Early Tuesday

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today’s Lineup

Swish, 1B; OC, SS; Dye, RF; PK, DH; Crede, 3B; Quentin, LF; Ramirez, CF; Ozuna, 2B; Hall, C.  Danks pitching.


Seems like we’ve seen last night’s movie several times over the past few years … we did have our chances to tie/win that game … last night and Opening Day are the two games so far you feel like we could have won … otherwise, we’ve won the ones we should have and have lost the ones we should have … before everyone bails on a future Hall of Famer (reading a few of your posts), remember Jim’s track record and how he has proven to be a very streaky hitter …when he’s on, he can carry us a long ways.


A good point was made about trades during a conversation yesterday.  A decision on whether a trade is “good” or “bad” should be made at the time the deal is made.  Afterward, hindsight enters in, as well as many other factors.

Keep a log as this season goes along.  As each team makes a trade, write down what you think of the deal at the time.  Then, check it in November.


Critics of the White Sox have recently taken of the chant of irrelevance, as in “The Sox are becoming irrelevant in Chicago.”

As if that hurts …

What these critics never have seemed to grasp — in my opinion — is that the White Sox are incredibly relevant to millions of fans in Chicago and nationwide, fans who live and die with each win, each loss and even every pitch.  Just look at the passion our fans bring to the ballpark, to websites and to this blog every day.

I’ve always felt that cries directed toward the Sox and our fans of “you are irrelevant” actually reveal three key things … 1. betrays how the critic really feels about the team; 2. betrays a sense of arrogrance that their personal belief actually matters to the world; and 3. insults people who find the Sox relevant enough to buy newspapers, watch on television, read on-line and pay to sit in the stands.

Those are the people I care about.



Thome suspended by MLB for his ejection last week. Guess the umps are never held accountable for anything these days. Maybe Hoye was right, maybe he was wrong, but do we ever hear of the umps being suspended? No way. This is ridiculous.

One good thing though, Ozzie cannot put Jim in against today’s lefty.

Scott, the reason these dopes in the newspapers keep writing the garbage that they do, is because people within the org, like you, keep responding to them. Ignore those useless writers, their medium will die soon enough.

kr-trepac… Kris, how can you be sure that their medium will die soon enough?… These SOB’s have been around, in one form or another, since the time that Gutenberg invented the concept of print…(Well, perhaps I exaggerate just a bit…)
Umpires DO get fined…It’s just that that information never gets leaked out…They have a better system than the CIA…
Yes, people have said to me, in this very forum, not to keep bringing up a certain (you’ll pardon the expression)”gentleman”who every so often will write critically of the organization and its inhabitants…And you see the results…He is read, laughed at, then forgotten…
And that p***es him off more than anything…because as GlennClose said in “Fatal Attraction”:”…I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!!”…
Now, as to the issue of left handers and Oakland…
It does not matter if the Oakland pitcher is left handed, right-handed or, in the case of Snoopy, puts the ball in his mouth and spits it towards home plate…The White Sox are going to have trouble… Like the boys can do no wrong against Detroit, they can’t seem to do any right versus the A’s… I cannot explain it thoroughly,or rationally…it just happens…
As the newlywed husband with E.D. said on his honeymoon:
“anybody can have a bad night.”

By the way, Kris… a very good point made on your part in your post to Brother Liptak regarding the 75% to 25% scoring that has occured so far this season…
If I were the White Sox, I would be very happy at this early stage winning three out of every four games…providing I was able to keep that performance up for the balance of the season…
And as to Mr Reifert’s comment regarding Thome…let’s also add the names of Konerko, Dye, Pierzynski… and (in the famous words of Ringmaster Ned)”a cast of thousands” in the category of streaky hitters…when hot, sizzling… when not, fizzling… That was the story of ’07…unfortunately it was the latter that occured way too long…then when the former occured…as Carole King wrote :”…Well, it’s too late, baby, now, it’s too late…”

I can not believe Thome was fined and suspended. That being said, how can Ozzie keep running him out there against lefties especially in the late innings of close games. I was at the game last night and you could just feel it when he stepped in against Embree. He was 1 for 10 against him for Pete’s sake.

