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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Odds & Ends

You couldn’t ask for a better, and more beautiful, Home Opener.  Special thanks to Javier Vazquez, for finding his groove, and Joe Crede for being Mr. Clutch.

Funny moment:  During Sox introductions, Head Athletic Trainer Herm Schneider led our non-uniform personnel, clubhouse guys, trainers, etc.  The line extended from third base out toward the outfield grass.  The first White Sox player introduced?  Cuban Alexi Ramirez.  He diligently ran down the line, high fiving everyone and then took his place outside Herm.

You could see Herm gesture to Alexi that he really belonged inside the support staff at third base, starting the string of players to home plate.

“I guess that’s how they do it in Cuba,” someone joked.

Of all the guys to introduce first, we pick the poor guy who has never done this before.

Annual Event:  Roger Bossard always receives a huge cheer.

Payback is a … Opening Day and Cubs/Sox series mean long lines at the men’s restrooms.  “See what it feels like?” one woman asked with a smirk.


From Ron Kittle:  “The key is staying healthy.”

From Steve Stone:  “I could get use to this.”


Several Blackhawks players attended yesterday’s game and visited with Paul Konerko, Mark Buehrle and others in the Sox clubhouse after the win.  Not being a hockey fan (and not recognizing anyone without a helmet and without a sweater), I had no idea who they were, but they seemed to enjoy the clubhouse experience.

We announced a unique partnership with the Blackhawks yesterday (see news realeases on our site).

Great Sight

Best sight from yesterday was to stand out at the Champions Plaza at Gate 4 and watch all of the Sox fans reading bricks on the plaza trying to find their own personal brick. 

Fans posed for photos next to their bricks and used paper and crayons to make copies.

“And everyone was smiling,” a Sox employee noted.

We will unveil the Championship Moments monument this Friday at 6 pm before our game with the Tigers.  Make sure you stop and check out the Plaza and Monument the next chance you get.


Yes, that was my spouse on the front page of today’s Chicago Tribune, cheering Joe Crede upon his return to the dugout.  As her boss said today, “you’d think if you dodged work to go to a game, you’d be a little more discreet than to land on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.”

But here’s the TRUE story.

Sure, she was elated by the grand slam — she does, afterall, have a vested interest in Sox success.

But she was only about 70 percent happy about the blast.  The other 30 percent was meant for me.

You see, I stopped down to see her, her friends and our kids in the third inning.  With two outs, Dye and AJ singled to bring up Carlos Quentin.

“I really think Joe should be hitting seventh,” my spouse offered, playing Ozzie for the day.

“No, I like Carlos seventh,” I countered, towing the party line.  “I like his bat.”

Carlos then flew out.

So her elation in the seventh inning was seven parts joy at a likely Sox win and three parts pleasure at being proven right at my expense.

My guess is that if you look at the photo closely, most married men will recognize that mix of spousal emotions.

Now you know the entire story.



Very cool the see the Sox cross promoting with the Blackhawks. I have always been a big Hawks fan, and this season has reinvigorated a lot of people including myself. I hope to see they guys out there often.

Any idea if and when that Sox hockey jersey Patrick Kane was wearing yesterday will go on sale?

Nice to see the Hawks with the Sox. Rocky is really taking the organization in the right direction. Nice to see Kaner in that White Sox hockey uni it was pretty tight. I have also been a huge Hawks fan and glad to see the club back on the map.

I think the strong showing the Sox have began with is a sign of things to come. They seem to be doing the little things that were absent last year. I remember last year being so frustrating not because of a lack of offense or talent but making the smallest mistakes (i.e. not moving runners over, bullpen problems etc) and I believe that many of last years problems snowballed from a sluggish start. That being said, I am not about to predict a playoff berth or another parade in October simply because I could see 87-90 wins not being enough for this division with the Indians and the Tigers (even though they are 0-7). Even the Royals appear to not be the pushover and slump busters they used to be. Nice to see a former White Sox player in KC (Ross Gload) hitting near or above .400. I think we are in line for a very exciting and very tight season… hopefully this good start is a sign of things to come!

As to the merger of the Black Hawks and White Sox…it only makes sense that two of the more forgotten franchises in recent Chicago sports(discounting 2005,for obvious reasons)would find each other and decide to go into joint promotion…
Having just written this, all of you in Chicago who knew anything about the previous “organ-I-zation”on West Madison Street knew damned well that all of this resurgence would never have taken place had Bill Wirtz still been alive…
drewpierson…you are exactly right with your feelings…It is a long season, and a lot of things can take place…the start is a good one, it’s fun now,BUT…
Scott… Now I have to go out and find a copy of yesterday’s World’s Greatest Newspaper to see Mrs R…just remember, sometimes the “equal half” of the equation knows slightly more than the person who gets paid a good deal of money to know what they are talking about…

Brother Devereux… Regarding your thoughts about Crede and his agent and the length of the contract that should be offered…let me ask you a simple question…
Does the player have the right to ask for a deal?Or is the agent too overwhelming to permit the player to speak at all?
In other words, if Joe wanted to get a deal done with KW, couldn’t he go about it HIMSELF?
Why do these players have to rely on their mouthpieces,especially players who have been down the road a couple of times, such as Joe…
Is it that Mr Boras is so concerned with his client’s future..or with lining his OWN pockets with loot, and silently telling his client to go to Hades?
Two years, for someone with Crede’s recent history of ailments, is a good deal, in my eyes…Then, after that, if he stays healthy and productive, give him another two years…
Rick Sutcliffe got a huge deal from the Cubs after 1984, got hurt, and pretty much, in my opinion, “jaked” his way throught the rest of his career…
I don’t want to see the same thing happen to No.24…
And, as a personal aside… the only difference between Scott Boras and a person dedicated to selling feminine pleasures(BOY, did I ever have to clean THAT one up…)is that the latter has more credibility…

Now, to Alexi… that was probably the first time that ANYONE has had to tell him it’s OK to stand someplace else…
Mr.Ramirez, welcome to Chicago…welcome to the USA…
If you need any more assistance or guidance…check with Orestes Saturnino Arietas Minoso…a.k.a. Minnie…

Tom, That would be a great deal for the Sox if they could sign Joe for 2 years, but agent or no agent Joe will laugh at a 2 year offer. This is his chance to break the bank, and with his injury history it would be smart to go after long term security. Only way he would sign a deal like that is if he gets no long term offers. I don’t see that happening for a guy with Joe’s talent.

As for Bill Wirtz, well I would never want to see someone die, but when he did it was the best thing that could happen to that organization. If there were not a floor in the NHL salary cap he would spent even less. Thankfully Rocky is with the times and is turning the organization around.

Did you know that Wirtz’s grandfather tried to get rid of the original zamboni because people were watching the zamboni in between periods rather than lining up at the concession stands.

It does happen occasionally that players will negotiate their own deal. It just happened this past off season when A-Rod went straight to the Steinbrenner’s since Boras screwed him over (I’m sure we all remember the announcement during the world series, supposedly all Boras). Hopefully Joe will do something similar with KW. (BTW, I read this blog all the time, just don’t post much, but I love reading all everyone has to say).

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