantly improved his plate discipline and numbers (.308/.358./.526 in September). The mentoring role he took on with Danny Richar showed me some maturity as well.

I don’t know if this spring has found Juan reverting to past habits, or if Alexei and Pablo are outperforming him that drastically, but unless included as a piece of a bigger trade, I just don’t see cutting Uribe loose.

I can’t see them getting rid of Uribe either. I remember last year at Blog Night listening to Rick Hahn talking about Uribe and listing his fielding stats and pretty much saying he was the 2nd best SS in the league. Sure, he’s inconsistent at the plate, but given that Richar is a big IF and Ramirez is a maybe, why would they get rid of at least what they are sure about?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but think about it,sox trade for a shortstop because the one they have is how else to say it,but no good. Now you put that guy,uribe on second and what you have is a no good second baseman, if he was a good player the sox would not have needed to trade a good pitcher for another shortshop. You can say the sox do not know what they are doing, period. Or you can say cut your losses and dump uribe, move on to a younger player , with upside , who is already a better all round player than uribe. I stick by my prediction that alexi wins rookie of the yr. Richar also showed more good at bats than uribe in his time in the majors. Unless a player is a super star slugger, he needs to contribute by bunting, moving the runners up and taking walks, Uribe had one of the worst on base percentage in baseball, cannot bunt, did not move runners up and did not give good at bats against good pitchers working the count, I rest my case, signing uribe was a 5 mil. mistake


For I think the 80th time. Uribe was signed BECAUSE THE SOX HAD NO CHOICE!

His deal had a deadline date, where if the Sox didn’t sign him, he’d become a free agent.

Kenny WAS NOT going to go into the off season without having a shortstop on the roster.

The Angels came to him AFTER Uribe’s deadline with an offer for Cabrera.

What you wanted Kenny to say ‘no thanks…we’ve got Juan Uribe…’


This was bad timing again, no one was personally responsible. In this regard the Sox have had brutal luck the past few years.

Magglio got hurt and his agent wouldn’t let the Sox examine him (yet they still made him an offer)

Frank missed most of two seasons, yet if the Sox were to make him an arbitration offer he would have to get ten million.

Crede has a bad back, refuses to have the surgery when he was asked to do so by the Sox, then his agent tells Kenny they have no plans to sign an extension.

It’s bad luck, bad timing and honestly I don’t see how Kenny could have done anything else under the circumstances. (and you can now throw Uribe’s situation in the pot)

Why aren’t any concerns being directed towards the way of Scott Boras’ Magglio’s and Joe’s agent of choice?

Finally according to Mark Gonzales’ story, Kenny told Ozzie that Uribe would NOT be released.

Mark Liptak

From my understanding Uribe was only placed on waivers to see if there were any offers out there for him.

Almost all players see waivers at some point during the season just to see if there is trade value, and if an overwhelming trade might be offered. The team is allowed to do it once per season with all their players. You just don’t usually hear about it being done this early in the season. You normally hear about the ones after the trade deadline, but it goes on all season long. It sounds like an overzealous reporter misinterpreted the move as a release rather than what it actually was.

I don’t blame KW for signing Uribe at the time he did. But if he is going to be a backup on this team it would make sense to move him. I think with the uphill battle we are facing this year I would rather see Ramirez get a shot.

I agree that Uribe was an insurance policy. One of those, “if all else fails” things. The remaining question is whether ramirez can do what he’s done so far in the regular season. if he can, we’re in great shape. third base is still out to lunch. unless the dodgers are posturing by saying they don’t need a third baseman, i see NO value from any roster player the giants have. not sure who plays third for them now, but since the name isn’t at the tip of my tongue, its probably nobody special. if i’m KW, i swallow my pride and play out crede’s contract. if he somehow breaks down during the season, then we bring up fields and wish joe the best. we also need to remember that this new shortstop of ours is in his last year of his contract as well. i guess that didn’t phase kenny so why should crede?

can’t wait for opening day at the ballpark. its gonna be interesting to see how the good guys come out of the blocks. our first 12 games are division games. we need a good showing in those games.

