Chilly Wednesday

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

Stay on the horse …

Swish, CF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Quentin, LF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B.  Danks pitching.


Anyone know how to listen to the games on radio outside of Chicago? When I go to the WSCR website, it says the game is on, but when I click the “Listen Live” link, I get the Mike North show (which I don’t want).

I am so bumming not to be able to at least listen to games I can’t see.

Thank you for any suggestions!

Peggy, usually I go from the mlb site, find our game and click on the little microphone thing.. pulled it right up… hope that works for you. I don’t go from the Sox site, that never seems to work for me.

Peggy – The only way I know how is to subscribe to MLB audio. It’s $14.95 for the season. The Score can’t broadcast the game online b/c of MLB licensing.

Thank you all for the helpful suggestions. Guess I need to pay up if I want to listen!

I think that was the questionable pitching we were all worried about. Lets hope it was a one-time thing and it is not contagious.

I know that this is only the start of the season and I’m hoping it was just nerves that had Danks’ pitching so badly. I wish Thome would’ve stuck with the short, tight swings as opposed to the big looping one because the former seemed to be more effective for him throughout spring training, (at least according to Hawk).
And what the heck is going on with the Royals? Who the heck spiked their Gatorade?

Anyways, go get ’em tonight White Sox!!!! (If the stupid rain will ever let up!!!)

You get MLB audio included if you sign up for the Sox Pride Club
(it’s only $5 more than just ordering Game Day audio.)

It doesn’t offer too much for those out of town Sox fans but it does have some ticket deals and a FANCY membership card.

Also, if you have a computer near your TV and a DVR you can sync up the WSCR radio broadcast to your TV. The broadcast over the computer is about 30 seconds behind. Just pause the TV until the Game Day audio catches up and Viola! Heaven = listening to Farmer/Rooney and seeing the game in HD.

The major area of concern for both the manager and his pitching coach has to be the continued inconsistencies of the starters to date…
Buehrle: Lousy start vs Cleveland, not so bad(with plenty of run support) vs Detroit…
Vazquez: so-so first time out, bad start, good finish next time…
Danks: Very good first outing, lit up like a Christmas tree last night…
Contreras: Bad first outing, who knows what tonight–weather permitting…
As to the pen, Masset was the savior in his first long relief outing, but was batting practice for the Twinkies last night…
Now,for a point of order on last night’s scoring…from whomever kept track last night…
How could Danks be charged with 7 runs, and Masset only the 5 in the 6th inning? The last batter faced by Danks was Craig Monroe, who walked and later scored…The first batter faced by Masset was Mike Lamb, who singled and later scored on Gomez’s hit… There was a force out on Kubel, the next to last batter that Danks faced…That was after the single by Lamb… The force out at the plate was in Everett’s AB versus Masset…
Did I miss something?…or is there something wrong with Bob Rosenberg and his methods?(perhaps too much time spent watching those pathetic Bulls…)
By the way, Brother Devereux… As to your remarks yesterday concering one Arthur Michael Wirtz…I think he still had the first dollar he ever made when he passed away…and Washington’s hair was brown on the front of the bill…

billb… Listening to Farmer and ROONEY???… You are three seasons behind the curve, bub…Brother Rooney is playing straight man to Mike Shannon on the Cardinals broadcasts…
The correct response should be Farmer and Steve Stone(a.k.a. Stone Pony)…The last call Brother Rooney made for the boys was Orlando Palmiero’s ground out to Uribe to end the ’05 World Serious…

No game tonight, man I really wanted to see some redemption tonight!!!

You know – I really don’t think Danks was that bad last night. He was falling behind at times, but I’m not sure it was all him. The Pirahnas were just hitting everything. They were swinging at balls and making them into doubles. Sometimes teams just have nights like that and you really can’t do much about it. We had a similar night against the Kittens. The twinkies were dialed in and just had their way with our pitching. I honestly think whomever was on the bump was in for a scorching last night.

Can someone turn Swish’s dugout dance into a commercial? Perhaps – “Dancing with the Stars is on tonight, but we’ve got our own dancing under the stars at the Comiskular…” Or something like that… 🙂



Dad-gum-it! Freudian slip! Of course I meant Farmer and Stone.

Geez. Eight games into the season. Less than two starts apiece for the rotation and you guys are already worried about the CONSISTENCY of the starting staff and the long relievers????

With 154 games to go, may I suggest you worry a little less and try to live a little longer.

You guys are panicking about Danks, Contreras, Masset, etc., and Jim Leyland at 1-7 isn’t panicking at all. I guess that is why he is a former Manager of the Year and you guys are fans.

Relax. Enjoy the season and let Ozzie and Coop be concerned with any pitching issues.


Unfortunately, MLB & White Sox contractual agreements will block you from live radio webcasts. You have two choices, you can sign up for an MLB Gameday Audio account ($14.95/year) that gives you access to stream all MLB games, including the Sox, or you can subscribe to XM-Radio who covers all the games (usually taking the home-teams’ radio feed).

Andrew, That was second half of 2007 John Danks falling behind every hitter last night. That was not the case of a team with hot bats. When you go 2-0, 3-0 or 3-1 you are going to get nice fat pitches and know they are coming. Masset did the same thing when he fell apart. As Hawk will always tell you, “best pitch in baseball is a first pitch strike.” You could see Danks was trying to hit the knees perfect early on and was missing low. It should not take a major league pitcher so long to realize he does not have the perfect control that night, and just to get ahead in the count. You would think after a full season he would have learned this, especially with a teammate and mentor like Buehrle who is pretty consistant about getting ahead and not trying to ace every hitter.

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