Unveiling Preparation

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

On a cold and blustery night …

Quentin, LF; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; BA, CF; Uribe, 2B; Hall, C.  Contreras pitching.


We’ve spent most of the day preparing for the unveiling of the Championship Moments monument at 6 pm tonight.  It’s a little windy, which will make uncovering the piece of art much quicker, but hopefully rain holds off.

We actually covered and uncovered the piece three times today, which given the wind, was a challenge.  The first time was at 8 am to see that the cover fit.  The next time was at 2 pm when we tested the unveiling process.  The third time was to cover it for the final unveiling. 

We expect quite a few fans to come out early and brave the wind (this is Chicago afterall) for the event.  Comcast TV will show the unveiling during its pregame show for fans watching at home.

I am looking forward to hearing reaction to the piece from our players and our fans.


My personal condolences to Ed and Barbara Farmer on the death today of Barbara’s mother (Ed’s mother-in-law).  He has flown back to California to be with his family.  Chris Rongey will fill in for the time being.


If you want to see Scott’s brick click the link, then gallery III. It is picture no. 4 from the left. His brick is next to home plate and Hawk’s. Scott must know someone to get such a good spot.

Scott, let me add my request to the others you have already for video or still photos of the unveiling event tonight. Would be very special for us out-of-the-area fans (you know, the rest of White Sox Nation)!

Thanks for anything you can do!!

Go Sox!

Family went tonight. They couldn’t see hardly anything because of the crowds and they said the sound system wasn’t the best but the did hear the booing of Mr. Governor.. yikes! 🙂 As they were leaving (yea, they left early for the first time ever, too cold for a 75 yr old mom) they got a good picture of it.. Peggy, if you want me to I can email you when I get it… if it turns out ok.

The monument is BEAUTIFUL! I loved it! I wasn’t there early enough to see the unveiling, but we saw it on the way in briefly, and on the way out. The White Sox out did themselves on this. Anyone going to a game should allow extra time to see this and walk around the brick plaza. It’s addicting to read the inscriptions people chose.

On to the actual game, I knew when I saw Hall in the line up we’d lose. That guy has got to go. Seriously. When he comes to bat you know its an automatic out. And, he’s not that great behind the plate either.

But, tomorrow is another day and let’s get the Tigers tomorrow.

Go Sox!

Just watched the video from WGN about the unveiling. From what I could see, it looks fantastic! Hopefully we won’t get rained out today and I’ll get to see it in person.

Scott, on another note, during last night’s radio broadcast I could hear Gene Honda announcing the players. However, on Opening Day at the Cell Gene wasn’t there. What happened?

First things first… Kris, the reason that Gene Honda was not the PA voice on Monday was that he is also the PA announcer for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four…so that meant he was in San Antonio, getting ready to have Jim Nantz displace him to announce the starting lineups for Kansas and Memphis…but he was heard after that game introducing the trophy presentation…
Secondly… the “hooker in a convent” award goes to Governor Blagojevich…I wonder if his chauffeur had to use his GPS system once they got past State and Madison…obviously Senator Durban, a true White Sox fan, was not available…
Thirdly… When players like Joe Crede and Jim Thome, who usually never say “boo” about a call, start to gripe…you know good and well that the umpiring stinks on ice…but then these arrogant jamokes have the cajones to throw them out of the game…that call that Thome b****ed about, I don’t blame him at all…
James Hoye, your ticket back to the Class A California League, or whatever rock you crawled out from under, is ready…
The umpires STILL don’t seem to comprehend that the fans come out to see the PLAYERS, not THEM…
Finally, my condolences go out as well to Ed and Barbara Farmer on the passing of Barbara’s mother…I did not hear the pre game show, if it was mentioned at all…All I heard was the start of the game, and Stoney bringing in Rongey to handle the P-B-P…I thought that Farmio had gotten sick or something…My only other thought on that is this…As a play by play announcer…Chris Rongey makes a good pre and post game host…and he makes Farmio sound like Vin Scully…
Absolutely BRUTAL…

What the heck was going on with the strike zone at last nights game? Who was that umpire? It wasn’t Phil Cuzzi. But whoever it was he had both sides barking at him. You know it had to be bad to get Jim Thome riled up!! He is such a class act and (deservedly) lost it last night. I had to chuckle though at the the way he bumped Ozzie around trying to make himself heard before being ejected. I hope this is not an ongoing problem this season for our guys.
What are your thoughts on this subject guys?


blakeheem… “… Scott must know someone to get such a good spot.”…
He is not the Vice President of Communications for the team because they had a title open…
I trust you were kidding…
sox 1966… Kristine… thanks, darlin’, for your offer to send the pics of where your bricks are for your dad…I know he’s upstairs with my dad, smiling down on all of us…My best to E and the buch DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS…
If the rain would only go far, far away from there…and here…

If I knew how to type the word “bunch”, I would be considered a severe threat…soory about that, Kristine…
Lisa… all you have to do to get my thoughts is read my post…it says it all, from my perspective…

Tom… no rain here, just beautiful and low 70’s, sorry to burst your bubble.. actually very dry where I’m at. My bro sent some pics but he’s not the best photog so let me know if you want the few I’ve got. Still no pic of dad’s actual brick but I will take care of that some evening in July! (can’t wait!)

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