Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Game Called

Rain and cold (really cold) weather has caused the cancellation of tonight’s game.  It will be re-played on June 9 (had been an off day) at 1:05 pm.  Tickets for tonight will be good for that game only.


Contreras moves to Friday, with Floyd Saturday and Vazquez Sunday.  Buehrle and Danks will now face Oakland.


Starting pitching sox will have to see. I have a consern with Swisher in center field, he has played well, what a gamer. Yet, It sure looks like he could get hurt out there over the course of say 50 games, not worth it. Need one of the true center fielders in center field to see if they can do the job. Quinton is good but sox still need someone other than Swisher in center to avoid injury, Swish churns like the devil for those balls but man he is an accident waiting to happen, worse than rowland for possible accidents to me. Maybe I worry too much but it would be a shock to see Swish go down early , playing out of position.

Can somebody give me some info on the Sox Pride Club. What kind of benefits come with it. And if it is worth the $20?? Thanks.

Also, I see that you get discounts on whitesox.com products, does that include tickets??

You don’t get discounts but they release extra lower level tickets each month, they arent the greatest seats but hey, I got opening day tickets from it. The best part is the gameday audio to listen to day games at work (if you can) and you can also sync the radio broadcast up with the tv. You can also listen to all the other games going on in case your curious to hear other announcers.

I was in the SPC the first two years. I tried to get tickets each time they released another bunch for SPC members. I was never able to get anything. It did give you access to MLB Audio though. <<That’s about the only good thing I got out of it.

I agree, there’s not much you get for it. The MLB audio is good to have, but if you are in Chicago already, there’s so few days games during the week that I don’t use it that much. I used it quite a bit more during spring training when they don’t broadcast many of the ST games on The Score. You do get access to tickets, but the seats are in the outfield and I prefer to sit along the baselines, so I don’t use that feature either. You do get a nifty membership card. 🙂

No mention of the super cool monument/brick plaza unveiling on the home page? Hmmmm…If the weather holds out it’s definitely one more reason to get out to the park tonight and grab some tickets.

Can’t wait to see it. I know a lot of time and effort went into the design and creation.

Anyone need a parking pass for Monday night’s game? I will sell it for 15 dollars, as I don’t have a use for it. It is a red parking pass.

Nicole… I was just about to mention the unveiling of the new plaza tonight when I read your post… My congratulations go out to the lovely Christine O’Reilly(BOY,am I a brown nose or what, when it comes to the front office???)and all concerned who have put this project together…and to everyone who put in their donations for a brick, I hope that you can take the time to search out where your particular message is…because it means so much to you, in your history of supporting this franchise…
Now, a question… Does anyone know if the unveiling is going to be recorded for future use…on the JumboTron,or possibly on the website, as a feature?…I think I know the answer, if I know about how Brooks Boyer(name dropper, you…)and the marketing crew work…
I think it would be a marvelous idea to offer the unveiling as a video gift to potential ticket buyers…sort of an inducement to jion White Sox Universe…
Just a marketing thought, that’s all…

Toby Hall is cathcing Contreras tonight. With those two you can expect every runner to steal! Maybe the Tigers could bring back Big Cecil to nab a few bags tonight!

Contreras vs. Willis tonight. This one could end around midnight. The only way it could be longer is if it were Contreras vs. Steve Traschel!!!

TQ and all… the unveiling tonight should be neat. My mom got an invitation with special ticket prices to go since we purchased a brick. With that she got like a detailed ‘map’ of where dad’s brick is so hopefully shouldn’t be hard to find. I can’t wait to see it myself when I’m home this Summer. I hope it is recorded.. would love to see it myself! Tom, if mom sends me pictures, I’ll try and send you an email with them if they’re good quality.

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