Cabrera has stated that he is very interested in a long term deal to stay here. I have heard that negotiations just started recently and have been slow, but he has instructed his agent to continue negotiating thru the start of the season. Most impending free agents cut that off once spring training is over. Really sounds like he wants to be here and play for Ozzie.

As for the Dodgers 3rd base issue. They should have no interest in Crede. Andy LaRoche who is expected to be really good will be their regular third baseman, but will be missing about a month because he recently had thumb surgery. KW is probably using the Dodgers to run up the price for the Giants. Makes sense since the Dodgers and Giants hate each other.

Liptak, that interview with steve stone was great, thanks for posting it….

Allen picking his shot, the man was unreal.

By the by, did Dotel give up something like 5 runs a day or so ago?

Uribe did today what he can bring to the ball club more than any of the other options at second… he smacked the **** out of a ball off the wall to tie the game. something i have seen him do seemingly more times than konerko, thome and aj. Uribe is still the best candidate for 2nd base and it would behoove the team to give him the job instead of messing around like they did last year with dye and buehrle.

Some Random Thoughts:

With about ten days until the bell rings, I honestly don’t like the way this team has looked so far.

It’s significant that Ozzie “called them out” after the Dodger game for ‘lack of effort.’

To me, with the opening of the season just around the corner, that’s inexcusable.

BUT I think Ozzie’s partly to blame.

Here we are just a tad over a week away and I still see players who aren’t going to be on the team in the lineup…I see guys I’ve never heard of pitching the late innings (and blowing leads…)

“It’s time,” for Ozzie to kiss the kids goodbye, put his regulars in and tell his pitchers to stop working on things and start getting people out.

Last year you might remember, these ‘no names’ were playing even the final weekend in Atlanta.

You can’t turn it on just because the day flips from March 30th to March 31st.

You need a little time to get into that mindset. In my opinion we are at that stage.

Mark Liptak

I agree with the last post. I can see a learning curve with the intrasquad games, but its about time to finalize the roster and see what you have. They’ll be coming out from some lackluster performances against San Fran, Arizona and Colorado, not exactly powerhouse teams, and going straight into the meat grinder of the AL Central.

I have to say the bullpen is improved but still seems a little shaky at times. Starting pitching in my humble opinion looks good despite the requisite ‘bad inning’ that puts the team in the hole. As far as fielding percentages go, whether with Fields or Uribe, I’d say the point is moot when the offense still is not firing at capacity and ultimately cost this team games last year and looks ready to do the same this year. Everything else is good enough for 3rd place finish, the lack of offense is what will kill us….again.

uribe won the game with a homer in the 9th vs. the cubbies and went 3-4. i think he’s going to have an awesome season. hopefully its for the sox.

ok i guess he didn’t win it but he still homered. good enough for me

Let’s just hope Uribe is not wasting one of his two, usually about 1-2 week long hot streaks in spring training. He seems to have 2 such streaks every year. Hopefully he has learned because of the pressure of having to win the job, but it will take 162 games to prove it.

i like the look of the new White Sox web page. go Sox ’08…. j.k. happy Easter everyone…..

Doesn’t Uribe do this every single spring? Then he goes into the season and swings at every single pitch, no matter where it is, and usually ends up with a .230 batting average. Gosh, what would we do without him?

if the season comes down to the offense of juan uribe, we are going to lose anyway. he will knock in 70 out of the nine hole. last year you cant blame uribe for either because he performed where he always does. last year you had 2 outfielders that couldnt play together for more than a week because they were brittle, you had pauly hit into a double play and kill rallies almost daily, you had jd suffer a bigger fall off than michael jackson, thome needed a monster september to get his numbers looking decent, crede was hurt, fields looked like a softball player, aj was mediocre, vazquez and jenks were the only pitchers i cared to see on the mound and the front office and manager didnt help either.

if all of this happens again, uribe could hit like babe ruth or mario mendoza and it still wont matter.

I like the new look too but couldn’t find you guys at first and paniced! 🙂 Getting excited for it all to start! Happy Easter!

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