Home Opener

Monday, April 7, 2008


Opening Day Lineup

Swisher, CF; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Quentin, LF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B.  Vazquez pitching.

Alternate Tops

We’ll be wearing our black alternate tops for today’s Home Opener.

Interesting Notes

Today marks just the third time that the White Sox are playing the Twins in the home opener (also 1970-71, Sox are 1-1) … the Sox are 57-51 all-time in home openers and have won five of the last six (losing last year) … the Sox have not lost both Opening Day and the home opener since 1996 and have lost both just 14 times … gates to the ballpark open today at 1 pm … Emerson Drive will sing the National Anthem, NIU President John Peters will throw out the ceremonial first pitch and today’s game will feature a flyover.

Early Morning

Lou Hernandez, Marty Maloney, Roger Bossard, Ron Kittle and Christine O’Reilly were at the ballpark very early today for all of Chicago’s early-morning television stations who went live from the park.  Marty drew the shortest straw, showing up at 4 am.  It’s thankless work, generally, so let me thank them publicly for making all the interviews and the morning run smoothly.

I’m biased, but in my house Opening Day and the Home Opener are treated like National Holidays.  My kids certainly look forward to the start of the baseball season.  There’s nothing like being at U.S. Cellular Field in the early morning, watching the sun come up over the left field fence.  Roger’s grass is always so green and everything inside the park glistens.  The silence on the field in awesome.  Then, as the ballpark begins to fill with fans later in the day, you feel the excitement and the buzz.  Nothing like it … except postseason play.


I hope that last line in your entry happens this season.

Happy Home Opener to everyone as well.

Looking forward to welcoming Swish and the new guys to the South Side. I’ll be there right at 1… Go Sox!

Favorite moment last night, among many highlights:

Jon Miller: “So Ozzie, what’s different about Mark Buehrle tonight compared with opening day?”

Ozzie: “Well, he made it to the third inning.”

I love the renewed spirit on this team. Cabrera and Swisher have injected life into the clubhouse. Does it make a lick of difference in the White Sox being 4-2 and in first place? I don’t know, but it sure makes the games more fun to watch.

Coming into this season I was very excited. This season felt a lot like the beginning of 2005 with the new look White Sox with the loss of Carlos Lee and the pick up of AJ and the exciting style of Scott Podsednik. I was a skeptical of the Cabrera trade because pitching has always been something the organization has preached and I have been always satisfied with the defense of Juan Uribe (offense is another story). The last couple games however it has been great to see the new guys stepping up and making a great contribution to the team. Swisher, Cabrera and Quentin have looked better than I have expected. This team has been lead in my opinion so far by people who the Sox are not relying on to win games, which is great because when everyone gets completely going we are going to be a force, if it all keeps up. The last thing I want to comment on is the amazing play by Juan Uribe at second base the past few games. Juan could have given up after being forced out and then put on waivers, but defensively he has been our best player. This year should be exciting and I can’t take my eyes off the TV anytime the Sox are on! GO SOX!

I congratulate the Sox on the opening road trip and welcome them back to the area in Chicago where winning matters most.

I’m encouraged by a lot of things that appear to have changed so far from the disaster of 2007…the bullpen, the attitude and so forth.

Still one more things needs to be changed and we’ll see what happens today. That’s the unsettling tendency the past few years for the Sox to roll over and die against “unknown,” or “rookie,” or “mediocre” pitchers.

Apparently the Twins have an unknown, rookie going today.

We’ll see.

Mark Liptak

nah, blackburn pitched two scoreless innings against us last year so that makes him a seasoned vet, but as you say, we will see…. go Sox ’08 j.k. waiting to watch in tucson…..

It’s going to be a great Home Opener and a great season! The sun is shining, the weather’s not too cold, the Sox swept Detroit, and I’m on my way to the ball park. So far, a perfect day.

I recall both of those openers very well… 1970,well, as my ancient Hybernian ancestors would say, oy vey… 11-0 loss to Jim Perry and the Twins, en route to a 56 and 106 season which seemed even longer than six months…The very next year, after starting off with a doubleheader sweep in Oakland, the immortal Bee-Bee Richard and Ed Spiezio, I believe, combined for the 9th inning heroics to beat Minn. …
A lot of people I know, myself included, are cautiously optimistic as to the start of this season…The Tigers can’t really be THAT bad, can they?… and we will see what happens to the Twinkies when they get out into open-air facilities that they cannot climate control …
For those of you going out there today, have fun…but don’t be stupid…

Retrosheet.org rescued me yet again… The final in ’70 was 12 to nothing… The immortal Brant Alyea went 4 for 4, with 2 home runs and 7 RBI… Then the next year, it was the even more immortal Rich Morales and Rich Mc Kinney who did the 9th inning honors against a pretty good reliever,Ron Perranoski, as the boys won…
Boy, am I glad that Retrosheet exists…otherwise, I wouldn’t remember… what was I talking about?…oh, yeah,Retrosheet…
Man, these senior moments are terrible…
Don’t laugh, Klein… they’ll come to visit you and Pat in Tucson some day…

That’s our boy Oz! I love it when he gets wound up! How about Crede, that man is BACK in true form! Don’t know about the rest of you but I’m kinda havin a little fun!!

Do you think Kenny’s phone is ringing asking if Joe is still available?? Clutch Joe!! How much more fun is this season already…yeah I know it could all change, but isn’t life as a Sox fan so much happier! Longest win streak since 2006.

Joe Credeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy Joe was not traded. He is hitting .393, 2 HRs, and 10 RBI. This 5 game winning streak is longer than any streak the Sox had last year.

