Rainy Saturday

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Just spoke to Roger Bossard, king of all groundskeepers.  Sounds like today (and tomorrow for that matter) will be a lot like Friday night in terms of weather.  He thinks we’ll get both games in but it will be cold and wet.

Today’s Lineup

Swish, CF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Quentin, LF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B.  Floyd pitching.

Random Thoughts

It takes an awful lot to make Jim Thome that mad …

According to witnesses on that side of the monument, the best part of the unveiling was the looks on our players’ faces as the drape came off.

Best part for me was seeing Paul Konerko pick up his son and have the youngster touch the bronze image of his dad hitting a World Series grand slam.

That granite and bronze, not to mention those memories, will be there forever.

What was the Governor thinking?  Why would he want to address a few thousand White Sox fans on a night like that?

Due to the cold weather, light rain and a faulty sound system, the best-laid plans that were the ceremony quickly fell to the wayside, although in classic South Side fashion, it worked for our fans.

We had planned to play John Rooney’s call of the final out from Game 4 and then have the players pull the covering as the fireworks went off above us.  We also planned to have our players and staff applaud our fans.

It would have been a great moment.  Instead it was still a great moment for our fans.

Lesson learned:  Even I can’t screw up unveiling a World Series Monument.

We probably could have held the ceremony at 3 am in mid January in a blizzard and fans would have attended and been happy.

People really seemed to love the plaza and the monument.

After the ceremony, fans milled around everywhere.

“I found it!” one women shouted, standing over her brick.

Two proposals occurred, with one new couple throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

At 7:30, we snuck back out to have a champagne toast to thank all the workers involved in the project.

Even then, 100 or so fans stood on the plaza, in the light rain.

After the game as we left, fans filled the plaza as lightbulbs flashed.

In 18 years with the club, this is probably my biggest accomplishment, or at least one that hopefully brought the most joy to our fans.  That, or this was going to be my tomb …

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Monument on your next trip to USCF.

It’s for you …


By the way, reading my Tribune today, there was no photo of the Monument to be found, just a lead note in the sports section.  The Sun-Times ran a separate story with a photo (appreciate the coverage).  But if you’re the Trib, how can this not be worthy of a photo?

I haven’t had a chance yet, but I’m going to go back and see how many photos of the Ernie Banks statue ran when it was unveiled?

And ours was for a World Series title …

Maybe it is because we spelled everything correctly? (at least I haven’t heard of anything yet)



I hated having to miss the unveiling…that would’ve been a wonderful memory for me and my family. However we are currently in Omaha for work. As for pictures of it not being in the Trib, that’s a travesty! but not a real big surprise. What is a big surprise is my inability to find pics of it on the White Sox site. I only found one and it doesn’t show it all. Can you help me out Scott? Or anyone? Where can I find pictures of this beautiful monument to one of the happiest moments of my life? I’ll be sure to get there this summer to find out brick, but I’m anxious to see it all now.

If you go on wgntv.com, there’s the clip of lasts night’s broadcast. It shows some really nice pics and explains how it was made and what it all involves. Pretty nice piece, made me cry. Nothing in the downstate newspaper either from Springfield, the ‘wonderful’ capital of the state. I’m clear in Texas and wanted to see it. Pretty crappy.

Thank you for that link. Can’t wait to see it in person! Go Sox! Get us another champions plaza!

GO Sox! Cant believe Thome got ejected his 3rd ejection in his entire career. Turn it around today boys.

No photos, but they did manage to publish this diamond of a quote from the Gov: “I sure would like you to finish behind the Cubs in the World Series this year.” And Scott, give the poor Trib a break: The Cubbies finally got around to putting up a statue to a player, rather than an announcer, this year!

Gavin Floyd was impressive today. I have said all along that it is john danks who i am worried about in the rotation. Floyd has outstanding stuff. His curve just seems to fall off the table. The statue is nice…. the coolest part of it in my opinion is Uribe hopping over the top of it. I don’t care if it is raining all night tonight all morning tomorrow- we gotta get that game in vs. the tigers while they are stone cold. Anytime we can get a game in against them while Granderson is out of the line up is a plus.

TQ and Peggy… check your inboxes… I sent an awesome photo of the monument. Awesome game today!

Congrats to Floyd on a great performance.

Now we’ll see if he can beat anybody else in the league.

So far he’s 3-0 against the Tigers, 0-5 against the rest of the A.L. in his short career.

Mark Liptak

I must leave some negative feed back about the calender that the Sox gave out at the game this weekend. This is quite possibly the biggest piece of trash i have ever seen. I was at Yankee Stadium last weekend and they gave out a classy schedule with different scenes of Yankee Stadium through the years. I go and get the Sox calender and it is a bunch of stupid drawings. Is it too hard to come up with a nice calender of scenes throughout the Sox history? Or at least nice pictures of the current team like in years past? I used to hang the calender up in my classroom and house every year….this year i may just use it if i run out of toilet paper.

You know kenwo you are right on about those ridiculous calendars! They have the stupidest pictures that I have ever seen. You can have mine for toilet paper if you need it.

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