Taking on the Birds

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

Swish, CF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Quentin, LF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, 2B; Contreras pitching.


I had no idea on the way into the office yesterday morning that Jim Thome would be watching the game with me later that day.

Thome was fined and suspended for a game by MLB.  Suspended players can work out but then need to clear the clubhouse, dugout and field for the game.  They can watch the game from the stands, so Jim took a seat next to us in a suite for yesterday’s game.

“This angle is tough on fly balls,” he noted immediately.  (You do really have to watch the fielders and not the ball to tell depth.)

We explained that the game was much, much easier upstairs than downstairs.

Mr. Thome was also impressed by the food options.

“You can eat your way through the game just on nervous energy,” he laughed.

Midway through the game, Jim decided to visit his suite.  He’s had a suite for friends and family since joining the Sox, but had never visited it.

“I might as well sit in it for awhile.”

Imagine the look on the faces of fans yesterday as Jim Thome strode by on the way to his suite.

Warming Room

Orlando Cabrera mentioned yesterday that this is likely the longest he has ever played in cold weather …

ND vs. NIU

Northern Illinois and Notre Dame’s baseball teams take the field at U.S. Cellular Field tonight with proceeds from the game benefitting the NIU Scholarship Fund.  Tickets are available at the door for $10, parking is free.  It’s a great night — finally — for a ballgame.




Good job with the ND vs. NIU! Great idea and a great cause.

O.C., don’t worry about the cold weather,pally… It will get nice soon enough…
Do you want to tell him about the first home series LAST YEAR, Mr Reifert?
I wouldn’t say it was cold versus the Indians last year, but…
penguins were calling from Lincoln Park Zoo to complain…
I also agree with my friend in Macomb about the generosity of the organization, offering the use of the park to NIU… A classy touch, indeed… The same thing happens when the policemen play the fireman every year… as well as when the Public League holds its playoffs there… Can you see the looks on those players faces when they step into the clubhouses at the Cell to get set for the game tonight, after the facilities that they’re used to in De Kalb and South Bend?

Are you folks also getting Jim ready for his next life after playing?… He could get used to the (pardon the pun)”suite” life very easily…Especially since Levy Brothers doesn’t really cater the clubhouse…at least I don’t think they do…
The other point you made was spot on as well…The game always seems easier upstairs than down… just ask any of the “experts” in the media…If you can speak to them through their interpreters…
Thanks also, Scott, for the lineup tonight… It helps me out very much to know this far in advance who’s doing what…
On to the former home of “Duke” Reifer… a.k.a. “Crabcake City”

I guess all Thome needed was a day off

Nice win yesterday, let’s do it again today!

TQ, the current “plan” for the A’s is to move them to Fremont(!!) to a location that is actually a wetland and has no public transit, no easy freeway access, and *nothing* around it. The “bright idea” is that the ballpark will become the hub of a new development including homes, shops, and maybe even some other entertainment (movie theater??). This is supposedly going to be partly financed by Cisco, who bought naming rights to this imaginary ballpark. Whether the California Coastal Commission (who has jurisdiction over every bit of land anywhere near any kind of water) will ever allow this to happen is anyone’s guess. Whether Cisco will still have the money (after the current economic slowdown) to spend on naming rights and wiring up the whole shebang for internet access is another guess. If the A’s are going to move, they should come down here to Silicon Valley, where they have a fan base with some money. Problem is, MLB has decreed that we citizens of Santa Clara Valley “belong” to the Giants, and the MLB officials have stated repeatedly they will not allow the A’s to move anywhere in Santa Clara county.

The other places that would make sense for the A’s are the Livermore valley or Sacramento, where their Triple A Rivercats team has quite a following.

Many of us feel it’s plain, old-fashioned racism, trying to take the team away from Oakland, and move it to a whiter, more suburban venue.

Meanwhile, the Giants can’t seem to buy a win this year!

looking good Boys, let’s do it again tomorrow….. j.k.

When you get the kind of pitching the Sox have been getting the past few days you’re going to win a lot of games.

Keep it up guys!

Mark Liptak

good win tonight contreras was excellent. linebrink has been great coming in and shutting down the opponent and Jenks is doing his usual thing. The bullpen has been so much improved this year. hopefully it continues. i am a little disappointed we only scored three tonight, but it was enough to win so what the hell! save the runs for later.

Yeah, one of those nights where the hitters have a tough time hitting a bull in the backside with a snow shovel, but the pitching steps up and shuts down the O’s for a nice win. Gotta love good pitching!!!

What a great pitching performance by Jose. Like Mark said, if we keep getting this kind of pitching, we are going to win alot of games. Nice to see Thome contribute as well. Really enjoying the season so far!

Isn’t it AMAZING what winning, and looking good doing it, will do for the morale of White Sox Universe?
obrnmac… Mommy Mac, just think… we are only 17 days into the season… How much more fun can there be in store for us over the next 23 weeks and one day, if it keeps up like this?… The law of averages, however, will prevent that from happening, of course,…but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?…
Brother Devereux… all you have to do is hit the bull in the rear aperture(hi, Dawn)just enough to be a success…
peggy… You keep up that kind of concise writing and the Oakland Tribune will snap you up and put you in print…
One thing worries me, though… after Camden Yards, the boys move on under the three ring circus that is the Juice Box East…where they would have been playing had not Governor Thompson flexed his political clout 18 years ago…
They have always had trouble playing indoors(Tampa, the HumpDump, Toronto, even the KingTomb when it was up in Seattle…)…hopefully this year will be different…

Ah Mr. Quaid, finally a mention in your post! I thought you forgot about me!! There can be much more fun, but I am a realist and know it might not continue to be so fun– however as you say it is nice to dream. That line got me a nice engagement ring–maybe it will give the Sox a championship ring! It’s kinda funny though cause I keep hearing all the sports radio and columnists say that the Sox will come back to earth. Maybe, but that sounds eerily like 2005 no?? As I said once before, a girl can dream!!

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