For all the talk of being Mr. Team, all wonderful super dude, here is an idea, just once try laying a bunt down the 3b line. First of all it is wide open. Second, your struggling mightily. Third, it would show your team your willing to do whatever it takes for the team. Fourth, it may ease up this shift YOU KEEP HITTING INTO!

Also maybe the whole team needs to grow the chia-pets on their chins. Look at who is sporting them and their performance: Boone (how could you shave it), Swisher, AJ, Jenks, Linebrink. Maybe JK could run us some stats on THAT.

Interesting line up for today.

Let’s hope it can actually get a few hits and score more then one run.

Mark Liptak

The way the Sox score runs is all or nothing. It is a statistical anomoly. For those who tooks a stats class in college, it would be like an upside down bell shaped curve. That is what happens though when you live and die with the homerun.

TQ is right. An Oakland pitcher could throw BP fastballs all day and we would still not hit them. They just seem to have our number for like the past 10 years!

Finally I get me some Pablo today, but with Swisher playing 1st no Brian Anderson in CF??? Was his spring training performance not enough t prove he deserved an opportunity? Did he need to hit 1.000 to get that chance? Sure seems like it. At this point he is far out of the groove he was in during the spring. That sets him up to fail. I have yet to see what makes Carlos Quentin an everyday player. He swings for the fences every pitch just like most of this team.

Maybe Hall will contribute something this season.

Well, I have to say, that my nose gets a bit out of joint when I hear anyone calling me irrelevant on any issue. What a completely ridiculous and immature for them to infer. Among many reasons that I will never purchase their product. And yes, it seems that the Umpires are, again, never wrong, and cannot be touched. Everyone in the game knows what a class act Thome is, and to see what transpired, you can see how he was pushed to the brink.. -Let’s take this early game today! -Dawn

Unfortunately we will never see the old Toby Hall, who was a pretty decent catcher and hitter. He would have been a very nice upgrade over Chris Widger for the backup position. Ozzie ruined him last year by playing him at first base.

I’m starting to feel the same as you Devereux. He should never have been playing first, spring training game or regular season game.

I don’t think we are bailing on Jim Thome – just suggesting that in certain situations we give someone else a try.

I don’t think anyone was suggesting we bail on Jim Thome. Just suggesting that we give someone else a chance in certain situations!



I wrote a little more about this issue of “all or nothing” for want of a better word in Scott’s blog from Monday night, if you’d like to look at it.

Mark Liptak

Mark: I did take a look at your further post…

There have been 12 games played coming into today…
There are 150 games remaining, including today’s…

Over analysis leads to overall paralysis…
It’s like the weather… We can talk about it, but we can’t do anything to predict or prevent it…
It’s the same with baseball…The most unpredictable game ever invented…
Everyone and their third cousin has their ideas as to what is wrong and what can be done to fix it…
Let’s just, as Vin Scully says, “pull up a chair and watch.”


Part of the fun of being a fan is to be able to voice opinions on these matters. At least in my opinion.

I take the Harry Caray approach to the Sox, I love them to death and have for 47 seasons now, but I’ll also speak my mind on the issues. As a Sox fan, you and I have earned that right (now if someone else rips the team, fans of another club for example, that’s an entirely different story!)

Mark Liptak


I wish Ozzie would give B.A. a chance to start. Today seemed ideal. Even Uribe got the day off, put Alexei at 2B and B.A. in CF. Might as well trade B.A. and bring up Owens if all he’s going to do is pinch-run.

Those who think the Sox are irrelevant should ask the folks at NIU for their perspective. Seems the Sox have been pretty relevant to them in a time of need.