Greetings to all my fellow Sox fans on the blog! Terrific opening day – couldn’t be better than a grand slam from Joe Crede to let the fans know he’s really back!

I’m soooooo jealous of the lucky ones who were there or at least able to watch.

This season is fun so far – hope it continues!


As someone who was sitting in the lower deck in left center for the home opener in 1971, I can tell you the park was electric that day. It was a sell-out and frankly the Sox were not prepared for it.

By the 4th inning concession stands had run out of food and drink.

The Sox simply could not believe that they would have so many people at the game after that disaster of 1970. The weather was also very good which contributed to it.

Nicely done today. I was getting concerned the way they were getting runners on against Blackburn but just not able to score them. I had flashbacks to last season…shudder.

Hope they enjoy the day off, they earned it.

Mark Liptak

I was at the game today and it was wonderful. The park was so loud – the crowd was really into it. This year really is going to be different. I know we are winning but you can see the difference in the attitudes. Joe’s fist pump heading to second, AJ’s being upset at striking out. The look of the dugout – they really look like they are having fun and it’s so different from last year. There’s emotion there – and I like seeing that. I’m sure the addition of Swisher and Cabrera have helped tremedously in that area! I’ll be back on Friday and I can’t wait!

hi TQ, uh…. what?….?? way to go White Sox ’08. i’m starting to forget the fiasco known as ’07……. keep it up..j.k. from out west, but not as far west as Peggy…… Go Sox….

Energy is way better this yr. than last a few guy like Swisher along with some wins and all of the players and fans are in exceited about the season. Me, an uribe hater must say that Juan looks really good a second base and his approach has improved at the plate , good for him. Sox are in fairly good shape they even have good players waiting to play that they cannot find spots for, nice problem to have. I felt that the sox could compete with the indians and tigers going into the season, if the starting pitching holds they should be right there all season. It is a lot more fun to follow the team when they are having a good season, keep it up sox.

I am highly impressed with Carlos Quentin. This guy can hit. Crede and Uribe are doing well. Swisher is always on base. Dye and AJ are on fire. Konerko still bothers me but I have never liked him minus those 05 playoffs. I saw another big difference from this year to last- Linebrink enters the game, gives up a few cheap hits and low and behold he stops the bleeding giving up only one run and not surrendering the 3 run bomb that surely would have came last season. Sox are looking good. I predicted them to do good things this year and i predicted the tigers to be mediocre at best…at least i look smart through one week! Get em on Wednesday!

Any ideas as to when we can expect to be able to purchase those Sox hockey jerseys? My b-day is coming up soon…..🙂

What a day at the park! Watching the silent drill team from the mariines let me know I was witnessing perfection. As far as our start to the new year, let me say this….much has been said about why the sox are winning. want to know why? simple. the sox have major league baseball players on the field. think about it. last year’s meltdown was due to two main reasons. one, the meltdown of the bullpen and two, injuries to erstad, pods, crede, and at other times, jermaine dye and jim thome. we were defenseless as the parade of AAA players were brought up to play. they weren’t ready to play MLB. Not even close. I also hope that the quick start we are witnessing of joe crede will help mr. reinsdorf and mr. williams get over themselves and the fact that scott boras represents joe. joe crede is white sox baseball at its best. as ozzie said after the game, “the best clutch hitter for the sox since harold baines.” enough said. if i hear one more person suggest that josh fields can step right in and take over at third and perform, i’m gonna be sick. if the sox want to win, and win now, there is no other option. the sox need to figure out how to resign joe, as well as cabrera. leave the kids in AAA while they learn how to play at the next level.

I would like to see Alexei Ramirez more often in the field , I know he has not impress too much in this great begining of the team , but i am sure he will be a wonderfull surprise later on this season, just let him be comfortable , this is a new ewperience for him , and you can notice the pressure on his shoulder to prove he is a great baseball player .
thank you.
he has to gain some weight to gain power.

First of all… to those of you, media members or just plain fans, who have been trying to trade Joe Crede’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn) ever since last off-season…
This upraised middle finger is for you…
It is time,Mr Williams to, as the phrase goes,”pony up” and give No.24 at least a two season deal…
I could sense the explosion at the Cell through my radio yesterday…and seeing the video confirmed that, at that moment, no one could hear themselves think…due to extreme exhuberance…or, to put it in plain English,the joint went up for grabs…
Lip,I was at that same game in ’71…and you wear right…no one was prepared for that day…but the weather was kind of cloudy and cool… or so I thought…
Anyway, enjoy, enjoy…good moods can become infectious…

by the way, to clariy, said that I was a uribe hater, that is not personal, but the uribe expression on the field of play the last couple of yrs. Much like , ” I like this actor or hate another actor” how they perform. Must say starting to like uribe at second base. What I would like to see category: would like to see especially thome removed in 6th inning for a pinch runner when leading ball games, also paulie, possibly dye , move anderson to center or right, or alexi to center anderson to right, , swisher to left or 1st base, do that a lot, my reasoning is , one the pinch runner may score whereas paulie or thome might not, two you give the guys more rest, three better defense into game, and most important, get guys game ready to step in encase injury occurs to a regular. The Pen will hold most games from the 6th inning on, usually. Pt of it is between better base runner in game, resting players, better defense, and getting more game time for the rest of the players , overall a better approach than what is usually done. I know it will hurt the stats of certain players, I do not care about stats just the team. I think it could be sold to the players. I do not expect it but think it would be good. I know other side we might need there bat later and so forth, but good defense with a lead will win just as much. Plus the other factors.

If KW offers Crede a 2 year deal I think Boras will use it to wipe his rear aperture with it.

Do you think Boras will really allow him to sign for any less than 5 years. Because of his chance for injury they will be looking for a long and secure contract.

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