Happy Easter

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Swisher, 1B; AJ, C; Fields, 3B; Quentin, LF; Ramirez, 2B.  Danks pitching.


Sorry, I haven’t posted much over the past few days.  Between not feeling well (the cold everyone down here has had all spring claimed me as well) an driving up and down I-10, I haven’t had much time to blog.

After John Danks today, the rest of our pitching for the spring stacks up as:

Contreras on Monday, Buehrle Tuesday, Floyd Wednesday, Masset on Thursday (get-away day), Danks on Friday in Oklahoma City and Contreras on Saturday against the Mets in the Civil Rights Game in Memphis.

Sunday, we’ll work out in Cleveland at 3 pm and then Monday they’ll count.

The last week is always a tough time in spring training.  Everyone is ready to leave, in part to get out of camp, in part out of excitement to get the season going.  Players are nervous, at those who are still on the bubble about making the team.  It’s time to start focusing on Opening Day.


We officially announced today that this year’s statue unveiling (on July 20 by the way) will be of Harold Baines.  No one is more deserving.

Harold will join Minnie, Pudge, Billy, Louie, Nellie and the Old Roman in the U.S. Cellular Field outfield.


The Big Hurt is probably more deserving. He’s still playing however and will have to wait his turn.

Congratulations to Harold and his family.

This is well deserved.

Mark Liptak

Congrats & very much deserved for Harold. Being a little kid back in the 80’s, Harold was one of my childhood heroes.

Harold is and was awesome. i can’t wait to attend that game and get there extra early. He was the best clutch hitter i think the white sox have had, at least since 83 when i started following them.

If i made the decision to build a statue i would build ron kittle one… i doubt that will ever happen but in my little hall of fame he would be up there. also the big hurt should absolutely have one when he hangs it up. He was the best player to ever put on a white sox uniform.

Kenwo, with all due respect to you on your comment about Frank AND with the understanding that he was MY favorite player too since he came up, i would still have to list Joe Jackson ahead of the Big Hurt for title of “best” ever…. go Sox ’08…. j.k.

I cannot agree with you on that one klein. Jackson tops the batting average at 384, 352, 351. thomas top 3 averages were 353, 349 and 347…slight edge to jackson. the other numbers are all drastically in favor of thomas except stolen bases but jackson only had one season of 24 and his second best was 13. jackson never scored 100 runs, thomas did it multiple times. the home runs aren’t even close (given that thomas was in a home run era obviously). jackson played 5 1/2 years, thomas played 15 1/2 years. Thomas drove in 100+ runs 10 times jackson did it once. jackson was a great player but the best player in white sox history and the one who is on top of most of the charts and the one who deserves a statue next is the big hurt- without question.

the cell should be known as the house the hurt built

Wow, I actually agree with Kenwo. Not really sure why the Thomas/Jackson comparison was made. It’s like apples and oranges to me. They are/were different players at totally different times in the game. And as you said Kenwo, most of Frank’s stats dwarf those of Jackson.

However, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Shoeless Joe statue as well as a Big Hurt statue.

Baines was a “nice” player not deserving of a statue or Hall of Fame. Perhaps the statue is for his skills as a coach, but I have never heard of anyone praising Baines for their improvement after being coached by him. Nice man, God bless him but no statue of HOF.

Scott, do you think it would help the Team to have Thome bat only against right-handed pitchers”, AJ also, would the Team be better with Dye playing left-field? I believe it is good for the team to have the best players playing at thier best, not allowing the “experienced” players to have hurt feelings if they are played or batted differently than usual. A strong leader has to make these kind of decisions, I am waiting for this from Ozzie who always tells what a strong leader he is. He seems to be a Venezuelan Dusty Baker-whatever the player want is alright with him as against whatever the team needs is what we’ll do. I am waiting.

I remember very well when Harold was playing for the White Sox… Back then, in the clubhouse, if you asked him a question or wanted him to comment…You would have been better off getting the answer from his statue…
jpoulsen…Never worry about players having hurt feelings …this is not the Little League…they are supposed to be professionals…and at times it is the player himself who goes to the manager and wants to be moved down in the order, or wants to try a different position, if it can help the team…

As to the “new look” of the website…the folks at MLB.com–you know them, the ones with the censor mechanism that goes haywire whenever a certain Tribune beat writer/columnist name is typed in(hey, Vandy!!!–and I DON’T mean Bob Vanderberg…)–they are the ones who are responsible…Scott and the folks at 35th Street have nothing to do with it…

The Sox website is having issues, I had to go find the blog thru the Astros website and ‘blogworld’.. hope this is fixed soon. I’ve been watching the Rangers/Giants today, (Aaron definitely shouldn’t be in CA)anyhow, Nolan Ryan is now the ‘president’ of the Rangers? Wow! He’s really out of shape and old lookin, bet Robin Ventura and him could have a rematch and RV would win, hands down!

harold was a great player worthy of a statue and the hall of fame in my opinion. the reason why he doesn’t get considered for either is because of what tom quaid said- he doesn’t talk. doesn’t promote himself. besides thomas baines is the best hitter ive seen on the white sox. much better than everyones love child rowand

I think his DH status for a part of his career may also factor into his HOF chances. Well that and his inability to speak.

Anybody else concerned about the starters inability to get hits/runs in the first six innings of these games (i.e., against good pitchers)?


You’re not the only one. Does everyone realize this club hasn’t won a game since March 15th?

And it’s not just “good” pitchers who are stopping them, it’s everyone lately.

Comcast SportsNite had a soundbite this afternoon with Ozzie where he admitted he was getting “concerned.” He also said that “players just can’t turn it on and off…that there’s a week left to get them going.”

For an organization that swore things were going to be different this spring, I’m sorry…I haven’t seen that much of a change from the past few springs.

Losing a lot of games and Ozzie calling them out for a lack of intensity…where have we seen this before?

Mark Liptak

Have to agree again, lack of offense off starting pitchers. This team may be ‘balanced’ but it would only be ‘competitive’ in the NL Central or the NL West. Against the EXPLOSIVE offenses in the American League, the only thing that will keep our high ceiling, high risk pitching afloat is a robust and consistent offense. Yep, shades of last year, this ought to be interesting….

I had trouble finding it at first, but you can get to this blog from the Sox home page, it’s at the bottom right hand corner.

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