Speaking of which, are the Cubs doing anything for NIU? If they’re so relevant, one would think they could raise more money for any cause than the irrelevant Southside team …

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Where were the Cubs in all of this? Where were the “beloved” cubbies offering their helping hand? You’d think since they are so relevant and Wrigley is such an icon and in such a better place that holding the game there would make more sense. Hmmm. As an NIU grad I take pride in the Sox stepping up in such a big way to offer a helping hand. Thank you.

Where’s “he-who-shall-not-be-named” now to write about the evil ways of Reinsdorf?

I don’t know why the A’s have had the Sox’ number for the past several years. It wasn’t always that way. I used to go to Oakland and watch the Sox win consistently. A couple of things the Sox must know by now: as a group, the A’s don’t swing at bad pitches, and the team has a scouting system that seems to be far superior to the Sox’ in both identifying talent and preparing players for opponents. As a result, if you throw pitches outside the strike zone, you will just fall behind in the count, and the A’s will gladly take their walks. Their “no-name” players may not be on cereal boxes, but they get the job done. And they show up well prepared to deal with their opponents, both offensively and defensively.

I agree with Mark Liptak about a couple of things: I’m not seeing bunting, stealing, hit-and-run type manufacturing of runs yet. I also agree we don’t have a real leadoff man, and we don’t have speed on the bases. In fact, baserunning looked generally poor last night.

I’m also not convinced, especially after last night’s game, that Cabrera is a defensive upgrade at shortstop. Possibly an offensive upgrade, but I’m holding judgment on that for now.

Regarding relevance, I see the same nonsense here in the Bay Area. The Giants and their ownership would love nothing more than for the A’s to leave this area completely. They have essentially said as much, in public, on the record. When they talk about the A’s being irrelevant, I always hear that as whistling past the graveyard- wishing the competition away. The Giants had no problem with competition when their ballpark was new and novel, and they were winning and selling out every game. It’s a whole different story now.

I feel like I need to comment on the “irrelevant” issue. Quoting Scott, “the White Sox are incredibly relevant to millions of fans in Chicago and nationwide, fans who live and die with each win, each loss and even every pitch.” I live in Virginia, which is nowhere near Chicago of course, but I have been a White Sox fan all of my life. My grandfather is a White Sox fan and he has told me many stories of “his” White Sox when Luis Aparicio (one of his favorite players) was playing. Both my dad and my brother are White Sox fans. Needless to say, my family has a history with the White Sox that spans generations, even though my family has never lived anywhere else than Virginia.

Speaking for me personally, I have only been to two White Sox games in my young life (I am 25), and both were in Baltimore. It was a thrill to see the Big Hurt hit a home run at Camden Yards when I was about 12, and it was also a thrill to see the 2005 World Series team beat the Orioles. (Coincidentally, it was the last game Rafael Palmiero hit a home run in before his steroid problem was brought to the public.) Those memories I will take with me for the rest of my life, and I hope to pass them down to my kids one day.

To say that the White Sox, or any team, is irrelevant is being disrespectful to the thousands and more likely millions of people who follow them. I watch the games whenever they’re on WGN, and even though I can’t see every game, I check out live updates online and I make sure to watch highlights on tv after the game is over. I just want to make the point that the White Sox are relevant, even to a youngster like me who is many hundreds of miles away.

excellant post chvy! the White Sox are relevant to millions around the country and the world as is evident just from Scott’s blog…. we have Va, Tx, Ca, Mn, D.C., Fl, and Az, just to mention the ones i can remember from recent responses. and who was it from the Europe? and you KNOW we’ve got to have TONS of fans in The Dominican and Venezuela, etc…… j.k. from the winter home of the relevant Sox….. tucson…..see you all manana…….

I’m curious…who made the “irrelevant” comment?

Whoever did so is simply showing their ignorance of the rich tradition of this franchise, a charter member of the A.L. by the way.

Mark Liptak

I’m gonna guess it’s the heiny-bird that made the comments. He’s arrogant enough to say something like that!

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