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Monday, April 14, 2008, 5:02 pm

Comments from Ozzie’s Pregame Meeting

On moving Buehrle back a day:

“Some pitchers can deal with it, some can’t.”

On going 7-4 against AL Central competition:

“Look at the past.  We’ve haven’t had too many problems with teams in our division.  It’s others, like Oakland, who have caused us problems.  The AL is tough.  Very tough.”

When asked what has been the best sign for the team this year, scoring runs or pitching?

“Attitude in the dugout.  Attitude in the clubhouse, that’s what’s helped this club play the way it has.  Consistency is a good sign for a ballclub..  So far, we’ve picked each other up.  Guys have been there for their teammates.

“But that’s easy when you are playing well and winning.  How are we going to play, how are we going to respond, when things get tough?  Then I’ll see who and what I’ve got.”

Answer to a Fan Question today

Our last day in first place in 2007 came on 4/24 (11-8).  We were 12-9 after a win on 4/27.  I’ve forgotten most of the rest.



Very disappointing effort this evening.

The early indications appear to be the same as the past few years, if you are a “no-name,” pitcher…someone that the Sox haven’t seen much of, he becomes the reincarnation of Sandy Koufax, Tom Seaver and Bob Gibson all put together.

Remember last Monday afternoon at the home opener the Twins “no-name” pitcher was doing a number on the Sox for six innings or so.

The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess.

Mark Liptak

Still no name or not, a point comes when the question is should thome be playing agains left handers, there is a large body of work that says no,that work from last yr and this yr, he should not play agains lefties. Another body of work has shown that mcdougal cannot throw strikes , ozzie cannot bring him in in 2-1 ball games an expect good results has not happened last yr or this yr. trends tend to continue, going against a trend is sucide in sports, ex tiger playing bad will play bad until it changes. Supporting players is one thing hurting the team is something else. The critic of the day speaks for what it is worth.

It looks like the A’s have another ‘no-name,’ ‘junk balling’ left hander going tomorrow…gulp.

Also it is still very early in the season and no one can tell how consistent the hitting will be, however, I was curious… and in the 12 games (counting this evening) that the Sox have played, in four games, they scored three runs or less. (4/2-L) (4/3-W) (4/11-L) (4/14-L)

That’s 25% of the total games played so far where the offense has just about disappeared. Fans better hope that number changes or this season will eventually start to look a lot like 2007, where the offense just disappears after playing a couple of good games.

The word is “consistency.”

We’ll see.

Mark LIptak


On the postgame Ozzie said Thome sits tomorrow afternoon, just FYI.

Mark Liptak

That is good to hear Thome will be sitting tomorrow. Other than his opening day performance against Sabathia he is just horrible against lefties. In the 8th Embree never even threw a pitch in the strike zone and he struck out on 4 pitches. How about letting Pable in the lineup. I thought he was supposed to play against lefties because of his success against tough lefties?

Couldn’t agree more with previous comments. Seems that Oakland has our number, whoever they throw. I also think the time to sit thome permanently is here. Everybody likes the guy, but this is not a popularity contest. He is hamds down way past his prime, a terrible clutch hitter, and presently the WORST hitter on our ballclub. How about bringing Josh fields back to DH ? Anybody, and I mean anybody, would be better than thome. BTW McDougal must also be cut loose. Terrible outing last night, yet again. As long as Kenny/Ozzie play thome & mcdougal the CWS are a .500 team, nothing more.

I would like to see more of Pablo. Also, any thought of moving Thome out of the 3 slot. Outside of opening day, he has 0 HR’s and 3 RBI’s, 1 of those coming last night on the ground out. He just looks awful at the plate.

Dear Mark, i was worried when i read your stats about the lack of consistancy of the Sox so far this year, and then i wondered how the other teams fared using your theory about loses when scoring four or fewer runs a game and what i found was interesting: Every team in the american league has at least four games in which they scored four or fewer runs…. EVERY team in the league. the only other team to have only four games thus far is tampa bay! the angels have played 5 such games and lost 3. the yankees have played TEN games so far and lost 6 of them! so it seams to me that our team is at least as consistant as any other team in the AL using your theory…. here’s the breakdown of the other teams. balt, 6games,4L….. kc, 9 games, 5L…. bost, 7 games, 4L…. cleve, 8 games, 6L…. det, 7 games, 7L…. minn, 8 games, 6L…. oak, 6 games, 5L…. seat, 8 games, 7L…. tex, 7 games, 6L…. tor. 6 games, 5L…..

i dont know about the NL, and i’m certainly not going to do this again any time soon, but i’d say we need to be happy about our run support so far in ’08… i do agree about “resting” Thome…. right now he is a liability and we can’t afford any non-producers, no matter what his name is…. especially against no-name minor league pitchers or the oakland a’s…… gulp! go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Mark, did you also know that the White Sox are toward the very top in MLB in run differential and 2nd or 3rd in all of baseball in runs scored. So yes, in 25% of their games they haven’t scored a ton, but they have in the other 75%. To me, that is showing a bit of consistency, no?

I agree with you Jim D. I was yelling at the TV when Thome came up to bat in the 8th last night. He was just awful last night and I have no idea why Ozzie didn’t let Pablo hit. He’s good against lefties and always seems to come in and give us a spark. Even if he would have come in and struck out it wouldn’t have been any worse than Thome did. I wonder who will DH today?

Let’s go get the split today! GO SOX!



Just for the record I said three runs or less. Not four. You score four runs in a game, in my opinion, with good pitching you have at least a decent shot to win.

Three runs or less is very, very hard to get a win out of. The Sox were awful in that number last season for example.

Mark Liptak


Your comment shows what has been a major issue with the Sox for most of this decade.

Far to often in my opinion, the Sox have had three games sets like this. Score ten runs the first game. Score five runs the second game, score one run the third game.

The numbers say they are “averaging” over 5.3 runs per game.

On paper that’s great isn’t it. But the reality is that they lose at least one of those three games because of the offense disappearing in game three.

The Sox have had spikes and valleys almost forever it seems because the offense is still (despite Ozzie saying often over the past two years how he wants to get away from it) “home run or nothing.”

It looks better this year overall so far as compared with 2007, but they still don’t have a leadoff man, still don’t have guys at the bottom of the order who can advance runners and handle a bat and they have practically ZERO team speed, to put pressure on the opposition, force “junk balling” pitchers to speed things up and perhaps get rattled and so forth.

Until that changes I think, you are going to continue to see the Sox get embarrassed by pitchers that by and large are getting beat up elsewhere in MLB.

Mark Liptak

Also while we are on the topic of Thome, lefties haven’t even been his problem this season (even though he looked terrible last night). He is batting .313 vs. lefties this season and an abysmal .069 vs. righties. Wow that just makes blood shoot out of my eyes.

Mark, the White Sox are also in the top 10 of least runs allowed. Being 3rd in runs scored and in the top 10 of least runs allowed shows that they are not just all or nothing so far this year. So far this season, they are pretty good at scoring runs and pretty good at not allowing runs. At the beginning of the season, if you would have told me that after two weeks the Sox would be in the position that they are, I would have gladly taken that.

Yes, they need to improve against these no-namers that they cannot hit, but if they keep up their play like they have the past two weeks, they will be fine.

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