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Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 3:45 pm

Comments From Ozzie After Today’s Win

“That’s the thing about this club right now, they aren’t giving up any at-bats.  They fight for every at-bat they have.”

Guillen pointed to Joe Crede’s two-out RBI as an example.

On John Danks:

“That comes with belief, it comes with confidence.  The stuff is there.  It’s about building confidence day in and day out at the major league level.”

John Danks

Who pitched and won for the second time in his career on his birthday.

“Guys were making plays left and right for me.  I didn’t feel like I had my best stuff.”

“I feel great.  I’m a different pitcher this year.  I expect great things from myself the rest of the year.  I’m taking these steps and growing.”

Defense keyed the victory today, with great plays by Alexi Ramirez, Joe Crede and Orlando Cabrera.

“I felt like I could throw it right down the middle and if it stayed in the yard, it was going to be caught.  That’s what I want to do, pitch and make the defense work for me.”

“I think we have the best defense in the big leagues.  You can’t help but be amazed at the plays they’re making for me.”


An extremely well pitched game by Danks and just enough offense to win. (Sounds a touch like 2005 doesn’t it?)

The offense still needs to do a better job overall, particularly against soft tossing left handers (they only had five hits I think total) but a win is a win is a win.

Now it’s on to Baltimore and Tampa Bay and if the pitching matchup’s are accurate, will showcase three or four pitchers either the Sox have never faced or have a very limited look against.

Patience and balance are the key’s to the rest of the week in my opinion. Do those things and they can have a successful road trip and keep the early season momentum going.

As a Sox fan I hope they can.

Mark Liptak

John was right. The Sox put forth a very good defensive effort today. The play by Ramirez was ridiculous for those who have not seen it yet. How he was able to get that accurately to 2nd base was crazy. Off a no-name A’s lefty I will take 4 runs and a win anytime!

Happy Birthday John! Well done! How about Joe Credeeeeee!!!!!! Just think, some people wanted to trade him. He is leading the team in HRs, RBI, and defensive gems.

JD threw great today, and Ramirez play aside Joe Crede is the best third base glove man I have ever seen. Can you believe that play @ third today ?

A long, long time ago…in a galaxy far,far away called the 20th century…there were two very combative major league managers,whose names were Leo Durocher and Charlie Dressen…Both of them were former teammates, in addition to being long time coaches and managers… And each one of them had the same saying when it came to a spectacular play, one either for or against their team…
They would be asked about that play and they would invariably say: “Do it again, then I might be impressed.”
The point I’m trying to make is this…The plays that Crede made yesterday were excellent…but they are plays that he should be able to make in his sleep…because he has been doing it ever since he came up with the White Sox…
As to the Ramirez play, Emil Brown is a DUMB baserunner…and Ramirez took advantage of his stupidity…not to take anything else away from it, but Dye doggone near threw out a guy rounding first yesterday, if I’m not mistaken… That is a sign that the defensive fundamentals are still very much in evidence for the boys, while the A’s are a bunch of loosey-gooseys…I’m sure their manager had a few choice words to say to his team after yesterday…
We all know what it takes to win consistently…Enough offense, plus mucho pitching and defense…You do not need to have the 4 by 100 yard relay team on the bases(hi, peggywrites…by the way, I’ll have a closing comment for you later on here…), nor do you need the Bash Brothers…just a mixture of solid baseball…heads-up, fundamentals… that’s the ticket…
Finally, peggywrites… I believe I’m to understand that the A’s are planning to leave Oakland within the next few years anyway, for another location in the Golden State…My question is simply this: What will the Jints do to stir up controversy THEN???… Bring back Barely Bonds?…Let Jon Miller broadcast in the nude???(Gawd, let’s hope not…)

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