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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I’m Back

After coming down with the flu the last week in Tucson, packing, traveling to Memphis for the Civil Rights Game (what an experience) and then landing in Chicago, I’m back to posting.  And of course, MLB has made all kinds of changes that have forced me to catch up a bit.

Opening Day

What a game with all kinds of twists and turns.  In the end, it’s one game, but we shouldn’t have had a chance and end the day feeling like it was one we coulda won.


Looking forward to game two tonight in Cleveland.

Lineup:  Swisher, CF; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Ramirez, CF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B.  Vazquez pitching.

Old Stereotypes Die Hard

The Associated Press came out with its annual estimates of team payrolls and player salaries today.  Those “ever-cheap” White Sox again rank fifth in baseball, according to the AP numbers, in payroll at 121 M.

The Top 10:  Yankees, Tigers, Mets, Red Sox, White Sox, Angels, Cubs, Dodgers, Mariners, Braves.

Notes From Opening Day

Jim Thome recorded his 41st career multihomer game to become just the third player in White Sox history to hit two home runs on Opening Day, joining Sammy Sosa (1991) and Minnie Minoso (1960).

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it was just the second time in Thome’s career that he has hit two home runs in one game vs. a left-hander, with the first occurrence on 6/20/04 off Kansas City’s Dennys Reyes at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Thome entered the game 0-11 lifetime vs. Sabathia, who himself gave up two home runs in one game to a lefty for just the second time in his career.  Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki was the first to accomplish the feat off Sabathia on 7/30/05 at Safeco Field.

Mark Buehrle made his sixth career Opening Day start, second-most in Sox history behind Bill Pierce’s seven, and Paul Konerko made his club-record eighth straight Opening Day start at first base.

The 18 combined runs were the most in a Sox season-opener since 1960 when they defeated Kansas City, 10-9, at Comiskey Park behind Minoso’s two homers.





For what it’s worth I contacted Mark Gonzales and showed him the AP information. It sounded to me like the Sox payroll was high. I remember reading that it would be around 109 million dollars including the money owed the Sox by other clubs on the Thome and Cabrera deals.

Anyway Mark was kind enough to get back to me and he feels those AP figures are wrong. Here is his message:


No, it’s not. Those payrolls take in the annual average value of each contract and report that as the annual figure. for instance, the salaries of Thornton and MacDougal are probably higher because they’re backloaded. A.J.’s contract is similar and his base for 2008 increased by about $350,000 because he met escalator clauses for games played.

I just looked at the USA Today list, and the 2008 listed salaries for Thome and Ramirez are higher than they actually will make this year.

I honestly don’t know what the payroll is, it seems everyone has come up with a different figure.

Mark Liptak

Is anyone else enjoying the new Sox commercials as much as I am? I don’t know how many there are but I’ve seen the Konerko and Swisher ones and laughed out loud!

I’ve heard about the Konerko commercial about how he doesn’t run. But… somebody needs to tell Big Bobby Jenks that that mess on his chin looks awful! Just my opinion but yikes… just got my first close up of it today!

ok, that ‘first win’ is now under our belt.. that’s always a breath of relief… now let’s watch the Cubs choke another one out!!! : )

I have seen the Swisher commerical several times and never fail to laugh whenever I do see it. I haven’t seen the Konerko commercial yet.

Nice outing for Danks!

Now, let’s go to Detroit and continue to do what the Royals are doing to them. 🙂


I am soooo glad that they won today, because after yesterday’s game, all I could say was NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I feel a lil’ better now…especially since the Scrubs got whomped on too!!! LOL

Win feels nice. I would have like Ozzie to keep Danks in for the last out…would have given him the win… Usually I’m growling because he doesn’t pull them soon enough! Anyway, nice to get one in the left hand column. I have seen the Konerko commercial, and it’s one of the best commercial I’ve ever seen..not just for the Sox. I laugh every time. I haven’t seen the Swisher one, but I’m anxious based on the Konerko one. -Dawn

WAY TO GO JOE!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe Detroit got swept by KC. I was hoping for a win today because they have too much talent to continue to lose.

that first three in KC’s starting rotation is tough, glad to see Detroit is starting off strong, hope these guys can keep it going.

I finally saw that Konerko commercial late last night and I couldn’t agree more – its even funnier than the Swisher commercial and that one was good!

I’m just curious as to what happened to the top plays archive that used to be on

Hey, just saw that Paulie commercial last night too!! Yes, I cracked up!!! I will be looking for the Swisher one next.

Here’s to hoping the Tigers keep up their losing streak!!! Let’s take advantage when we can!!!

Go WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First game I go to, I’m taking a sign that says…I came to see Paulie trot!! =) -Dawn

First time I go to a game, I’m taking a sign that reads .. “I came to see Paulie trot!” -Dawn =)

Can’t wait to see the sign Dawn! Everytime I see those commercials I crack up! Are the Swisher and Konerko ones the only 2? I agree with the Jenks needing to lose the “blonde billygoat” He had to have lost a bet to wear that! One of my kids said it looks like he grew out and bleached what Crede had last year. That HAS to go! Although I guess he can keep it if it makes him pitch like yesterday🙂

ok, i’ll bite, are these wonderful commercials on WGN? if so i’ll look forward to seeing them when they broadcast a game, otherwise i’m “stuck” with as many of you know. i’ll see you all again soon…. go Sox ’08, j.k.

p.s. i sure wish i could have heard what Ozzie said to Jose on the mound and in the dugout today. looked like lotttttssss of fun….. j.k.

