Tuesday at Colorado

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today’s Lineup

Ramirez, CF; Cabrera, SS; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Fields, 3B; Quentin, LF; Uribe, 2B; Buehrle, pitching.

Also throwing:  Logan, Dotel, Jenks, MacDougal.


As you probably read in the newspapers, our staff meeting started early today.  As clubs near the end of spring, conversations about players, roster fits, etc. take longer and longer as KW, Rick Hahn and our coaching staff review all of our options.


First of all, a slight correction to what mmcdowell wrote yesterday…
Marie(and the rest of you)…

You can find this site by scrolling down on the homepage of the main team site, then clicking on the lower LEFT hand side, where all of the information on the other “marvelous” blogs that MLB.com has operational…

(OK, MLB.com…I wrote what you wanted me to…NOW can I have my pants back???)

Brother Liptak… I am now going to take a look at the statistical side of Spring Training, just to see where the boys rank, whose team is killing the ball, whose is not, and what that all means in the overall scheme of things…

Sheesh, the way you talk, it’s going to be a repeat of last season all over again, where everybody crapped out all at once, and took forever to recover…

Thanks for the correction Tom, I still get those lefts and rights wrong sometimes. DUH!

Allrighty, then…
Having come back from Stats Land…

The boys are 9th in the AL, 17th overall in team batting…the Yank-mes are first…

THe White Sox are 9th in the AL with 20 HR’s,tied for 20th over all with Cincinnati…

Pitching wise, they are 13th in the AL at 5.76, 24th overall…the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(Azusa and Cucamonga)are first at 3.34…

Defensively, the WS have the fourth most errors in the majors, and are tied for 24th overall with La Russa’s Cardinals…Sann Francisco is the worst in errors committed with 33…

And do you all know what these numbers mean in the overall scheme of things, come Monday afternoon against deanklub’s Tribe by the shores of downtown Cleveland?

Not a freakin thing…

Everybody starts out fresh…well,everyone, that is, but the Bo-Sox and Oakland…

Statistics are to people like Brother Liptak what a lamppost is to a drunk…they’re something to lean on…

Mark Twain said it best…

“There are three kinds of liers…Liers, damned liers…and statistics…”

Fields is officially going to Charlotte. I just hope that this move does not mess with his head. They are going to need this guy to come back and perform by at least the middle of this year. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt and he has to fill in.

Kinda neat story to share… I’m overseas in the Netherlands right now, and had to take a train to a smaller city about 1 1/2 hours out of Amsterdam. I unboard and immediately see a young Dutch guy wearing a Sox hat. Turns out, he’s a HUGE fan. Through broken Dutch/English, we spend a few minutes discussing our common bond. 8,000 miles away and it can still feel like home.

Watching the game today on the Rockies Fox affiliate, Buehrle looked good. Typical get it and throw it. Offense was OK. We got a lof of help scoring 4 runs in one inning because of a 2 base error and a the Rockies starter just lost control of the zone after pitching great the first few innings.

I really liked what I saw from Buehrle today. Hopefully his style will rub off on the younger guys like Danks and Floyd.

This latest Owens situation is VERY, very distressing. This is shaping up like another Scott Podsednik….great when he’s healthy but as Shakespeare once wrote, “therein lies the rub…”

Without him I don’t know if the Sox actually have a leadoff hitter. We’ll see what the MRI says, Kenny thinks it’s scar tissue breaking up.

And Tom, all I know is this….the Sox have been losing a LOT in the spring after telling anyone who would listen this off season things were going to change.

This coming off the Sox losing a LOT in the 2007 regular season.

This coming off the Sox losing a LOT in spring training 2007.

This coming off the Sox losing a LOT in the second half of the 2006 regular season.

You don’t need statistics to see a pattern there, in fact a blind man can see it in the dark.

I just want them to start winning some **** games, in fact I’d like to see them winning a LOT of them and I’m tired of the “excuses”…oh, the games don’t mean anything, oh, it’s a high sky, or oh, it’s a hard infield.

Funny other clubs don’t seem to have trouble winning games under those conditions.

Here’s a non statistical comment, “winning begets winning, and losing begets losing.”

Clear enough now?

Mark Liptak

Why don’t the TV stations include player positions when showing the batters? It’s really hard this early in the season to identify everyone as it is, then they change the players positions.

Owens will start the season on the DL.

MRI found “slight” tear in his right adductor muscle.

If that sounds familiar that’s the EXACT same thing that plagued Podsednik the past few seasons.

Nice way for the leadoff hitter to start the season eh?

Don’t know if this is a new injury or one that continued from back in February when he originally hurt it in that intersquad game.

And frankly I’m puzzled why Toby Hall is still on the team…he hasn’t been able to throw anybody out with that shoulder and his hitting is awful.

I sincerely hope it’s not because he makes about 1.5 million dollars that the Sox won’t eat by releasing him.

Will see what happens, along with seeing if the Sox decide to keep Masset because he’s out of options.

But hey at least they won a **** game today!

Mark Liptak

Maria, thank you for the wonderful story! Proving there really is a White Sox Universe – well, at least a WS World.

Mark, I share your concerns. At the start of spring training, I was pretty optimistic, and the Sox seemed to get off to a positive start. Then, things went downhill pretty fast – injuries, shaky bullpen pitching, hitters not hitting, and even (according to Ozzie) “attitude” problems. This is all too reminiscent of seasons past.