I haven’t seen the Swisher one, but I’ve seen the Konerko one and the Orlando Cabrera one, haven’t heard anyone mention that

I too am subjected to only therefore not seeing these commercials either. WGN didn’t have any on today as I watched the whole game. They just had that one sports one that drives me a bit nuts. Fun game to watch but didn’t think the starting pitching on either side was all that impressive.

I have seen the commercials on ABC 7 in CHicago. I didn’t know there was a Cabrera one. I’ll be looking for that one now too!

Scott: I hope you’re feeling better. There sure is some nasty stuff going around.

Gotta say… a month or so ago, I saw a couple of commercials from a Sox ad campaign, and I wasn’t impressed. In one spot, a fan was holding up a “Sweep” sign while a janitor swept the floor. Tag line was something along the lines of “Can’t wait for baseball season”?” There was a “He Gone” spot, too. Thought both were very lame.

But the current campaign MORE than made up for it. The Paulie one’s the best. I was cracking up big time. In the past, the ad campaigns have been posted on the Sox site. Is this in our future, Scott?

Ooooh I haven’t seen the Cabrera one! I’ll have to look for that one. AJ on fire! What’s he batting .670??? Gotta admit Jose had me worried, but the end result was all that matters. Still wishing Bobby would get rid of the blonde billy goat, that’s just awful!!

Random thoughts on the first week of the campaign…
1) I had to chuckle yesterday as I read the sidebar box by Joe Cowley in the S-T which stated that…”…Joe Crede showed why he was the logical choice over Josh Fields for the starting job at third base…”
Revisionist history is always fascinating, isn’t it?
2)Take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you at this moment, boys…because things are not always going to be as good(the offense to date, John Danks’s pitching, etc.)or as bad(the Tigers,Buehrle/Vazquez/the big Cuban horse,the umpire’s calls, some of the bullpen)all season long…
3)Boone Logan is the winner of the Matt Clement “whiskbroom on the chin”goatee…hands down…at least if one of the hands held a straight razor and shaving cream in it, to get rid of it…and Manchild(Mr Jenks)is looking like Busthoff in the old Three Stooges movie “Grips, Grunts and Groans”, about the wrestler…
4)Mr Reifert, whenever the majority of White Sox Universe selects the date for Blog Nite III, could you grant a request for myself(besides the usual groveling for notes,press guides, etc.)?… Could you “pretty please, with sugar on it?” ask Stone Pony to grace us with his presence for just a short period of time?…I have heard him during the games to date and, my Gawd, everything that everyone has said about him is completely, utterly true…He is the best analyst, bar none, working in the business… I always tolerated him when he was propping up that senile old man at Jurassic Park at Neverland(HO-LEE COW!!!), and then when he wet nursed the grandson(Chippee the cheerleader)afterwards…now that he is working for the boys,man-oh-man, is he right on in his analysis…
5)Somebody get to Farmio and tell him, flat out… You don’t need to analyze the game yourself anymore…you have the perfect analyst with you already(see point 4)…Just call the play-by-play…tell us what is going on…and to the Score itself… re-invent your pre-game show…give Stone Pony the chance to do the pre-game interview, like Singleton did…and drop the Cowley/Cooper segments…Rongey should be the host and traffic cop ONLY…During the game broadcast itself, put somebody else in for middle inning P-B-P…Farmer will wear out his vocal chords by August if he has to do all of it himself…at least Hawk gives DJ the middle three innings on TV, more or less…
And finally, to the aforementioned Hawk…Ditch the sunglasses, big guy… If you have to wear regular glasses, do it…It should not be any big deal…Heck,in my declining years, I’m going through a period of far-sightedness, so I’ve had to go the glasses route…and I’m alright with it…If it’s needed, you should be as well…
For those of you who have tickets to Monday…enjoy…

If you folks think that we get too critical at times concerning the performance of the boys, may I recommend to some of you who may be interested,the Detroit Free Press web site,
It is the column written by John Lowe of the Free Press…At the end of the column, there are somereactions from readers to the story, and to the Tigers start this season…
Boy, oh,boy… These people make us sound like Cub fans,all positives…
The vitriol is out in full force in Motown…

YES!!!!!!!! Wow, who would have thought that Floyd and Danks would look the best after one time through the rotation.

The *REAL* Nick Swisher posts at a Sox message board called He registered a couple days ago, I’m proud to be a part of that community and speaking to Nick. Scott tell Nick thanks for joining. And Scott, keep up the good work with your blog. I love the insight!!!

Ok, I know its VERY early in the season, but first place is nice and has anyone else caught the irony of the standings? The bottom dwellers of 2007 on top and vice versa? I know, its early, but let me enjoy it for now!! Hey scott, anyway we can get a clip of Swish’s lineup call? I missed it but heard it was great! Let’s go for the sweep!!

Sox look good. I have been in NY for a couple days but have been getting constant messages and updates from baseball tonight and my brother. i said before the spring that the tigers would have trouble. Uribe looks awesome at second. I have not been impressed with cabrerra- he finally got a nice hit tonight. the bullpen has looked good and without the terrible umping from the opener the sox could be 5-1 to start the year. 4-2 isn’t bad though. now to rough up the twinkies!

BOYCOTT the Friggin Sun Times!!!!

Anyone see the extensive coverage of today’s Opening Day in the Suntimes? Yea, me neither. They barley mentioned the game last night. I think the Wolves got more press.

Last Monday, the flubs got more press than if they found a way to power a car with your pee. Why, BECAUSE THEY NOW HAVE BEEN PATHETIC, INEPT and a JOKE FOR A FULL CENTURY!! Whooo hooo! a hundred years aren’t we historic!?!

That being said, Happy Opening Day everyone!
Sunny and 60. Lets hope the guys saved some runs after that waxing they handed out last night vs. the roid-boys.


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