T.Q., I know the wins and losses, and the ERA’s and batting averages in spring don’t count towards the regular season, but fundamental baseball skills (or lack of), player health, and the will to win are definitely relevant for the upcoming season.

I was trying to figure out the other night who is our leadoff hitter. Kenny’s moves in the offseason are a bit puzzling to me. He got a shortstop, to replace the second-best fielding shortstop in the league, presumably for more offensive power. He got a left-fielder with moderate defensive skill, speed, and batting prowess. (I’m calling Swisher a left-fielder, because he really isn’t a center fielder, at least not for the AL Central.) And he got some bullpen “help” which hasn’t looked too impressive yet. He did not get a leadoff hitter, maybe because he thinks he already has one, although the name of that player remains a mystery.

From where I sit, far away in California, the plan seems to be to have either Uribe and/or Ramirez become (emphasis on “become”) second basemen during the regular season, to trust that MacDougal will regain the ability to get batters out, to trust Contreras to have another career year, to trust Danks and Floyd to become AL Central caliber pitchers, and put “a player to be named later” in the leadoff position. All of this sounds pretty sketchy for a team that was supposed to return to the basics of pitching, defense, and manufacturing runs.

The owens thing is bugging me a little bit because i think he can be a very good ballplayer. On the other hand, if they have swisher in center which i think he can handle, quentin hopefully will get a shot to play left and i think that he is in the maggs/carlos mode of just mashing. everyone here knows how much i liked carlos and maggs.

part of me is also concerned like liptak that they aren’t winning games but i think the way they are losing them is a better way than they did last year. IE: they bring it guys who pitch the summer in my beer league to close out the game. I don’t really agree with that strategy but thats a guillen thing not a bullpen thing.

I agree with you Mark about Toby Hall. I keep reading and hearing how they were putting him on a slow track to throwing and getting ready for full play because of his injury last season. But, didn’t he come back in to play the last couple months last season? I really don’t see why he’s on the team either. Seems like whenever he’s in there we never win. I know its not on one guy, but still. They should have kept Paul Phillips. He looked good to me.


Is there really a difference between hall and phillips? not really. they both pretty much stink. personally i think they should have kept the guy who couldn’t hit last year at least he threw runners out. gustavo molina i believe his name was. it is all kind of pointless anyway unless something happens to AJ in which case we are screwed. not that aj is my favorite or that great of a catcher but at least he is decent. I also hope that wasserman wins the job in the pen. i really could care less if massett is out of options because besides the one start against the cubs he’s been pretty much trash too. wasserman deserves the spot because he came up and was the second best reliever in a terrible pen. he deserves the reward. good to hear uribe is starting i think he will have a good year. i am so ready for the regular season. im spring traininged out.

From a marketing prospective, why would the White Sox not wait to send Josh Fields down to Charlotte until after the game with the Rangers in OKC on the 28th. All of his family, friends, and hundreds of other Oklahoma fans who purchased tickets to Friday’s game are a little upset. If the 25 man roster deadline is not until the April 1, then why not wait. We are all baseball fans and we understand the situation but come on…..

I am looking at tickets for the WS @ SF. I bought one game on the outfield side of the visitors dugout. We are trying to decide were to get the other game. We are trying to decide between down the 1b line by where we think the bullpens are or on the RF wall by McCovey cove.

I am very disturbed by the Owens injury situation. I felt that he was a guy that could steal 50-60 bases, score a bunch of runs and play pretty decent center field. The fact that he has the same problem as Podsednik, and after watching his fall I almost feel like Owens will never be able to make that difference many people thought he would. And now here we are without a leadoff hitter.

It is just another situation of the crappy luck the Sox have been dealt since winning the World Series. Just seems like one injury after another or one move that looks good at the time, but backfires in the end after another.

My guess is this is a 72 win team as it stands. Yes that means 90 losses. I think with this team in this division 80 wins could be an accomplishment. Anything over that may be a miracle considering we have 2 starting pitchers to rely on, a bullpen that is suspect at this point, no leadoff hitter and a number of key older players on this roster.

Now I don’t want to see the team bomb of course. I am hoping they will prove me wrong, but I am beyond worried.

As for Toby Hall, if they don’t cut him he will only catch for Buehrle. Mark holds his own runners so he does neet a strong armed catcher. Other than Mark not even Karko could throw out runners with the way the rest of the pitching staff holds runners. AJ’s percentage is nothing to be excited about, but he brings other intangibles that the team needs. I would think Hall should be a goner, but who knows. It sounds like he is well liked by the players and staff so they will probably give him every chance to stick around.

I would prefer to see Wasserman over Masset, but I think the smart move is to keep Masset for now. It will only be a matter of time before Wasserman is replacing MacGarbage. Masset will only pitch in those “lost cause” situations where we are down a ton or up a ton. Every bullpen has one of those guys. With the question marks for starters 3,4 and 5 we need to have an option to fill in. And right now Masset is probably the best option in the organization.

Boy, this spring has sure become a downer. Hope has not sprung eternal on the south side of things in baseball. If we don’t have hope going in, we are a most miserable lot. I’m not even looking forward to the season, now that you all have convinced me that all is lost. And, I’m not saying that facetiously.

timothy… If you believe that this team will be all right… just don’t listen to the neighsayers…

Some of the people who are White Sox fans their entire lives…are not totally happy until they can b**ch about ANYTHING… They can find the glass half empty any damned time they want to…unlike the lemmings who follow the team on the North Side…

You use your OWN judgment, sir, as to what the 2008 season will be like…

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